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Princess Cuteyface Vs. PetSmart

Written by PETA | May 30, 2008

If you’re one of those upstanding animal lovers who’s been digging in and taking your pet-related business elsewhere until the PetSmart people stop selling live animals, here’s an opportunity to take some credit for it. If you still have that old PetSmart Pet Perks card, you can finally dust it off and do something useful with it: We’re looking for pics and video of you cutting up your PetSmart cards, and we’ll post any good ones we receive on our Flickr page, so you can bask in the warm glow if Internet celebrity while you pat yourselves on the back for having done the right thing. You can send pics or video here.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration (or if you’re in the mood to irretrievably lose two minutes of your precious time), the Princess and I have put together this neat little instructional video.


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  • Brad C says:

    Each petSMART is not the same. I’ve worked at more than one, and honestly it depends on the staff of the store as to how well things are kept. The petSMART stores that have a vet in the store do take their animals in for check ups and medications. PetSMART gives the vet a place to practice, and in return the vet gives dicounted rates for treatment of the petSMART animals. To those arguing the cost effectiveness of spending $50 in meds and selling the animal for $15, petSMART is counting on the return of the pet parent to buy food, toys and other supplies. Over the life of the pet, petSMART still makes the money spent in healing the bet back.

  • Sarah L. says:

    In Alabama, where I live al the pets marts I’ve been too are clean and wel taken care of. I look out for the animals there alot in all pet stores and i even work a a local pet store and i make sure their well taken care of. So its not all pets marts because i do look out there where i live so doesn’t that mean they aren’t al bad. I think it just depends on the workers who are supposed to clean there cages not really the business. Am I not correct?

  • noobforveganfood44 says:

    …you do all know that you can use your kroger card at petsmart too right? Should you cut it up too? While you’re at it you might want to unregister your phone number with the petperks to make it more final.

  • Casey says:

    I AGREE WITH “Mike Quinoa”! Petlands should also be boycotted! They buy their dogs from puppy mills they don’t give them any exercise and they are cruely confined. I even broke down and bought one of my dogs from a petland in Tucson AZ. They had lowered her price because she was FOUR MONTHS OLD! Way too long to be stuck in a two foot by two foot crate. She was in such poor condition she could barely use her hind legs! Luckily after a vet visit and a few months of good food and exercise she is a healthy and happy little girl! I believe that these pet stores who don’t care about the animals they sell should be closed down! How do these people sleep at night??

  • DK Taylor says:

    Economics big corporate America bottom line profits and how corporations rule our economy here and overseas etc. needs to be applied here. Corporations that have massive financial strength and influence must be held all the more accountable to the highest of industry standards and scrutiny by the consumer. They have enormous influence on many levels and in some cases ones health and even life and death. This is not to denote that smaller corporations or home based animal care business should not be held any less accountable for their conduct and responsibilities. The daytoday underpaid employees working within these companies who show up faithfully perform their jobs with integrity truly care for the animals and take pride in their job are not the issue at hand. Rather the powers that be the share holders and owners whose incomes are six figures andor millions of dollars yearly are accountable for setting the precedence for their corporation. They decipher how their corporations are run on all levels hence the care or lack of for the lives of these dependent animals. I admire the adoptive pet settings that are now in place in stores however this was not the norm a few short years ago. This came about due to the demand for change towards animals. The fact that one hamster or one bird has suffered or died regardless of the organizations name is one too many. Shouldnt complacency over any creatures suffering and death even one stipulate action towards immediate change? We as a society must insist on the highest of standards regarding the care of all animals and more so to discontinue the selling of any animal. A little research will show that change comes in any situation where money is involved when and only when the powers that be are hit in their pocketbooks. The focus must remain on the animals and continuing to be their voice and never giving up or in. PETA I applaud you.