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Progress at Ross University!

Written by PETA | November 14, 2008
Ross University Demo

When we were first alerted to the atrocities that were being committed in the name of education at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts, we sprung into immediate action through our action alert, on the streets, and in important meetings. The students there were being forced to mutilate and kill hundreds of dogs and other healthy animals each year in unnecessary, painful procedures. Thanks to public pressure, Ross University announced shortly after that it would no longer conduct harmful, invasive, or terminal experiments on dogs—although, sadly, they would continue to do so on donkeys, sheep, and goats.

Well, I’m excited to announce that today marks another step in the right direction for Ross University. While PETA protestors demonstrated outside DeVry’s shareholder meeting—DeVry being Ross University’s parent company—PETA Laboratory Methods Specialist Shalin Gala met with the bigwigs inside. The CEO informed him that Ross University will no longer perform terminal surgeries, full stop. Personally, I’d like to think that the giant, friendly “sheep” who were hanging around outside the meeting had something to do with that announcement! That or the thousands and thousands of messages from compassionate people that Ross University has received.

Rather than settling on this step forward, we will commit to re-doubling our efforts against Ross University and DeVry’s harmful experiement. It’s great that healthy animals at Ross will no longer be killed, but invasive procedures—such as severing the nerves in donkeys’ toes, cutting their ligaments, inserting plastic tubes through their noses and into their stomachs, surgically puncturing their abdomens, cutting their tracheas (or windpipes), and removing fluid from their joints—will presumably continue. Every little improvement helps, of course. But c’mon, Ross, catch up with the times and cut out the cruelty.

Here’s hoping that Ross University will continue to improve and eventually stop animal tests altogether. Feel free to drop them a line and tell them what you think!

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Temmy says:

    Post about animals having souls is irrelevant and of course they do point is that a university is advocating torturing animals.

  • clgoh says:

    Before testing on animals and make them suffer the state how would you feel if someone test you while you suffer for their benefits? Before doing it to others think how would others feel if people do the same thing to you. I do not agree with animal testing or anything that harms animals simply because they are living things and i wouldnt want people treating me that way too.

  • wendy shaw says:

    Why is cruelty on any scale still taking place?? I am disgusted with mankind on a daily basis.You know the only difference between animals and people the ability to speak.. Fullstop their is more lovecompassion and understanding in my dogs than half the people I have the misfortune of knowing and thats a fact..

  • people for the eating of animals says:

    ummmm okay… i wouldn’t go so far as to condemn people for not treating animals like they are comprehesive thinking humans… i agree that they feel physical pain and all but they don’t have souls like humans.

  • Lori says:

    well done and that just wraps up anything I could say on the matter. I hope Ross University gets a clue and stops this horrific acts against poor defensless animals.

  • John says:

    I was relieved to see that PETA will not abate in their efforts to get Ross U. to make further changes. I worry sometimes that when ‘welfare’concessions are reached campaigns suddenly end. The animals deserve better than that and PETA is continuing to fight for them.

  • Ana says:

    Love the sheep costume!!!! Sheep are such docile sweet creatures. I have spent happy hours with them. END VIVSECTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • lynda downie says:

    Well done Peta! I have nothing more to add stoptorture has expressed my thoughts very well.

  • stoptorture says:

    Good job. Well I wrote the following if it gives people here any ideas these are some points I try to express. I’m sure its far from perfect but anyway You know first animals are personable and they feel they relate they suffer and if you were one of any of those body types how would you like yourself and your family to be treated? And it is completely unscientific to say that it is ok to harm and cause suffering to for example donkeys but not dogs. What are you seeing there a body type or a being inside that experiences suffering no matter what body type? Which is scientific and which is just stupid and speciesist? If you wouldn’t do those things to another person then don’t do those horrible atrocities to another person Those beings that are your victims are persons as they feel they relate they experience and they are not machines and they are not just a shape or a configuration of dna that justifies harming them. And for you awful and deceived people to try to force a fellow human being and a student under your guidance to commit those evils and to put that on their conscience is just further scientific evidence of your erroneous ways of thinking and your appalling moral bankruptcy. First do no harm. You deserve anger and condemnation for your backwards evils which are like those of ignorant and cruel people in past societies. Your decision that harming other beings is ok is no better than the same reasoning used by societies that did this to the mentally ill and to certain races or catagories that they decided it was ok to do evil to. It is despicable and you should be ashamed and shocked by what you have been doing in your blind cruelty. I understand that a student at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine is suing the school for lying about its veterinary surgicaltraining program which involves mutilating healthy animals. It is outrageous that Ross University would force this student to intentionally harm animals to pass a course when participating in these cruel activities goes against veterinarians’ primary duty to heal. If veterinary schools in the U.K. and across the U.S. and the veterinary school at St. Matthew’s University on Grand Cayman Island can train students without forcing them to perform harmful invasive surgeries on healthy animals surely Ross University can make the same compassionate decision. PETA has recommended many humane training alternatives that are readily available and I hope that you will take immediate action to end the needless suffering of animals at Ross. Thank you.

  • SASHA says:

    HURRAY! Keep the pressure on them PETA. Love the cute animal mascot.