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Puppy-Hurling Teen ID’d

Written by PETA | September 3, 2010

Shortly after PETA’s German affiliate received information from a Bosnian whistleblower who claimed to have identified the girl caught on video hurling puppies into a river, Bosnian police reportedly also identified the girl, whose actions had prompted an international outcry. In the video (which was allegedly shot by the girl’s brother), she can be seen cheerfully chucking the whimpering puppies to an almost certain death.

Earlier this week, PETA offered a $2,000 reward—and film director Michael Bay offered a $50,000 reward—for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this heinous act.

If convicted, the puppy abuser would face a fine of $6,400 under a newly adopted Bosnian animal-protection law.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Angry Person says:

    She should serve years if not life in prison. Who’s to say she hasn’t done this sort of thing before but this was her first time actually filming it? She is a murderer and should suffer for it. A fine is far from enough. She is a sick woman who should be taken away from society. Those puppies were helpless and suffered. I believe you should treat others how you want to be treated and while I am generally against taking human lives… those who deserve it are another story. If I saw this woman I would tie a rock to her and drop her off a bridge. A fine isn’t justice.

  • No Big Deal says:

    It seems to me you guys appreciate more a life of an animal than that of a human being. I am a 29 year old Bosnian living in US and I remember as a 10 year old kid watching others throw kittens in the river. Did not shock me then and I feel no different now. But the fact that a lot of people were asking to see this 12 year old girl killedrapedtortured over this video is extremely disturbing to me. She will not be imprisoned and she will only pay a small fine if that and only due to international pressure. You see Bosnia has far bigger problems and animal welfare is nowhere near the top of the list. I am willing to fully reimburse this family for whatever fine they end up paying in fact I knew who she was long before you guys did. Most probable scenario is they won’t have to pay anything while the world will be informed they were fined big time. PS I’ve seen murderers paroled after 4 year or so. If taking a human life is worth 4 years killing puppies doesn’t even count.

  • Marg Durrance says:

    fine is not good enough. she needs some jail time psychiatric counselling!

  • nancy says:

    I can’t believe some people are posting that she needs helpcounseling. How naive. Sociopathy cannot be changed through counseling. Abuse will not create a person like this. Many people have been severely abused and they would cry if they saw this video because they’re not sociopaths. You cannot teach empathy to someone who doesn’t have it in them. Also Michelle posted that this is nothing compared to what people do to each other. Michelle how speciesist!!! Also I think most people know cruelty to animals is a big signifier of the person’s capability to do horrendous acts to humans too.

  • nancy says:

    I never heard of Michael Bay before but he is amazing! She deserves as much punishment that can be given to a human being. At least people know who she is and she has to live with her cruelty being exposed.

  • Victoria David says:

    She needs a severe fine then 2 years of community service involving cleaning up dogcat poop in local shelters. Too bad they can’t send her and her brother to jail.

  • Trish says:

    I forgot to THANK Michael Bay for his reward offer! I don’t understand why in these situations more affluent people don’t contribute so I am sooo glad to see M. Bay participate in something this serious. I hope the entire family gets counseling. Locking her away in a jail isn’t going to teach her empathy. She DOES need to be punished and the fine is surely a start but it can’t end there. I hope it doesn’t end there.

  • Trish says:

    OMG I am so happy to hear she has been identified. Tho the punishment does not seem to fit the crime it’s a start! I hope both the girl and her brother if indeed that is who filmed her…as well as their parents are all punished for this horrible crime. I am happily surprised that thru efforts like PETA’s and all the efforts of those of us sharing this video online this girl was found. I will be watching this story very closely!!

  • bobby ray says:

    I really think that PETA is wrong in many aspects. A. for the christian PETA members god said I have placed these animals on earth for you so that you may use them as food and clothing. B. though i do agree with you on the blatant harm of animals such as this girl I do not believe that slaughtering cows warrants violence.

  • AkitaGirl says:

    A fine…that’s it huh? This “just and righteous” judicial system we have is bull. Never have I ever wanted to toss a person in a fast flowing river so badly before in my life…That girl needs serious therapy and at least two months in jail time.

  • Laura says:

    If she was cheerfully chucking human babies into a river she’d be killed or jailed for life. Kill a bunch of helpless crying puppies and its just $6400? I’m sorry but that’s just wrong. She deserves to actually be punished considering what she did this seems like a slap on the wrist.

  • Art says:

    Sadly this degenerate will get a slap on the wrist. We can only hope that she will be hounded harassed and spat on and her house spray painted and constanly pelted with eggs by the town locals. God willing this constant harassment will drive her to take her own life and the next article we read about her is that she was found swinging by a rope in her attic.

  • Linda Valentin says:

    When do we start making penalties equal to crimes committed against animals? That’s when some of these people might think again. This bad seed should get the max!

  • nicole Labonte says:

    How about 5 counts of pemeditated murder?

  • Kat says:

    It’s ’cause the parents don’t teach anything about compassion to their children that children have no role models. It’s not like the parents have a heart either. So instead you have people that don’t understand animals are to be cared for and have rights like you and me.

  • Nejla says:

    this happened in my country and i am furious. What she has done is unforgivable and she should be punished properly! Otherwise who can guarante she won’t do it again?? And i agree with Sarah. If Michael Bay really wants to help then he can organise $50000 worth of spay and neuter clinic. Becouse these kind of cruel things could be happening to animals every day in my country and we should try to stop it.

  • ET says:

    A permanent sentence working for free in an animal shelter is better than jail time for this piece of work. Her parents should be proud. There should be another planet for people like this!

  • Sarah says:

    I live in Montenegro next to Bosnia. In Bosnia Montenegro Serbia and Croatia this is an every day occurrence. There are puppies and kittens everywhere. If Michael Bay really wants to help he can organise $50000 worth of spay and neuter clinic. Giving $50000 to some local will do absolutely nothing to prevent this happening again. It happens every single day.

  • Claudia says:

    Unfortunately it seems that the fine is the maximum she will get. That is so sad. I live in Brazil where the laws are a only a little stricter people here get maximum 1 year in prison for animal cruelty and 2 years and plus a fine of U$ 15000 if a wild animal is killed. It really isnt enough. Animal cruelty laws should be stricter all over the world but unfortunately it is not us animal lovers who make the laws. Hope the girl gets caught but I dont think paying a fine will make a difference in her life. She does deserve to starve to death in a horrible jail but that is utopia.

  • April says:

    The girl probably has some mental problems to be able to do something like that. She needs to have her home life checked out to make sure that she isn’t being abused by someone. It has also been shown that people who hurt animals might very well start hurting people in the future. She needs to have some psychiatric help to fix her mental condition so the behavior doesn’t continue or get worse. A fee placed on her will just keep her from recording it and posting it on the internet in the future. She will just do the behavior privately.

  • Eileen says:

    Here is my question? The brother who video taped her committing the crime does he not bear some responsibility also? I look at it this way there are no morals left in the world.

  • stephanie lipford says:

    That it? No Detention home for this monstergirl She deserves more then paying a fine she a teenager aint like the money coming from her pocket it seems to me the law system is more interested in the money then really helping the victims puppiesShe will have the parents to pay and that all to that but it does not mean that she will not do it again only next time she will be careful not to get caught and there you have more..VICTIMS. The law system needs to put her in a Detention home for 5 years and make sure that shethat monster is not allow to have pets or any other kind of animals and if caught put her back into Detention home.It will be pushed hard if she did it to a human Why not push justice for these little fur victims?

  • Jody says:

    She needs more than just a fine. She recently started a Facebook page in which she cheerfully posts how much she hates dogs and the next puppy she sees she is going to beat it with a hammer. She and her entire family and maybe the 800+ friends on her facebook page need to be thrown in prison for a very long time.

  • Tasha says:

    I just cant understand how anyone could do such a thing! That girl needs mental help and a punch in the face hehe.What a horrible thing to do to those poor little puppies!

  • Laura Canas says:

    Only a $6000 fine???? That’s ridiculous! There should be a fine and jail time!!! For her and her family!!! I can’t believe this! And taking a video of this cruelty and abuse? Like a sick disturbed home video.I don’t think the fine pays for what she did!!! SHE SHOULD PAY!!!!!!

  • Julia says:

    So if you want to kill some animals get your kid to do it so you won’t do any jailtime. Pitiful that all she’ll get is a fine.

  • Annoula says:

    If she is old enough to commit such an act of cruelty then she’s old enough to go to jail. It is time to start making examples of these disgraceful members of society.

  • Victor says:

    Lol are u idiots serious? I mean common sure i felt bad for those puppies but why the hell would you even say that she deserves to go to jail for that and some of you even said some worse stuff like she should be drowned after all people have gotten away without jail time for doing worse things on other people like rapemurder in Bosnia. Bosnia is a country which was in a war for 10 something years ago of course people there aren’t as civilized as people in the us considering their living conditions and ours. You got to think twice.. and btw English is not my first language so excuse me if i wrote anything wrong

  • Michelle says:

    Anyone regardless of who it is Must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Where they live and what they have gone through matters not one iota as whether they should be punished or prosecuted. There is NO excuse for what she did.

  • sawyer says:

    I saw this video posted on fb the other day and cryed. I’m soo happy this girl was caught totaly horrific and discusting acts deserve way more punishment then that still community service is what you get whem you ride a bike without a helmet. This girl threw puppys in a river that’s fucked up! Also why should people be rewarded for doing something that takes no effort you should want to come forward and say who would commit such acts not be bribed into it

  • Janine says:

    I know I’m being naive but I’m still holding out hope that the video is a fake. I just can’t believe someone would do something like that although I know people do terrible things all the time.

  • Julie says:

    Maybe someone should carefully throw her into a river!!

  • Debi says:

    i kinda had sinking feeling in my gut this would happen when the news was released that this river was identified as European. its no disrespect to my oversees sisters brothers but the laws are different there and i somehow knew the animal cruely factor would just not be a big issue in the eyes of the law in her native land. makes it more clear why she had no consideration of the creatures she was harming. still no less horrific to people who have actual feelings for animals because we know they have feelings too. even more sick the reward offered totaling $52000 her penalty UP TO $6400. almost makes this unthinkable act seem profitable for the bad guys if u turn yourself in especially since u dont serve any jailtime. LUCKILY FOR OUR SIDE WE ALL KNOW SHE WE SERVE ETERNITY IN HELL WITH ALL THE REST OF THE DEMONS JUST LIKE HER!!!

  • Janthony23 says:

    $6400 is the MAX someone faces in Bosnia. She’s a minor so she probably will only pay a fraction of that. On top of that it will probably be her parents who pay it. So really she’s not dacing any punishment at all. THis is one of those situations where I hope someone takes matters into their own hands. Just like the British woman who threw the cat into the garbage and didn’t face any penalty at all. She had death threats and had to have 247 security. hopefully this girl and her family face death threats and can’t even leave their house.

  • John AKA says:

    But she used a . So she must really be sorry. More and more studies show that people who do this crap were abused themselves. Maybe at least we can stop the abuse in this family if not this village.

  • Denise says:

    Thank you to Michael Bay for offering the $50000 reward and to Peta for the $2000 reward. Will the brother be charged as well?? The fine may be a small penalty but at least it’s a penalty. Better than nothing or a slap on the wrist like it is here in Canada. Please keep us posted Peta!!

  • Gabriel says:

    It is so easy to hate this “person” and wish to do harm but in doing so that is playing into her’s and other sick individual’s hands sadly she has quite a following She is either obviously wired wrong and cannot see the pain she inflicts or she wants attention in the worst possible way! I think we should all take notice and see just how quick the online community cam together and actually find her. That in itself is pretty impressive I think. So moving forward let us ALL come together with one common voice and one goal to end this abuse to ALL animals once and for all. We need to change the Laws NOW. It’s not impossible. Join me in speaking out look for facebook profile Gabriel Hayyel “Do the right thing”

  • Anon says:

    innocent lives lost and she pays some money? oh man what i would do to this girl if i ever saw her on the street. she better hide.

  • Yvonne Christian says:

    Good. Arrest them. What disgusting people. Throw them both in prison. I’m so sad for the defenseless puppies who had to die in the hands of evil.

  • denise says:

    please keep us updated on this story!

  • shawnsavior says:

    Post her info throw her to the ewolves.

  • Lori Kerns says:

    First I want to say “thank you” to Michael Bay for offering a $50000. reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this person. Second Shame on everyone else who knew who did this and did not have the guts to turn her and her brother in until a reward was posted. Third these two people need to both pay a heavier fine do jail time and also to community service. Since they seem to have no respect for life then they need to do their community time in the MORGUE. anyone who casually kills an animal like she did will kill a human thwe same way.

  • Gina Allison says:

    This is so unfair. Puppies may have died as this girl only gets a 6400. fine?!!!!! So wealthy people can just commit any crime they wish and pay a fee?!!! Wth! What about justice. She deserves to be in jail. If not I hope karma bites her in the butt.

  • Stephanie says:

    A fine? That’s it? Lock her A$$ up in jail and let her suffer what those puppies did! She is sick in the head!!! People like that shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets I don’t care how old she is!

  • Barbara says:

    This was truly outrageuos and horrific!!! Let’s hope this “girl” or should I say MONSTER rots in jail she deserves no less. Just to think of what those poor little souls must have suffered is heart wrenching!

  • Piper Provost says:

    That’s it??? How about prison and when paroled community service AND counseling! For the entire family and brother who also took part.

  • JCHP says:

    Truth be told if there’s ever a good reason to beat someone silly this is it.

  • Shannon Martel says:

    They should do the same to her sorry butt!!!!!

  • Katlyn Hoyt says:

    I hope she is fined and then is thrown into a prison where she can never hurt another living animal again. I’m disgusted with people like her.

  • Mari says:

    No jail time?