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A Little Relief, Finally, for Hormel Pigs

Written by PETA | February 2, 2012

When PETA went public with the findings of an undercover investigation at a pig-breeding farm that supplies Hormel in Iowa, we called on the company to ban gestation crates—pens so small that the pregnant sows who are confined to them can’t turn around or even lie down comfortably—and then introduced a shareholder resolution to that effect. Less than two years later, the meat giant has announced that it will phase out gestation crates, which cause so much suffering, by 2017.

Among other atrocities at the Hormel supplier, PETA’s investigators saw a supervisor shove a cane into a pig’s vagina and a worker slam newborn piglets’ heads against a concrete floor, leaving them squirming in agony. Referring to a sow, one supervisor remarked to an investigator, “You gotta beat on the bitch. Make her cry.” As a direct result of PETA’s investigation, six former employees of the Hormel supplier admitted guilt to charges of livestock neglect and abuse.

How You Can Help Pigs

Anyone who brings home the bacon—or the sausage, pork chops, or ham—is unwittingly supporting this atrocious abuse. So when PETA suggests that the best way to help stop the suffering of pigs and other animals raised and killed for food is to go vegan, it’s no bull. Order your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today!


Written by Joe Taskel

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  • CH says:

    My heart hurts for these pigs, I just recently found out about how farm animals are treated and I have to say I feel “dumb” for being so ignorant as to not knowing what the truth is about the meat I have been buying at the grocery stores for so long. I haven’t been able to eat pig or beef in the past 3 days after seeing just how these sick people abuse these animals and then forcefully kill them. Its really sad, and being an animal lover I just can’t continue to eat something that only gives me visions of poor screaming animals being tortured. I will say that I’m not completely against eating meat because I do believe that God created animals for our enjoyment both as in companions and a food source. However, I am completely against abuse of any animal and I see these huge farms and slaughterhouses as nothing more then a dollar amount to these people. More so I just think anyone that can hurt animals like that even if they are suppose to be for food are sick and evil. It’s like they enjoy seeing animals suffer and for that I can’t accept or pretend I don’t know about it. So, I really hope that more people become aware of what is happening to these animals as the expense of our stomachs which ultimately is leading to obesity and health issues in America which over consumption of fatty meats. There really needs to be more enforcement as to the conditions and treatment of these poor animals. They deserve at the least to be raised free range, fed, and treated with compassion as the living creatures they are. I just see so much wrong in how these animals are living and while I’m not claiming to be a vegan or vegetarian these stories have made such an impact on me that I can’t continue to contribute to the problem because unlike these in these inhumane people I have a conscious and I am so glad that the workers in this stories were held accountable!!!

  • nconroe says:

    I will no longer buy your products nor will my many friends. I hope you go bankrupt.

  • Rose says:

    I just don’t get how humans with a conscience make a living killing animals! Do they go home and tell thier families, ‘Yeah, I threw a piglet against the wall and broke its back, oh and for fun I put a stick up a pregnant sows vagina. It was a great day! And son, someday you can work with me!’ Yeah, thats pride. So glad Im vegetarian.

  • cheap logo design says:

    If lesser Countries like ourselves can carry out this why can’t America??? Simple they plan to put up more money with veto regard to innate welfare or affliction and even after if yet Hormel Suppliers break using tis method i doubt very much the abuse will break. If i can remember i think i read on PETA behind the investigation Hormel believed they would break in 2012 or was it 2015 at this time its 2017 dont believe everything they say they are satisfied of crap this investigation was in 2008 so its taking them 9 yrs???? I’m miserable but how as regards they walk come again? They cause? Maybe the abuse would break!! Can’t congress pass with the purpose of?

  • magpie says:

    You have supposedly been working on this a very long time and what has changed?Removing the crates to make it easier these jerks kick these poor creatures you think that is really an Improvement! not!

  • rob says:

    the reason they cant change now is because they need to work on building new facilities for the sows. It takes time to put up buildings, get the pigs moved, and tear down the old buildings. Plus there are still parts of the buildings that will still be used probably so they need to figure out how to save those parts and get rid of the gestation crate portion. While i am a hog farmer, i do not believe in gestation crates, i think they are cruel but at the same time i realize it will take a bit of time to transition. Just be happy something is being done.

  • Nikki says:

    We humans say we are not barbarians they say we are evolved and refined but when we use animals for our own punching bags and forget they have feelings they hurt to they are not on earth to make you feel better when your life is sh!t there not here for you to abuse because your to much of a coward to get help and get out of a bad life in light of this we are not barbarians we are worst we are monsters I choose not to follow this path I do everything to save animals it may not seem like a lot but one small effot could mean one huge change.

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Another FIVE years to suffer this continuous abuse, torture and torment!! These workers aren’t men, they are nothing but pieces of low-life scum and human garbage, cowards and bullies.

  • lisa says:

    Agree with other posters another 5 yrs of torture and abuse if i was american i would be ashamed to be american, here in the UK and Sweden they are banned and illegal, if smaller Countries like ourselves can do this why can’t America??? Simple they want to make more money with no regard to animal welfare or suffering and even when if ever Hormel Suppliers stop using tis method i doubt very much the abuse will stop. If i can remember i think i read on PETA after the investigation Hormel said they would stop in 2012 or was it 2015 now its 2017 dont believe anything they say they are full of crap this investigation was in 2008 so its taking them 9 yrs???? I say to everyone watch the video and pay attention to the beginning of it when the worker is hitting the pig turn your volume up high and listen to her scream in pain then explain to the Countries like us why you let this carry on.

  • nishanth says:

    what will these rascals lose if they stop it now??another 5 yrs???PETA,pressurize them to end soon pls…

  • lisa Taylor says:

    It just makes me so angry that these sweet animals will still suffer at the hands of cruel people….I’m sorry but how about they get what they give? maybe the abuse would stop!! Can’t congress pass that?

  • Emily *VeganLifeStyle* says:

    Wow, this is why I dont consume any animals products. I will be a VEGAN intel the day I die!!! And so will my husband when we live together. And I’m glad that more people are choosing this lifestyle!

  • Kat says:

    5 more years of torture. THAT’S why I don’t eat pork!