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Puerto Rico: Hell on Earth for Monkeys

Written by PETA | August 12, 2009

Beach bums everywhere agree that Puerto Rico’s beaches are heavenly, but the island will become hell on earth for thousands of monkeys if a massive primate-breeding facility is approved.

PETA is taking no time off in our efforts to shoot down the proposal by Bioculture, a company that breeds and sells monkeys to foreign laboratories, where they will suffer abusive handling, months of confinement in metal cages, and forced dosings of toxic chemicals (remember Covance, anyone?). The latest efforts include working to get our new billboard erected in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico BB


There’s more to come, so stay tuned.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • island of monkeys... no schitt says:

    ….if a massive primate-breeding facility is approved here…. The whole dam island has been a leading producer of human monkeys for hundreds of years.. no news here…

  • 23 says:

    I am a puertorican and i believe we already have enough monkeys with the cops and politicians in the island to bring a superior bread of monkeys the cops might get envious of them and start killing the monkeys so they dont take their jobs. PR kinda sucks in animal control i think they should make it the 51st state and start putting order down here by sending a gringo governor and firing the asses of everyone in capitolio and get some policemen that actually look like they can do the job get some animal control and get all these horses and monkeys off the streets

  • Bill says:

    HiEVERYONE we are forgetting about who are the important ones. It’s the animals and the abuse that takes place everywhere. We must work together because when you really take a hard look we all came from Africa and have a black bloodline so let’s stop the nonsense. IT’S ABOUT DOING THE RIGHT THING FOR THE ANIMALS.

  • Yesibel says:

    Rev. Meg Living in a country does not mean you enjoy it most people emigrate not because they prefer the new country but because they may have a better life there but they still love their native country. Puertoricans in the U.S. are even more patriotic that those here. This is not a status issue and that’s what I am saying that please do not mix topics because they have NOTHING to do…the ones that know the best are those who are INSIDE. Puerto Rico status issues are far more complicated than anyone outside here could understand. The monkey farm is a shame to my country and I am 100 against it… Also if the U.S. decides not to buy the monkeys…then the farm is not necessary…so if you want to help start by Urging your wonderful country NOT to support this or buy the monkeys! Not letting this monkey go through hell should be the main goal.

  • Angelo says:

    I just hope they do a spanish version of the billboard not everybody is bilingual over here.

  • Margarita says:

    I wonder why puerto ricans wouldn’t enjoy being part of the U.S. with all the benefits that they have. Because in any case our latin american countries are riddled with money hungry politicians that think first of themselves and then their people if at all. I speak from experience since I came from a communist country. And it is true that without the U.S. backing there wouldn’t be a facility to build since they are the ones that are using animals in their labs.

  • Ben Swenson says:

    In regards to the billboard image I have one suggestion Put a thin black outline around the white letters in “Heaven Hell.” I think it will make it much easier to read given the cloud background and that most people will see it from far away.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Okay Yesibel if Puerto Ricans don’t enjoy being a part of the United States why are there more Puerto Ricans in the United States then there ever were in Puerto Rico? Good luck on keeping that facility off of your island by the way.

  • emma says:

    To start off im not a pr hater im sure its a lovely place ive never been so i dont know and im sure there are people who live there who also dont want this farm plan to go ahead. This isnt a personal attack on the people of pr its an attack on those who are building and funding the breeding facility and yes i very much agree that both partys ie america and puerto rico are equally to blame for this going ahead because as you say america will be buying these monkeys but peta is also fighting america’s bioculture. We are fighting this plan going ahead no matter what country its in im from the u.k and if there were plans for another breeding centre over here i would say the exact same that i said earlier that our government should be ashamed and if people came on and pulled my country down then i would totaly agree with them its all animal abuse no matter where in the world it is. i have great faith in peta and the people who fight for animals and i hope this farm doesnt go ahead If people speak badly of pr JUST to get this farm closed then it can only be a good thing im sure people dont mean what they say its just a way to put a stop to it. if it didnt go ahead then people would only have great things to say about pr. Its just our way to bring attention to things like this its not personal.

  • Jennifer says:

    Puerto Rico is against this monkey business! To all Puerto Rico haters why not hate Bio Culture the company that wants to set up shop here. I understand they are from Israel. They have paid for permits and have begun constructing. We had a large protest a few weeks ago and another will be coming soon. We have enough animal problems as it is! Dont hate on PR direct your hate at who deserves it Bio Culture! Most people here do love and work hard for the animals!

  • Gina says:

    This is a disaster those monkeys must be saved. I just have faith in you PETA that you will save them from harm.

  • Glenda says:

    I saw the facilities and is incredible. Puerto Rico don’t need more monkey and don’t want this “farm”.

  • Yesibel says:

    I would like to address all of those who are speaking things withoout knowing. Actually the farm is going to be built here because we are a US territory the US sends to PR everything they do not want on their mainland. Also the monkeys will be mainly exported to the US. So who’s worst the one whi breeds or the one who buys? for me they’re the same. And believe that a lot of puerto ricans fo not enjoy being part of the US and not all puerto Ricans support this atrocity. I am an animal activist and strongly fight against all the injustices here againts animals but please do not mix topics. Boycott tourism but do not speak without knowing.

  • Aleah says:

    Whatever happened to the Covance campaign anyways? I was involved a couple of years ago but I just looked and a lot of the data on the website is outdated. Anyone know what’s up? Let’s stop this torture at Puerto Rico before it has a chance to begin.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    It’s high time for the media darling Obama administration to do some good deeds for animals. Reproving Puerto Rico for this primate cruelty plan would be a good start.

  • emma says:

    OMG not another one. for god’s sake when are people gonna give these primates a break. Covance is high in my thoughts on a daily basis and i dont wanna see or hear about any more torture for these animals. whatever you want us to do to stop this disgusting plan going ahaead just let us know peta. we’re all behind you every step of the way. pr you should be ashamed of yourself but i bet your notGIVE THESE MONKEYS A BREAK

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Puerto Rico seems to forget that it is a United States territory not a State. It is in limbo. The United States can cut it loose to sink or swim on its own make it the 51st state with all the rights and privledges that entails or leave it in limbo. Personally I vote for giving PR it’s independence thereby making it difficult for tourists from the mainland to visit or live there not to mention all the further paperwork involved in moving from what would then be a foreign country to the United States…that is if they allow the research site to be built. If they do not allow the site to be built go ahead and make it the 51st state. Puerto Rico has been waiting for years for either to happen.

  • Alicia says:

    The worst part is that PR did this a couple decades ago and STILL have issues with monkeys in certain parts of PR since when the facility closed the monkeys were just released. There is even a tiny island I believe off the southeast corner of PR that is known also as monkey island. Many monkeys swam there and still liveproduce there today. But what really gets me is PR can not even come up with humane ways to treat dog cats and horses. Why add another species to the horror that goes on daily there. The only thing that I can give PR props for is that they have the ability to actually make people NOT want to come there. No matter how beautiful a beach is no one wants to see sick dead and dying animals. But Good Job PR you seem to be your own worst enemy. Who needs 15 million+ minimum estimated amount they lose due to the animal problemsa year in tourist dollars I guess not you.