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You Have the Power to Stop the Fur Trade

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 30, 2012

With our new campaign on Facebook’s “Causes” platform, we’re aiming to raise $15,000 in January to fund anti-fur protests, distribute literature, buy ad space, and erect billboards to send the message that fur looks best on its original owners.

Despite the decreasing popularity of fur and the plethora of faux looks in stores this year, some backward designers are still trying to stage a resurgence of real fur. But as designers try to push the cruelest of fashions, we’re pushing back.

PETA/Manfred Karreman

The Facts on Fur

It’s baffling how any clothier with a conscience could ignore the fact that this year alone, more than 2 million animals—including cats and dogs exactly like those we share our homes with—will be shoved into wire cages so tightly that they can’t move and be trucked across China to be slaughtered. Some of them will be dead by the time they arrive. They are the lucky ones.

Those who survive will feel their bones break when workers throw the crates around like rag dolls. They may be beaten and stomped on. Or they may have the skin ripped off their bodies while they scream and thrash in pain.

Help End the Fur Trade Now!

You can help stop this cruelty by joining our “Causes” campaign and sharing it on your social-networking sites. And please consider making a lifesaving donation today to help end the fur trade.

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  • Shripal Dalal says:

    I am deeply pained to see this, so much that I could not sleep last night. I pledge that I or my family will never buy fur and will never even promote it. I feel terrible right now that I can do nothing to prevent this other than not buying fur/leather.

  • Isabelle says:

    There is no word to describe my feelings when looking at this. Animals have the right to live, breath and be free like all of us. We are meant to live with each other, not torture and destroy lives for the sake of fashion. What kind of “human” are you to put them through this unnecessary pain? We do not need fur, it belongs to them !!!!STOP THIS TORTURE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!

  • mackenzie says:

    oh my god that so horrible i want to help stop it thats so horrible that people can feel alright doing that

  • Leanne says:

    there are no words! it’s ruins my heart and soul!

  • Simona says:

    These people that do these things, do they not feel? like sorrow and hurt for the animal they are inflicting the pain and death. I do understand that people need jobs and not everyone is as fortune to get a good education and a good degree to get a steady paying job and have to take any option they have to survive- they also need to eat, feed their family and have a place to stay but just like ALL of us including animals just some people have it easier than others. But skinning them alive is brutal, i know its rude to say but- at least kill them, don’t let them suffer that insane amount of pain, although i do not even imagine what that would be like, but imagine a human being skinned alive, that’s inhumane. Why do we find it unacceptable to do this to a human but acceptable for animals? have they deserved this? animal have lived side by side with us for many many years and of course they hurt people and sometimes killed them but have we not done it back to them? they are animals and they are wild, they were not meant to be whipped across their body to make them jump or stuffed in cages to be transported to their death. They HAVE a voice, but we are ignoring their silent screams and cries for help we are obnoxious to anyone but us, some of of try and help as much as we can but we can never fully help everyone who needs it as we are self indulged…we care about ourselves, our families and friends and although we seem to have everything we need we want more, we want better. Animals are a gift of nature and we abuse it so much, but it keeps giving endlessly, giving us new species and new discoveries so why do we have to be so cold taking everything that’s ours and taking others too? If we needed fur it would be growing on us, but the point is we don’t need fur…we want it. Please stop animal abuse, i’m not perfect and i make mistakes but this is a mistake as a world we are making, when time passes will our future generations be fortunate to see the animals we take for granted today? or will they just be a piece of another history textbook?…
    Thankyou. 🙂

    • Rachael says:

      I agree with and I was wondering if I could use what you said in a project I have for Science… We are doing a M.A.D. project. It means making a difference. I chose the fur industry and so I would like to ask if I could use this, but I’m not sure how I would for the citing of your work……ya

  • Prince of the Forest says:

    STOP STOP STOP THIS! I want to QUIT my job at Harrods for selling fur.

  • Ebony Harris says:

    It is beyond words how CRUEL it is to treat a LIVING, BREATHING, BLEEDING, CONSCIOUS BEING LIKE THIS !!! I just want this to STOP. We KNOW…THAT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THESE “JOBS”….are the MOST evil, wicked, sickest, heartless, consciousless people on the planet COMPARED EQUALLY to murderers who kill PEOPLE…there is NO DIFFERENCE….LIFE IS LIFE, BLOOD IS BLOOD, TEARS ARE TEARS !!! I don’t understand…AND I DON’T WANT to understand HOW someone can treat LIVING BEINGS so SICKLY CRUEL like this….I DO NOT envy their fate in the afterlife…as EACH & EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO EVEN PARTICIPATES in this BARBARIC cruelty WILL ACTUALLY FEEL every SINGLE thing that each being felt through their CRUEL HANDS. I could NEVER harm an animal, especially NEVER SO HORRIFICALLY. I don’t know HOW ANY person who does these SICK “jobs” can sleep at night. I just don’t know. THIS TRADE NEEDS TO END NOW AND FOREVER !!!

  • Lebrun says:

    A vous qui osé vous pavané avec la fourrure volée a nos animaux torturer avan d’étre sacrifier ! Vous vous croyé admirer, mais vous nous donner la nosé!!

  • Anon says:

    This makes my heart break that we are capable of such things.

  • Danielle says:


  • Attila Varga says:

    God creates the miracles of life by his perfect design, love, and breath. And when we support His creations, we also demonstrate love and uphold His honour. When we kill his creations, we are therefore against God. I’m really glad I’m on His side; I adore and proudly protect His property; the animals!! And I can rest easy knowing that I will be safe in the after-life.

  • Sonia Ackhurst-Taylor says:

    Please stop this slaughter – it is inhumane. Think about this quote – The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the manner in which its animals are treated. Mahatma Gandhi

  • Benedetta Cianchetti says:

    I can’ t believe it! It’ s really really shocking! Please, let’s stop them!!!!! or please, don’t make them suffer like this, kill them instantly!

  • Cassio Canevarollo says:

    Please, STOP THE FUR TRADE! The animals have feelings. We do not need their fur. Thanks.