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You Have Questions, Ingrid Newkirk Has Answers

Written by PETA | October 28, 2008

Ever wanted to get answers directly from PETA Prez Ingrid E. Newkirk to some of your questions about PETA, animal activism, or our campaigns (or perhaps why the sky is blue)? Well, to celebrate the release of Ingrid’s new book One Can Make a Difference, Time Magazine arranged for her to address questions directly from readers during a one-on-one recorded interview, which the magazine also published in transcript form on its Web site.

Read Time’s “10 Questions for Ingrid Newkirk” now.

But why should it just be readers of Time that get to address Ingrid? We love our blog readers and know that just from keeping up with our many campaigns you must be among the most educated and inquisitive folks out there. So we figured we’d give you a chance to ask Ingrid a few questions about any and all things related to animals and PETA. To submit a question for Ingrid, please leave us a message letting us know what’s on your mind. We’ll post responses to 10 of your questions in a few days.

Written by Sean Conner

P.S. For the sake of keeping things orderly, please leave only one question or subject per comment and try not to submit a question that’s already been posted.

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  • Smee says:

    Hello, I like to use St Ives because it doesn’t dry out my skin and it smells wonderful but I don’t believe in using animals for testing. I was wondering if St. Ives doesn’t use animals, or if it’s just something they print on the back of their bottle.

  • KDay says:

    Hello I just watched that video you posted on your site about Lindsay Lohan. Watching that animal getting skinned alive was pretty sick. My question is is that a regular practice? I mean is that one sick place in the world that should be shut down or does every fur company do it like that honestly? And why what difference would it make if the animal was dead or alive before they did that? I don’t wear fur but I know that it’s probably going to be a long time before people realize that wearing fur doesn’t make you cool or better. And unfortunatly we know people are still going to skin animals for furs for years to come but why would they do it before the animal is dead? What benefit would it have to the fur? Since you’d think they’d have some sort of ‘reason’ to do it like that. That’s what I don’t understand. I’ve had some trouble getting a proper answer. I understand and fully support that everyone has their passions and beliefs but I’ve been getting more passionate rants that don’t really address the subject at all I would greatly appreciate some good information on the issue. I thank you very much for your time as I am learning more about what your company stands for and where I personally stand within this struggle. Thank you

  • Jodi says:

    With the financial state of the world and the presidential election how is it that nobody to my knowledge has challenged politicians on the wasteful spending for animal testing and the animal food fashion industry and eliminating can save tax payers billions?

  • Dan Peters says:

    Dear Ms. Newkirk I will be turning 70 years of age in a few years and my wife is in her 50s. We are guardians of two dogsone of which is a puppy. My wife and I have no immediate family. I don’t mean to sound maudlin but if anything were to happen to my wife and me I would like to set aside some money in our will for the lifelong care of our dogs. Do you know of any organizations that have been “approved” by PETA that would be able to take in our dogs and treat them in a loving manner in the event of our demise. We reside in the southern California area but we would be willing to send them anywhere if the organization is “top notch”. Thank you for any assistance that you can offer Dan Peters

  • 4 the Animals says:

    Ingrid I read that you believe having “pets” is keeping them in captivity. Is this true? I don’t believe so because I shower my animals with love and attention all the time! I couldn’t imagine not having them. There are so many cruel things that happen to animals who don’t have anybody.

  • Kathleen Wissenz says:

    Ingrid I wanted to know how do you keep a positive attitude after all the horrible things you have seen working at Peta? I do a lot of activism and sometimes I feel we will never see a cruelty free world. Thank you for standing up helping the animals!

  • John Carmody says:

    Ingrid you are amazing very clever lady indeed! You should come to Ireland sometime if you can and ARAN Animal Rights Action Network will make you very welcome to our beautiful country.

  • Sharon G says:

    I LOVE THIS IDEA!! I reported our Animal Control to PETA becasue our Sherrif Dept busted up a dog fighting ring removing 116 pit bulls they brought the dogs to Animal Control and they KILLED 102 of the dogs when I reported this to PETA I got a disturbing response back. Here is the response… Dogs who have been programmed to kill other animals will not simply forget this learned behavior and cats and other dogs will never be safe around them. In the bestcase scenario exfighting dogs would live with a family that has no other animals or small children and can truly commit to keeping the dog under control at all times which is no small responsibility. In most cases however dogs who have been trained to fight must be kept in isolation because they may attack other animals unpredictably and with deadly results. Warehousing dogs rescued from these situations just for the sake of keeping them alive isnt putting the dogs best interests first. OK I was a little shocked when I got that response back especially from PETA becasue if Michael Vicks dogs can be rehabilitated then it is possible one of the Micheal Vicks dog is a Theraphy Dog now Several shelters were very upset that the Animal Control didn’t even try to reach out for help My question is to Ms. Newkirk What are your opinions on what happens to the “fighting dogs” that are rescued from dog fighting and What is the proper way of evaluating a fighting dog to determine if rehabilitation would work for the animal? Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this and even though I got that response back I still believe in PETA! Love what you do for Animals!!

  • Nathalie says:

    Hi Ingrid I am thrilled to finally be able to ask YOU this question. Although I have always fully supported PeTA’s stunts strategies this has been burning me badly for quite some time. I hope you can “set me straight” ! and put my worries to rest for good yet with all DUE RESPECT I wonder how. Here’s my question How can PeTA openly endorse the feeding of contraceptive pills such as OVOCONTROLP to birds in order to control the expanding pigeon population when you are well aware of the existence of a PROVEN MORE HUMANE AND COMPLETELY NATURAL ALTERNATIVE in the form of EGG REMOVAL through DESIGNATED BREEDING AREAS such as the approach??? Secondly how can PeTA remove all references to PiCAS in their literature following PiCAS’ request so I was told WITHOUT trying to work things out with PiCAS first? I spoke with Stephanie Boyles of PeTA back in the day and Guy Merchant of PiCAS about this issue and I am still far from convinced that PeTA is doing the right thing! I don’t see how supporting the pharmaceutical companies nor do I see how medicating birds can be more humane? Need I say I am on your activist “A” list or used to be! and still a member of the Augustus Club. Knowing that PeTA buys shares in many companies in order to take part in the decision making processes is a reassurance to me NO MORE!!! Are YOU PeTA a potential shareholder benefitting from increasing bird contraception sales??? What are the impacts of these meds on the animals themselves the ones who prey on them the kids who can come in contact with the feed the medicated poop that come out of the birds and our environment where all medication eventually end up? Is this going to impact “SeaKittens” as well lol??? I look forward to hearing back from you. Best wishes Nathalie P

  • Stephanie says:

    Ingrid I watched a documentary of PETA in which you were talking about euthanasia. And in this video you but a dog to sleep. I believe it was a boxer. I’m no veterinarian but i’m confused with this method. I’m not in favor of killing animals… you explained that you took a knife and stabed it in hisher hearth. Please give me a brief explanation for this. I’m aware of what it is. Isn’t there another method of putting them to sleep?

  • Roy Vij says:

    Dogs given away as food in Santa Ana CA. This has weighed my mind since childhood. The Santa Ana dog pounds give away animals to anyone who asks for them. I am not stating race here just location but those some people are using these animals as a source of food. Again please don’t generalize those people were non Asian non Hispanic. Please stop these people.

  • edna p. shafer says:

    my dog was killed by antifreeze got report from vets lab stating this.had eye witness seeing him give my dog liquid to drink.other witness who he told he was doing this .judge denied all evidence at probale cause hearingwe live in ga.can you help me bring this man to justice?

  • Amanda says:

    Banning a breed is like banning a race and in this world can OBVIOUSLY not happen. Does Ingrid feel that implementing very strict animal rights laws with very strict one strike and you’re out laws could work instead of creating an all out ban of a breed? Please read “Petas View On Pit Bulls Has Made Me VERY Angry” on Message Board. Thank You Vancouver B.C. Canada

  • Mitch Goldsmith says:

    What was the most exciting campaign or event a specific demonstration press conference undercover investigation arrest etc you have worked on with PETA? Mitch Goldsmith Students Promoting Animal Rights at Michigan State University

  • Ben Bradford says:

    Here is my question for Ms. Newkirk Was their a particular lifechanging experience or event that led to you become an animal rights activist?

  • Heather Marlowe says:

    My local “Humane” Society recently denied my adoption of a puppy who was scheduled to be “put down” the next day. My husband and I have other dogs that we care for and love like they are our children. My question is this . . . why does the “Humane” Society deny an animal a chance at a good happy life when they are just going to murder them the next day anyway?

  • Crystal says:

    I was wondering if Peta has done any research on how eating poultry with all the breast growing hormones has an affect on growing girls? Young girls seem to be maturing much young now a days I was wondering if there was a connection between the two. And if so are they more likely for breast cancer? It is a big worry for me cause I was force feed chichen almost ever meal of ever day and had D cups by TEN!Thanks sorry so long winded.

  • liz says:

    animal abuse comes in all it’s forms and variations.. they are all as horrendous as each other.. I would like to ask Ingrid.. in her opinion.. if there was a magic wish which one at the top of her list would she like to banish forever more and with immediate effect which one would it be?.. ie. the fur trade.. vivisection.. factory farming.. etc. etc.. which would take more pressing urgency above all the others .. but having said that.. I have a feeling the suffering of animals in all these various trades and ‘industries’ are all unacceptably abusive and cruel to animals regardless of which ever they are …

  • Aneliese Krulicki says:

    It’s really tough to just ask one question! I’m curious about Ingird Newkirk’s views on other things such as religion since I know she is an atheist. But here’s my most important question Ms. Newkirk how supportive is your family on your views of animal rights and welfare? Do they agree with you on such matters? Not eating meat against animals used for entertainemtnt etc.

  • SASHA says:


  • Saucy says:

    Oh Darn! I wanted my doggie to meet Ingrid at the recent book signing in NYC. He’s every bit as cute as the doggie in the picture albeit quite a bit larger. Who knew doggies were allowed in Borders Bookstores. So my question is Ingrid do you carry veggie doggie biscuits on you at all times cause if you do………………….