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Precious and Her Puppies

Written by PETA | February 18, 2010



This is Precious.

PETA staffers and volunteers were out delivering doghouses and straw bedding to neglected dogs one bitterly cold February morning when they found her and the 11 puppies she had given birth to the night before. Three of the puppies were already dead, having frozen to death overnight. Precious was holding one of the dead puppies her mouth in a futile attempt to warm the cold little body. As excited as she was to see her rescuers, she refused to part with her dead baby.




We rushed Precious and her puppies to the vet, but the surviving puppies were so hypothermic that their body temperatures did not even register on a thermometer. Precious herself, besides being severely malnourished, was feverish, anemic, and crawling with fleas and ticks. She also tested positive for hookworms and heartworms.

While Precious had shivered in the cold, watching her babies die one by one, her owners had been snug in their warm house, oblivious to her existence out there on her chain. They didn’t even know that she had given birth until PETA staffers told them.

Precious and her puppies epitomize what happens when people do not spay or neuter their dogs and cats. So much suffering could have been prevented if her owners had availed themselves of PETA’s “Spay and Neuter, Immediately, Please” (SNIP) mobile clinic, which spays and neuters pit bulls for free and even provides free transportation if necessary.

We wish we could say that Precious’ case was an isolated event—that it isn’t something we deal with often—but we hear every single day from dog and cat owners who don’t think that it will matter if their dog or cat has “just one litter.” In Precious’ case, her owners had no idea that newborn puppies cannot survive freezing temperatures. They didn’t know that pregnant and nursing animals require extra food to nourish their growing puppies or that they need medical care just like people do. They didn’t realize that dogs need to be treated for fleas to prevent anemia, and that dogs living in mosquito-infested, swampy areas need heartworm prevention nearly year-round or they will almost certainly contract this deadly disease.

They didn’t know any of this until it was too late for Precious and her puppies.

By taking a moment to ask your governor to sponsor mandatory sterilization legislation in 2010, you can be the voice that saves a dog like Precious.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • lisa says:

    It’s true, you hear about cases like this all the time. I don’t understand why people still have dogs in chains outside their homes? If they can share their home with their dog, they should not have one.

  • Jackie Stonitsch says:

    Yes I have saved and rescued many of these dogs. We should send owners outside and tie them to a tree!

  • Catalina McLoughlin says:

    I will not accept they didn’t know they just didn’t care all it take its a little common sense and wiliness. People are cold and inhumane to situations like this how sad!!!!

  • Lauren Mackinnon says:

    This is so so sad poor precious trying to save her poor babies. This is terrible. One of the saddest storys ever. I wish people would get a grip. Im sick of seeing and hearing these kind of stories. When are people going to be jailed for doing things like this? When will it stop!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicola says:

    Hello We need federal laws to protect dogs from suffering and freezing. This is extreme cruelty and must be stopped. What is happening with the mother pit bull did you take her away from the owner? Did any of the puppies survive? Please take her and her puppies away from the person who neglected her. Rescue groups should rescue as many freezing dogs as possible.

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    Come on humans take care of your animals!! they do not have a voice but for god’s sake at least give them food and water and keep them out of the sunlight!!! this is a battle of ignorance and studpidity will never be won!! what a bunch of idiots!! how could they possibly sit in the house not even knowing there were babies??? because they never fed or gave precious the attention and love she deserved!!! shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Brenda Hixenbaugh says:

    Yeh and around and around we go. Tell me what are we saving these abusive miserable humane beings for? They are breaking the law and cause great suffering to a great many animals. So lets see how balanced this all is. The animals suffer abuseneglect torturestarvation and thirst freezing to death while the people are in warm homes with food and water and comfort. Now the criminals cause all this to these helpless voiceless creatures and what happens to them? SQAT thats what. Oh of course the courts always manage to get their fines. Of course that is the most important part of the case isn’t it NOT then these pond scum get their jail time dropped. So again I would like to know why our courts are letting these vile putrid walking POS out? Why are they doing that?This is nothing but a viscous cycle that has no end. The animals are the ones that pay and most of the time with their lives. Thats right the victim is the one that is supposed to die. Makes all the sense in the world NOTThese kind of people are a eppidemic that needs a cure and that doesn’t mean to keep suspending those sentences.

  • doree grindell says:

    I think breeders should be registered and licensed giving permission to their local animal control to check on them and that animal control should cite fine and jail people who breed without this registration if they can enforce rabies vaccines why can’t they enforce something like this it’d definately reduce puppy mills and backyard breeders…

  • mandy LaCombre says:

    I think this is a truly sad story the cruelty is disgusting and it’s frightening to think that some people are so heartless to leave a poor innocent animal out in the cold helpless with her newborn pups… but I do also think it is cruel to just euthanize animals without exploring every possible option so I do hope if this mommy and her pups were euthanized it was because absolutely nothing could be done to save them.

  • Pat Doe says:

    I am from Metro Detroit this crap happens all the time. Our communities set up groups that go around and check on animals that have been reported. These people do not deserve animals at all and do you think their children are well taken care of doubt it. Like I told my husband he is lucky we are not rich because I would be protesting and causing trouble every where I was needed. He would be bailing me out of jail.

  • Tasha says:

    Terrible! This makes me so sad.What is WRONG with people?I have lucky lucky dogs.They are warm safe and loved.

  • JulieAnn Zserdin says:


  • Kelly Fox says:

    This is SO sad. The owners should be locked up never allowed to own any pets ever again.

  • Kimberly Aldridge says:

    I will never understand how one chooses to get an animal and then doesn’t even have the decency to provide a safe and secure yard for them to be free in or food and water. There are a lot of programs that provide food heartworm and flea and tick treatments. I wish that all humans would think about being hungry and then think about what it would be like to be unable to do anything for yourself and be tied up outside left to the elements and nothing to eat or drink until the slovenly human in your charge FEELS like doing it if they have the time or even remember that you exist. Karma people. You’re going to get old someday and need someone. I hope they feel like putting up with you.

  • lynda says:

    My thoughts exactly Carla Feb 18 1212pm

  • Kathy says:

    How heartbreaking this story is …How can these owners live with themselves knowing they have turned their backs on the loving animals that never ask for anything and are so helplessly devoted to these heartless individuals. Actually if they do that to there own pets it is very possible that is how they treat their own children.

  • Toby says:

    My neighbours heat their dogs’ outdoorenclosure with a lamp overnight when it’s particularly cold… I suppose that’s better than sleeping in the cold dark.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    That is just horrible!! People treat their pets like they’re nothing in this world.. This needs to stop people NOW!!

  • Andre Inglis says:

    I would certainly prefer dying painlessely as opposed to slowly dying and watching my children die with me. Not every animal can be saved. At least we can use this horrific story as a message to others to take positive efforts for the animal companians they lieve with.

  • Amanda says:

    Carla I certainly hope they were. Did you read the details of the post? The poor pupsicles did not have body temps high enough to even register on a thermometer and it’s clear Precious was suffering terribly as well. She tried hard to be a good mommy but her poor little body wasn’t in any better shape than her pups and euthanasia was certainly a kindness in this case.

  • Sue Harrington says:

    how could anyone do this?

  • Carla says:

    Some human beings need a “WAKE UP CALL” how ignorant can some people be!!!!????? Don’t own an animal if you don’t care enough to give them love and a warm place to rest their heads!! Jeeeezzzzzz

  • Tas says:

    This is so incredibly heartbreaking. I wish people cared for their animals in the same way they care for themselves and their children. Pathetic. I treat my animals as equals like they really are my babies. I would never be able to forgive myself if one died on my account. sigh

  • Carla* says:

    Please don’t tell me they were euthanized?

  • Terri Hughes says:

    Come on peoplestart taking care of your animals. STOP starving and abusing them. They have feelings too.And they also FEEL PAIN. STOP the cruelity.