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Post Your Photos!

Written by PETA | April 25, 2007

PETA has a new Flickr account! Which is a very good thing, because up until now, we had thousands of photos of demonstrations, events, animal-friendly celebrities, and old PETA ads that were just kinda languishing in the vaults. I’m particularly proud of this project, because I had to upload a gazillion photos only to find out that the page had been marked as “restricted” because of the NSFW quality of some of our “Running of the Nudes” pics—which meant that only tech-savvy 12-year-olds who can figure out how to turn off their safe search would be able to view the account. But the issue was finally resolved yesterday, and the page is up and running, so if you have any animal-rights-specific photos that you think would fit the bill, you can send them to us by clicking here. Make sure to read the terms and conditions page before you submit the photos, or our lawyers will haunt you in your sleep like they do me.

P.S. I’ve noticed a few regular comments from folks who aren’t so interested in animal rights lately—which is really cool since a little debate on the issues is a very healthy thing for all parties involved—but while I genuinely appreciate the comments, I figured I should probably let Steve and Larry Buck know that pictures of you guys eating hamburgers won’t make it up onto the Flickr page. Sorry to disappoint.

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  • KENADY says:

    Ima upload a pic bannedfrompeta haters needa leave this a veganveggie website gosh i hjate ignerent people and sides mr.bannedfrompeta your comment was posted so get over yourself!

  • bannedfrompeta says:

    If debate is a healthy thing… then why did you ban people posting reasonable questions and attempting to have a nonbiased debate? The recent board raid was a direct result of your movement spurning one particular outsider for no reason other than that his my views were different than yours.

  • animalfriend says:

    i got very interesting material from many years animal rights activism. but i need a time to dig…. after you shall have very interesting material!

  • dw says:

    Awesome! I’m gonna go to look through the pictures now…