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A Puppy Mill by Any Other Name Would Still Stink

Written by PETA | August 11, 2010

Come November, Missourians will have a chance to shed the dubious distinction of being known as the nation’s puppy-mill capital thanks to Proposition B, a ballot initiative that will allow voters to decide whether or not to ban breeding operations with more than 50 dogs and to require large-scale breeding operations to provide dogs with adequate food, water, shelter, space, exercise, and veterinary care.

Puppy mill operators are up in arms because Proposition B would make “puppy mill cruelty” a misdemeanor crime. As it turns out, puppy mill owners don’t like it when their “businesses” are called “puppy mills.” They claim that the term is prejudicial, and they are suing to have it removed from materials describing the initiative.

A blogger for St. Louis’ Riverfront Times newspaper playfully suggested that “dog-breeding factories” might have a better ring to it. What do you think?


Puppy Mill


Which term best describes large-scale dog breeders?Market Research


Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Sally Jay says:

    Puppy Mills Puppy Farmers are the scum of the earth the dogs are nothing but breeding machines for these scums to make money the heartless morons. Dogs should NOT be bred continuously. I am disgusted with all Governments for allowing this kind of cruelty to take place they are also to blame.

  • bunny says:

    the essence of greed for money that our society has become fixated upon at the cost of innocents

  • Tina Wooten says:

    Please Undo People Putting Your Most Innocent Lives Left Suffering

  • Alan Braganza says:

    I have seen the animal abuse atrocities and the anguish in the faces and in the bent and broken bodies of once fully alive happy dogs and cats that are now partially alive and psychologically mistrusting of human affection. Governments are very strong and they must work quickly and effectively to LIBERATE and ERRADICATE all puppy breeding farms PERMANENTLY AND MAINTAIN A DATABASE OF NAMES OF OFFENDERS. This will prevent repeat abuse and dissuade those who are so inclined out of apathy to animal welfare and perhaps an intrinsic sadistic psychological tendency to see no wrong in doing what they do by inflicting the pain and suffering to puppies and other animals. People who support the mass breeding of puppies very likely may have always treated animals badly throughout their lives and will generally be inclined to mistreat people in their lives also thus contributing to communities having increasing violence to women and children in society. Yours Truly Alan Braganza

  • Lynn Di Mauro says:

    All of the above termsnames can easily describe the large scale dog breeders. Having said that I would like to submit my ownCANINE CONCENTRATION CAMP!!…

  • kelly says:

    I hope that after this picture was taken those puppie were rescued.

  • Pat Doe says:

    50 dogs or more to be considered large scale. Come on the legal limit of dogs in Westland where I live I think is 4 before your in trouble. People adopt from shelters not mills. But then those poor dogs are stuck with their inbreed owners not owners wardens. Please everyone join in and lets do everything we can to end all this sickening animal abuse. Please really makes you think is there a God

  • cathy schmiers says:

    It sickens and disgusts me that helpless dogs and puppies are not given medical care left in cages their whole lives not groomed etc.This torture is okay to make a buck.Its just plain wrong.

  • Catherine Cl. Wilson says:

    I pray for the intervention of folks such pplgroups. The puppies are housed in the most vile and cruel circumstances. Animal welfare connected to law enforcement must absolutely get involved those the puppy abusers to have the animals who are being tortured living in those horrendous conditions. A good start which I would trm abusive which is the same think the puppy mill are doing would be to suggest that these monsters who are mistreating the helpless animals would be treated to the same treatment which are being perpetrated one4 the helpless puppies. Can you imagine that a person who in such a malignant subhuman and onus bbout the animals and suck a onus would give a rat’s ass about the dogs.


    If the term puppy mills is replaced by ‘HUMAN BABY MILLS’ then will these mills continue in future???? Please think the same way for animals…. They can’t speak for themselves but we can become their voice…. VAIBHHAV GUPTA

  • Chris says:

    I would have said that they are icons or symbols of humanity’s failure at continuing and perpetuating monetary based societies where this type of behavior is something that people can actually benefit from so that it is even a horrific idea that pops up in these apathetic ammoral dareIsay evil people that run these hellish torture nests.

  • Kathy says:

    Yeah where is ALL of the ABOVE? !

  • Alan Braganza says:

    PLEASE HELP TO END ERRADICATE by SPEAKING OUT AGAINST ALL AND ANY FORM OF ORGANIZED ABUSE TO ANIMALS SUCH AS this MASS BREEDING OF PUPPIES KITTENS AND OTHER ANIMALS FOR FUR OR FOR SALE and CONSUMPTION. STOP FUR FARMS worldwide especially in CHINA where the concentration of large scale animal abuses are the highest and the pain and suffering of cats and dogs is unimaginable. WRITE and APPEAL TO THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT TO STOP THE MUTILATION OF DOGS AND CATS. THE society must change its practices. CHINA MUST BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE FOR SPECIES ABUSES AND EXTINCTIONS ESPECIALLY THROUGH THE PRACTICE OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE that uses animal organs and other parts as medicine. This results in the ILLEGAL POACHING and Mass extermination of significant animal species. PLEASE WE IMPLORE YOU TO EXPOSE THIS INHUMANITY WHICH HAS CONTINUED FOR CENTURIES and is only receiving worldwide attention through the organizations and the newspapers that report mass abuses and animal species extinctions. Avian Flu and Swine Flu is but one consequence of a highly inhumane rural Chinese population that had been housing large varieties of livestock in crowded and horrific conditions. LEGISLATION and LIBERATION of the animals is urgently needed. STOP THE LIVE SKINNING AND MUTILATION OF HELPLESS ANIMALS!!! Take time to inform and educate yourselves through PETA and watch the videos. It will change your perspective and appeal to your basic humanity. Sincerely Alan Braganza

  • Irene Leggett says:

    I totally agree where is the ‘All of these’ button

  • Margarita says:

    Hey where is All of the Above??????