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Update: Oregon Zoo Director Out of a Job in Wake of Baby-Elephant Barter Scandal

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | October 31, 2011

Update: The Oregon Zoo has replaced its director and top veterinarian after a newspaper exposé revealed that the zoo had entered into an agreement to hand over Rose-Tu’s baby, Lily, to the notorious Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT), which has been caught on tape beating elephants. However, thanks to public outrage, the transaction never took place, and the zoo instead arranged to purchase Lily and her father, Tusko, who was on loan from HTWT.

Hopefully, the zoo’s new management will learn from past mistakes and never do business with this notorious elephant exploiter again. It should also make good on its promise to create an offsite preserve for the elephants or, better yet, shut down the exhibit and send the elephants to a sanctuary.

Originally posted October 31, 2011:

As if being beaten and sodomized at 5 years old weren’t enough to endure, Rose-Tu, an elephant at the Oregon Zoo, is facing her second forced pregnancy.

The Oregon Zoo paid a $10,000 federal fine after authorities found that this youngster had sustained 176 gashes and cuts after being repeatedly struck with a bullhook—a heavy baton with a sharp metal hook on the end—that was also used to sodomize her. It’s little wonder that Rose-Tu’s first forced pregnancy resulted in the chaining of the confused and frightened mother after she kicked her newborn.

Traumatic, costly elephant-breeding programs are indefensible. The mortality rate for babies is high, and no baby who manages to survive will ever be released into the wild. If Rose-Tu’s pregnancy is successful, her baby may eventually be shipped to Have Trunk Will Travel, an outfit caught on tape abusing elephants, including a baby.

Remember: The way that you can make the most difference for animals like Rose-Tu is by never buying a ticket to the zoo.

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  • sharon chang says:

    some people(most people)will do anything to make money!

  • Robyn says:

    Why is this cruel behavior being allowed. Do something to stop this asap!!

  • Sue Griffiths says:

    What a disgusting outfit. Why isn’t this cruel place closed down.

  • Laurel Mancini says:

    I am offended and distressed at the treatment of this elephant. She is a female, forced into pregnancy, and abused in a heinous manner. I am a female. I protest that another female, of any specie, should be treated such. Those who use force on animals have no soul, and are less than mud. Women, get angry!

  • Jill Just says:

    Wild animals belong in the wild, Shame on anyone who visits cruel money grabbing so called Zoos & Circuses with perfoming animals as all their so called traing is based on hurting the animals & forcing them into submission. They should all be banned

  • tammy says:

    this is so sad if i ever see this kind of crazzzy behavier cruilty to any animal in my presents it want be good for whom ever is doing it!

  • Rev. Meg says:

    Why wasn’t Rose-Tu removed from the zoo when the fine was levied? If Shere were a child she would have been removed from her guardian’s care, don’t they realize an animal feels the same pain as a child and has far less understanding than a child about why they are suffering?

  • Sandy says:

    Can we do something for her especially? We all know better than to pay for zoos and circus events but isn’t there something that we can do for her in particular?

  • Elena says:

    A zoo is not a place for an elephant. They must be free, please stop it, don’t to to the zoo!!