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President of Mexico Gets Weight-Loss Advice From PETA

Written by PETA | October 2, 2008
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Felipe Calderon

Does anyone remember our sexy “Go Veg, Texas” campaign? Of course you do! Well, this time around, we’re traveling a bit south of the border and asking Mexico to do the same thing (minus the bikini).

If you haven’t yet heard, Mexico has recently started the “Vamos por un millón de kilos” campaign to encourage all residents to lose weight. Well, we know a thing or two about lookin’ fine and stayin’ slim without all the grease and cruelty that meat-based diets offer. Check out our letter to President Calderón and let us know what you think:

His Excellency Felipe CalderónPresident of the Republic of Mexico1
page via fax

Dear President Calderón:

On behalf of PETA, an international animal rights organization with more than 2 million members and supporters worldwide, I applaud your administration’s “Vamos por un millón de kilos” campaign. May we add that the best way to help your citizens lose weight while improving their health would be to encourage them to choose a vegetarian diet? As you might know, consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy products is linked to the major killers in the U.S. and Mexico—heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes.

Animal flesh, milk, and cheese are packed with fat, calories, and cholesterol. It’s little wonder that as Mexicans move away from a traditional Mexican diet high in healthy vegetables, grains, fruit, and beans and toward the typical U.S. diet, which is laden with fatty animal flesh and devoid of fiber, they are also following their neighbors to the north in packing on the pounds and becoming sick and prematurely incapacitated. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that vegetarians are far less likely to be overweight than meat-eaters and far more likely to be in better overall health. They live longer and die less painful deaths. The American Dietetic Association—the largest group of nutrition professionals in the U.S.—reviewed hundreds of studies and concluded that vegetarians have lower rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer than people who eat meat. A healthy vegetarian diet provides all the nutrients that we need to thrive—without the saturated animal fats and cholesterol found in meat that cause weight gain and clogged arteries. In addition, every vegetarian saves hundreds of animals from the horrible cruelty of the meat industry, such as mutilation without any painkillers, intensive confinement, and violent slaughter.

To help kick off the “Go Vegetarian, Mexico” campaign, two of PETA’s beautiful Lettuce Ladies would like to join you for an event at the National Palace to hand out delicious vegetarian fare—like tasty faux-beef tacos and soy-cheese and mock-chicken quesadillas—along with copies of our “Vegetarian Starter Kit.” (The kit can be viewed online at Please let me know when you would like to schedule this exciting event.
Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Giselle Woo says:

    Hello! I’m Giselle From Mexico city and I have to say that Felipe Calderon is a huge fan of bullfighting he has already said it. Sadly the healthy food and abolition of animal cruelty is not on his priorities he is more interested n other business. I want to thank PETA to send him a fax but a really think that the change will be posible if we the vegetarians tell other people of the benefits and still fighting for animal rights. I would really like to see the Lettuce ladies on my country Mexico!!

  • Berenice Antuna says:

    I’m mexican and actually since the aztecsthe traditional diet has been mostly vegetarian it was the spanish people that brought all the meat based diet to the continent. Now a days is only the people that cannot afford a healthy veggie diet the ones that have a meat based diet so the problem here is more social and less educational I’m sure if everybody could afford it they would go back to traditional aztec diets for their own heath.

  • Gerardo Tristan says:

    Kyle HOff You are dead wrong. I AM Mexican and I know that a “traditional” Mexican diet is NOT all meat but rather vegetarian. Mexico is a big and complex county like any otherand has 58 Native Nations within so your simplistic lecture of a Mexican diet is TOTALLY wrong. Vegetarianism CAN and should be reintroduced to our country . If Americans would actually work WITH Mexican AR activists instead of trying to pretend to know how to do things there or pretend to be experts like yourselfthe a lots of things can be unaccomplished..

  • irene says:

    Calderon’s presidential campaign was funded by bread company Bimbo which produces huge amounts of junk food and by Bochoco company which owns ckicken and egg farms where chickens are treated very cruely. So Calderon will never agree to a vegetarian campaign he owes a lot to those companies. I sure wish PETA would start a campaign without the mexican government but rather with mexican animal rights activists.

  • Mauricio Flores says:

    I’m mexican from Santiago de Queretaro City I think the same we need to be Vegetarians ’cause Mexico has a lot of fat people then sick people. Thanks a lot PETA!

  • Kyle Hoff says:

    I think that this is a stupid idea. I dont think peta realizes that mexicans have tradionally alot of meat mixed in with vegatables. Menudo is cows stomach and that is a mexican peasant’s favorite food. I live in a commuity with alot of latin influence and they love to eat meat. And that is because it is what they did in Mexico. A typical mexican meal usually consists of Some form of meat to get protein Beans Rice and corn. But saying that traditional mexican food is healthy is completely wrong. A traditional tortilla is made with real lard and deep fried. Plus i honestly doubt the president of Mexico would take up this proposel.

  • Crystal says:

    I love Ingrid she is such a class act! Go Peta! Great work!

  • JahLove says:

    well it was all nice until you had to throw the lettus ladies in there thats what i dont like about peta. The overall message is good though and im all for it for the most part

  • Ben says:

    Thanks for suggesting this! By the way something that has really I mean really made me stop eating meat was reading the book “Skinny Bitch.” Although the author at times sounds offensive her voice is just what so many need to remember that meat is full of antibiotics and pesticides. I know that the Lettuce Ladies attract attention from the average joe however this approach is going to fully fail. “To help kick off the “Go Vegetarian Mexico” campaign two of PETA’s beautiful Lettuce Ladies would like to join you for an event at the National Palace to hand out delicious vegetarian fare” Sure with the unbelievable spike in crime and the gazillion problems that the country has Calderon is really going to be photographed with the lettuce ladies. Never. Even if the message behind all that is positive It’s never going to happen. But I applaud your effort.

  • Carla says:

    I just love it!! As always well put Ingrid!! It’s a win win situation!!

  • SASHA says:


  • Gerardo Tristan says:

    So what Felipe Calderon said about PETA’s offer? Has he contacted you yet?Le me know ..I am a mexican citizen and I am interested in promoting vegan diet in our country. Our traditional foods are 80 vegetarian and it would e worthed to have a revival of these foods and link it to national pride eh? maybe PETA can help out but Ingrid should talk to Mexican AR activist not just Leonora Ezquivel but some othersso a good campaign can be orchestrated. Best of luck and please keep me updated on this story!