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Pushing for Charges Against Mepkin Abbey Monks

Written by PETA | March 15, 2007

mepkin abbey.JPGRemember the animal abusing monks at Mepkin Abbey from a couple of weeks ago? Just wanted to give you a quick update on that case.

This morning, PETA filed formal complaints with the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, the state Attorney General’s Office, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleging unfair trade practices—including false and misleading advertising. In the complaints, PETA alleges that the abbey, which operates a factory egg farm where more than 20,000 debeaked hens are packed four or five to a cage the size of file drawer, is misleading customers with its lofty claims of humane treatment and “happy” animals. PETA filed the complaints after the abbot and public relations director of Mepkin Abbey refused to discuss retracting the abbey’s false claims and changing its advertising.

Here’s a quote from the press release we sent out, “The way that these monks treat God’s creatures is a sacrilege,” says PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich. “Not only have the monks hideously abused these poor birds and denied them everything that God intended, they’ve also broken the public’s trust by claiming that what Mepkin Abbey does is different from what is done in industrialized factory farms. The monks are accountable for breaking the law and deceiving people who bought these eggs believing that they came from birds who were well cared for.”

I’ll keep you updated as the case progresses—there was a great piece about the story in the LA Times today, which you can check out here.

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  • Mathi Lusch says:

    I have visited Mepkin many times and I have seen their henhouse. I have not observed any type of abuse and I know inspectors are always welcomed to visit. The Trappists sets the standards worldwide for vegetarians and care for all of God’s creatures. I wonder if the inspector sent in has an anticatholic bias which is very common in that area. It sure matches the comments I seen in response to the article did anyone here ever visit Mepkin? I give credit for Peta for looking into Mepkin only for the fact as that the Monks have a vow of poverty and survive off of donations. If there is something that needs improvement than maybe members of this organization can help with the financial costs. Somehow since that makes sense I do not see that happening.

  • Robb says:

    I just feel the hatred in these postings. In the end we will be judged on how we treated our fellow man. Was it with compassion empathy understanding and education? Wake up wise up people

  • Ruth says:

    These so called monks are full of b.s. I hate them and all they stand for. I hate all animal abusers period. That is my right. They will burn in hell period.GOD TOLD ME THEY WOULD.

  • Kristen says:

    That is just awful. I hope these people get what they deserve. No one should get away with treating any animal or living creature this way. Absolutely turns my stomach.

  • angelo boni says:

    hey you evil mepkin bellies this message is for you! stop your offence and torture! you are not just disgusting but you make other people loose their appetite for everything! and this voice comes from a roman che vergogna farabutti e mascalzoni che siete!!!!!!!

  • Proud PETA member says:

    The cruelty to chickens by this religious order shows a total disregard for Biblical teachings. It is sad and scary to see how a lifetime of conditioning cannot be dispelled by a vow to Christ and that Satan and greed won the battle. Shame on all their cruel hearts!

  • Pam says:

    ” these monks are illiterate or evil in the two cases peta has to stop them!!! ” Yeah … that’s it. The monks are evil. I live close to these monks. I didn’t even know the order was near my home until this story broke. I abhor animal cruelty and as a Catholic will be writing to them. These monks seem to be simple people just trying to sustain themselves. I do not think that they are intentionally being cruel to these animals. I hope that PETA’s prompting will make them change their ways. I am curious about how PETA heard about the order to begin with though.

  • James Bagley says:

    God shall punish you shameful monks. South Carolina should be ashamed to let this continue. I shall write my Congressmen Senators and the Governor to stop your inhumane operations.

  • pcb says:

    I’m pleased something is being done about the needless abuse at Mepkin Abbey. Although I’m not Christian how can anyone else have faith in the Modern Christian Church when the very people that is supposed to set a example break their own moral and religious values.

  • Nancy says:

    “Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these you have done it to me.” Matthew 2540

  • voice for animals says:

    there is a problem which up til now great part of christianity and the church did not understand as long as mankind persists in killing and brutalizing other living beings the coming of the messiah is impossible this means only a complete change in the human attitude could evoke and realize the prophecies of isaiah!

  • Mary says:

    I was raised a Catholic but twenty five years ago I turned my back on the church. After the priest had finished his sermon telling us how to be good Christians he then proceeded to send a blessing to the horse riders who were about to go out on a fox hunt. I never doubted that my decision was the right one. These SOB monks should be strung from the highest rafters. Shame on them shame shame shame.

  • kelly says:

    In the LA Times article the monks say they don’t allow people to see the chickens for fear of “disease.’ Well the puppy millers say the same thing They know that people will be horrified if they see the abuse. So they keep it hidden and use excuses

  • Peter Sumner says:

    Dear Peta It is time to do something against this shame on earth ! I’m ashamed to be a human and I regret to be a catholic I’m reflecting on future steps to do maybe I shall leave the church because it is inhumane and they don’t do anything…

  • Franz Fankhauser says:

    I got another famous statement from great german musician RICHARD WAGNER he was also a vegetarian ‘what can we expect from a religion if mercy on animals is excluded!’

  • hanno thiel says:

    as long as there are people who think that animals do not feel animals must feel that people cannot think! arthur schopenhauer great german philosopher

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    i ask myself on which planet these monks are living i think they take earth for hell! one should not serve god out of ignorance if they would not have insane hearts and brains they would know how many saints loved and respected the animals st. francis st. rochus st. aegidius st. bosco st. hubert st. giles st. brigid st. brendan st. blasius st. ambrose st. antonius st. cuthbert st. felix etc. i got at least 50 others on my list whoever wants to know them pls tell me! there are just two possibilities these monks are illiterate or evil in the two cases peta has to stop them!!!

  • nike says:

    it is shameful indeed how mepkin abbey treats these chicken and no reaction from the catholic world! i got the impression that today’s christianity has completely degenerated and i just can confirm earlier statements in the peta files concerning the castration of the bible. it’s a great pity to see the collapsing of the whole system and it’s a fact that more and more people walk away from such a heartless system which just cares about itself instead of the whole creation as it was meant in the beginning. they preach 200 pct moral and no ethics. they condemn sexual life even if this is a natural thing which was given since the beginning to all living creatures also humans they kill the pleasure in human hearts and they want to teach us who shall go to heaven. may they go to hell with their fowl heartless system! all the great people who lived on this planet helped the two humans and animals not so the official church they always excluded nonhuman life from salvation but this doesn’t come from god but from their fowl and stingy heart for this me my family and my friends refuse such a nonreligious attitude and i hope from all my heart that peta shall arrive to close this stinking abbey!

  • Stacy P says:

    In the LA Times article someone criticized the undercover investigator saying “How could anyone be so mean as to attack Mepkin Abbey?”. Let’s face facts in reality how can the monks be so mean to condone the horrible practices of “industry standard” egg farming. The industry’s top scientific advisor Jeffrey Armstrong said “At some point society may say we don’t want birds in cages but that’s not what society’s saying now” It’s not like the egg industry opens its doors to the public so people can see what goes on in there on a daily basis. I hope this story will start to blow the lid off these despicable practices!!!

  • veganlove says:

    as usual the photo of those poor birds now has me so depressed. you can see the suffering in that nightmarish factory shed. some “monks” eh? they must be fakes because i always thought monks were kindloving towards all beings and always told the truth. so much for that fantasy of some good in the world. glad you called them out PETA. if these monks are going to torture animals in a factory warehouse they at least need to be honest animal torturing monks and tell the world how they abuse these birds AND ship them out to be painfully killed without protection of the Animal Welfare Act. but i will say i am pleased with how the newest Catholic Pope condemned factory farming as “evil”. a small ray of light.