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Providing Aid to Pakistan’s Animals

Written by PETA | August 20, 2010

The terrible destruction in Pakistan is a chilling reminder that disasters can strike anytime and anywhere. More than two weeks of relentless monsoon rains have left at least 1,600 people dead and millions more homeless, and health officials are concerned about the spread of cholera.



Animals are even more poorly equipped to survive a disaster than humans are. They are even more likely to suffer and perish since rescue efforts invariably focus on getting vital food, water, and medical care to human survivors. According to news reports, hundreds of thousands of cattle have drowned in Pakistan’s floods. Surviving goats, sheep, and other animals desperately rummage for food that isn’t there on muddy patches of wasteland.

As we did during other crises, including the earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Katrina, PETA is providing support to organizations and volunteers in the affected areas who are working to care for injured and starving animals. But we can’t do it alone.

Please consider making a donation to PETA’s Animal Emergency Fund. With your support, we can continue our vital work to help animals wherever they may be in trouble.

Written by Paula Moore

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  • Zainulabedin says:

    The Pakistani government don’t even care about humans. Animals are treated even worse around here its good to see Peta is working in Pakistan

  • cindy haas says:

    I would just like to say that I really wish more can be done to help the dogs and cats and other animals in the middle east is there any progress is this area? Thanks Cindy Haas