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Queen of England Should Say ‘No’ to Drugs (and Horse Racing)

Written by PETA | May 11, 2009


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The Queen of England has gone and found herself at the center of a “doping scandal.”

More precisely, it is Moonlit Path, her horse, who is at the center of the dispute. Trainer Nicky Henderson has been charged with allowing the 6-year-old horse to be injected with tranexamic acid—a substance that prevents hemorrhaging and is banned on British racetracks. (The drug is allowed to be administered in advance of a race, but it must have cleared the system by race day.)

And why exactly would trainers need to prevent hemorrhaging? Could it be that racing puts such an extreme stress on horses’ bodies that heavy internal bleeding and blood clots are common? You bet. Horses used for racing also often develop bleeding lungs and gastric ulcers from being forced to perform far beyond their natural physical limits. Oh, and let’s not forget about all the horses who are raced to death.

PETA Europe is writing to the Queen to remind her that—drugs or no drugs—horse racing is a cruel “sport” that should be relegated to the history books.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Susan Johnson says:

    Whether or not horse racing is cruel it’s what happens to the horse when they are no longer successful at racing that is important. Race horses are trained in such a way that they are not used to leg pressure which is the way that a well trained riding horse is. They are more difficult to retrain that train a green horse. Unfortunately many beautiful animals end up in slaughterhouses. If they are lucky enough to be retrained and well treated as a riding horse they may have a number of injuries that pop up later in life. As beautiful as they are when they run I can’t stand to watch races any more. I know too much what goes on behind the scenes.

  • horsegaurdian13 says:

    horse racing is bad! it does not matter how nice the people are but accidents happen and those accidents are sometimes really bad. if horse racing stops i will be happy and the breed will not die out cause look at the greyhounds! plus the less horse racing the less slaughtering and im w kristen too YOU DO NOT NEED A CROP AND SPURS TO RIDE IM 13 AND MY FAMILY OWNS 4 HORSES! IVE BEEN RIDING SINCE I WAS A BABY!

  • name says:

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  • name says:

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  • carla says:

    Who cares what she is the Queen of.. Jack. She’s a fool

  • Jack says:

    Elizabeth II is not Queen of England. She’s the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There is no such thing as the Queen of England and hasn’t been since 1707.

  • carla says:

    Kirsten. You post was riduculous. We’re not against horse riding.. it’s the damn horse tracks that put a burden on these poor horses…. Ahole humans are USING animals for money food and entertainment at the animals expense. So YOU need to wake the F Up!!!!!!

  • Paintmare06 says:

    Now PETA want to go after THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND. Wow. Did you people ever slow down and think that maybe just MAYBE you might be wrong about horse racing?

  • Heleene says:

    Practically everybody i know says that horse racing isnt bad at all! Ya Bullcrap! It is animal cruelty. It is just like Greyhound Racing! I am so glad that they have gotten rid of that but i have been caring for my own horse Java for years now and im only 13 years old horses shouldnt have to race! they should be out in a field living their life LIKE A HORSE SHOULD!! And i especially hate when old horses retire or get hurt cause since they cant race anymore apparently their useless so they send them to the friggin slaughtering house!!! Those horses are beaten and neglected!! Could u ever imagine being FORCED to race!! and not live ur life the way it should? No? Well try thinking about how it feels for those poor horses!! HOW DO THEY FEEL?!

  • christine says:

    Kirsten Dorsey… I am a proud horse rider of 20 years. PETA is not saying you shouldn’t ride a horse. It is the disgusting abuse people call “racing” that they would end. I have owned 3 retired thoroughbreds. Me and my circle of friends drive up to Kentucky live in TN and rescue as many as we can afford to from the dog food makers. One of my friends horses suffered a collapsed lung he now has a permenant breathing tube that comes out his neck which has to be cleaned daily. My horse Bear would cower and shake if you moved your arm to quickly near him as he was so used to being beaten as a racehorse. Another friends horse is blind in one eye from a racetrack injury. Racing is disgusting and useless and should be ended and you really don’t seem to know anything about the abuse that takes place. Oh and by the way I HAVE RODE HORSES FOR 20+ YEARS AND NEVER ONCE NEEDED OR USED A CROP OR SPURS! Learn how to ride properly and you won’t need them either.

  • Kirsten Dorsey says:

    Okay I’m sick of all of you. You all think horse racing and dog racing is bad. My one question? HOW DO YOU MAKE A HORSE RUN?!?!?!? If it didn’t want to trust me it won’t. And if you stop Thoroughbred racing what will happen to the breed? It will die out. Helllo?!?!? Anybody homee? I bet PETA hasn’t even been in the compounds at the race track. They are the reason why Greyhound tracks are closing too. Sorry all but if you close these tracks then you make that breed die out. WAKE UP!!! SMELL THE COFFEE! And BTW I am a proud horseback rider of 5 years. And another thing?? ALL RIDERS USE EITHER A CROP OR SPURS OR AT LEAST HAVE ONCE IN THEIR LIFEE!!! Ugh. I am all for Animal Rights but PETA is going about it the wrong way. good intentions horrible actions.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    My family is British and while I’m proud of it mostly there are some things I could do without 1. Foxhunting thank God it’s been banned. 2. Steeplechase racing a horse in open fields with obstacle courses and jumps a disaster in the making. 3. Horseracing. 4. Bearskin caps on the British Guard I can’t imagine them actually fighting in those things if something actually happened. 5. I grew up on British food and I can’t stand it. Bangers and mash. Spotted Dick. Haggis. Yuck. Give me a good vegan lasagne any day the Italians know how to eat.

  • oceanworior says:

    even the trainers who do care will sell the horse to the so called meat man when the horse is a burden. and every jockey beats the horse during the race and it dose not guide the horse it hurts them and are running faster so they wont be hit.

  • Tahler says:

    I hope she listens to the letter. Horse racing is very sad. I have never watched it and never will.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Rex’s Mom The only thing that is dopey with the hat is that its made out of bear skin. Besides that I’d wear one around town if I could find a place to buy one in the Americas.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Brian May the amazing guitarist of the band called Queen is an ardent animal rights activist. He loathes hunting vivisection furs factory farms and slaughterhouses. He has also donated monies to spare hedgehogs and badgers from being culled.

  • Donna says:

    The Windsors are a bunch of hypocrits and bloodthirsty hunters. I bet the Queen will keep mum on this one easy way out!

  • Sadhbh H says:

    Horse racing isn’t always that bad. My dad owns race horses and would never think of doing anything to put their health in danger. They are his passion. My point is that not all racehorse owners are set out to make a quick buck most owners and trainers own horses because it is the thing they love. I don’t see why anybody would wear down something they love so dearly. Anybody who does not care for the horses health should not be allowed to own a horse.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    And the Queen should also ban the use of bearskins to make those dopey looking hats the guards wear!