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Primate Torture Compared to Abu Ghraib

Written by PETA | March 10, 2008

What’s up PETA Files readers! You may be familiar with our recent University of Washington action alert (made by yours truly, so you know it’s a good one). Well, PETA recently threw a demo in regards to this alert causing an attention-grabbing article to come about.

Nearly 100 PETA supporters gathered in front of a University of Washington animal research laboratory last week for a very compelling protest. So compelling, in fact, that it persuaded Seattle-Pi columnist Robert Jamieson Jr. to write this excellent article, comparing the torture that primates go through in labs to the horrors of Abu Ghraib.

Check out the article here and if you haven’t yet, please take action on this important campaign here and ask the National Eye Institute to stop funding these cruel experiments at the University of Washington and everywhere.

Truly,Christine <3

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  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Ana! Actually I wasn’t referring to your comments at all I think I agree that his tone was a bit double sided…. In my reading of the article I took his words to mean that MANY in fact too many people only care about cute animals while ignoring the suffering of snakes and such.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Ana and Keith I agree with you guys. I did not find this to be an excellent article at all. The author took the awareness raised by AR people and tried to use it to speak about human issues while writing that he believes animal testing to be necessary. Not a great piece of AR writing IMO….

  • Ana says:

    Maya Hi!!!! I did not misinterpret his article. What I wrote is what he stated. He is not against vivisection whatsoever only he wants it to follow guidelines. He repeats the same dull responses to vivisectionhow it has helped humanity. There are even more cancers than there was in the 1950’s. My comments are succunct and accurate about what he wrote. March 10 1237 PM It basically was crap. As far as his comment about snakes and rats well that’s just plain stupid. As humans we try not to discriminate against humans considered “unattractive” also. At one time Latinas were considered unattractive now they are the rage. I remember well all of this crap as a little girl. Blacks were put on the cover of Glamour Magazine way before a Latina was and it was only until 1999 that the Rockettes finally accept a Latina dancer. It’s not about the “pretty” animals it’s about the cruelty violence oppression and pain inflicted on all of them irregardless of looks or popularity dogs. Peace…

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I think a great deal of his article was misinterpreted. For example he was simply saying that cute animals are more likely to be advocated for by the general public than snakes or rats. I think he’s right on the money. The whole whyaren’tanimalactivistsworkingtoendhomelessness makes my head explode. Since when did it become a competition?

  • Lauren says:

    Although it is a positive to see that the protest is getting noticed I was not a fan of this article. First of all unlike the author stated animals should NEVER be tested on or tourtured in the name of science. It is not their responsibility to help us we can go test on each other. I also did not like how he interpreted Dave Bemel’s comment about how people respond to monkeys because they are the most human like. He said that this is another way of saying cute and that other animals like snakes and rats are ignored. That is DEFINITELY not true. A life is a life and anything that can feel pain should not have to go through it. So I do not know where he is getting his facts from… Props to the demonstrators.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    The article was good in some respects but like many the author is unaware that drug testing on animals is not only nonpredictive of safety for humans but can have deadly results. Many drugs have passed animal testing only to produce disastrous effects in our species. The dollars wasted on useless animal tests would be much more appropriately spent refining the human testing technologies now in place.

  • keith says:

    There was no logic to this piece ! just using the backs of Animal Rights Issues Activists to air his own discontent with human rights which as ” Ana ” rightly pointed out is perpertrated by Human Kind again ! and again ! Maybe for these experimentors lab degenerates the Sword is mightier than the Pen !!

  • Ana says:

    I was not impressed with the article. He does not refute the efficacy of testing on animals he just wants them performed within the government “guidelines”. He also spent too much time decrying the ills that befall humans committed by humans of course which in his opinion are infinitely more important than what happens to the other animals. The brutality these creatures endure will not come to an end until the other animals are no longers subjected to the tyranny of humans. Laws to regulate their brutality are a joke who is to enforce these soft laws anyway. The other animals’ ultimate end is a cruel and violent death and these sadists in the labs have no compunction with how they dispense with the lives of these creatures.