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Post Your Confessions …

Written by PETA | May 13, 2008

Fans of PostSecret will be familiar with the format here—members, employees, and friends of PETA have been uploading stories about their companion animals and things they wish they’d done differently in taking care of them. Given the opportunity, I think we’d all make a few changes if we had a chance to go back and do more for members of the family—and this is often especially true of the animals we share our lives with. I can tell you, for instance, that (although I love every bit of her), I wish I’d been a hell of a lot more diligent about watching Princess Cuteyface’s weight after she first showed up on my doorstep (she’s a big, big girl). If you have a moment today, take some time to read people’s confessions about their companion animals, and feel free to upload your own story. It makes for some intense reading.

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  • Barbara Phillips says:

    Years ago when I was a little girl a friend of the family gave us a box of used clothing. While I was going through the dresses and things I came across a red fox fur complete with the mouth eyes clasp and tail. I remember wrapping myself in it and feeling sorry that the fox had to end up this way. I wanted to cry it looked so real. that thought stayed with me to my old age. The poem I read later reflected that image kept in my mind of 65 years ago. It was of an animal caught in a steel hold trap and looking into the night for answers. TO A FUR…… The steel jaws clamped and held him fast None marked his fright None heard his cries And watched the sky grow dark above And watched the sunset turn to grey…And quaked in anguish while he strove..To gnaw the prisoned leg away…Then day came rosy from the east But still the steel jaws kept their hold…And no one watched the prisoned beast But fear and hunger thirst and cold..Oppressed by pain his dread grew numb Fright no more stirred his flagging breath…He longed in vain to see him come..The hunter bring death….THEN THROUGH THE GLOOM THAT NIGHT CAME ONE..WHO SET THE TIMID SPIRIT FREE…”I KNOW THINE ANGUISH LITTLE SON FOR ONCE MEN HELD AND TORTURED ME”. thanks for PETA who help all the oppressed.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    P So sorry Hanna about your rat! When I lost my cat Tory I read that mourning for our pets it the final gift we give to them. I hope you feel better knowing that of all the rats in the world yours is probably treated better than almost any! What a lucky rat to have lived with someone who loves him like a real companion.

  • HannaBanana says:

    I hear you Maya…it’s important to reflect on the past from time to time in order to grow and learn from your mistakes. I’ve definately learned from mine… I’ve spent the past week and a half staying up wayyy past my bedtime to holdcomfort my sick old rat Oliver…he’s my little buddy. And even though I know he’s going to pass soon I’m so excited when I come home from work and he’s still hanging in there…eating his treats and cleaning himself.

  • lynda downie says:

    Princess Cuteyface is a lovely big girl Jack. She looks very very contented!

  • lynda downie says:

    It’s always when I’m losing one of my beloved cat companions that I regret taking it for granted that he or she will always be there. It’s then that I realize that I’ve had the greatest treasure here in my home and I’ve been running around busy with other concerns including speaking out for other animals. Then nothing has the power to draw my attention away from my companion in the short time we have left together.

  • Sarah says:

    I feel really really really bad about giving up my beloved guinea pigs to a local petstore in exchange of a baby rabbit from a breeder. even though I wasn’t playing with them much I still loved them. For Apple and Miss Piggy. I hope you’ll find a good home

  • Maya, CVT says:

    By the way it makes me sad to see people suffering. Listen guilt is a good thing it keeps us from repeating mistakes that hurts others. Don’t spend your life feeling guilt try to forgive yourself and think of all the good things you did for your pet!!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Leslie Stand up in class and tell your teacher that both animals and humans have an brain part called the AMYGDALA which gives emotion to living things. Then tell her that a freind of yours that’s me in graduate school for wildlife biology can furnish PROOF that animals have emotions. Then ask her to cite the peer reviewed article which proves that animals don’t have emotion. She won’t be able to because none exists. Let me know if you need me to send you the articles.

  • Anonymous says:

    I torture myself about this everyday. When I was 18 I adopted a dog from the shelter. She was my buddy. I beat up my boyfriend for smacking her one day. I thought I always did what was best for her. When I was 20 I was working all of the time. I felt that she deserved a better life where someone had more time for her so I called the local shelters to see which place was most likely to find her a home. I took her one day. I visited her for a couple days until they told me to stop because it was only hurting her more. I don’t know what happened to her. They had told me that had waiting lists for her type and that she would find a home. Now that I know better I doubt it. When I was 24 I had a baby. I also had two dogs. One of my dogs kept escaping and got me into a lot of trouble a couple times because her breed is labeled as a viscous breed. I finally had to put my baby first and knew that I could end up doind jail time or paying fines that I couldn’t afford which would in turn hurt my baby or risk my dog being put to sleep. The last time she got out I got into trouble and took her to the shelter. I thought she would be adopted out. Now I know better. I hate myself every day.

  • Leslie says:

    I think my teacher is stupid. She tells the class that you cant compare an animal to a human. I dont get it. She says that they have instincts not emotions like a human. I dont believe her. I dont know what do you think?

  • Lucy says:

    I accidently stood on a Snail I felt so guilty!

  • Marisela says:

    I confessed something last month and it was not posted. I got very pissed. It was a good confession because I made a point stating that people can change the way they feel about animals. I will do what Heather Mills did. I will defend animals on my own if no one can help me.

  • Tamara says:

    When I was 13 I was given a baby gerbil from a boy I had a crush on His female had babies and I desperately wanted one cause it was from him I named the gerbil “Herbie” after Herbie the Love Bug cute huh? P I called him “Herbil” alot This is very difficult to write… As gerbils will “Herbil” bit…At first he was ok but I didn’t play with him much. I was more interested in my parakeet Poncho. So Herbie bit…I would occasionally put him in one of those giant plastic balls to run around. I got bad about changing his bedding stuff fuzzy stuff to keep them warm at night and his cage in general. He was kept pretty well fed I think… Gerbils are nocturnal so it was not long until Herbie was relegated to downstairs in the kitchen. His running on his wheel and scooting around kept Poncho up and me up at night. It got to a point I think where I did not care for him at all. I would look at him occasionally. Then I noticed Herbie was ill very very ill. My mom called a vet. We took him in and were told he had pnemonia. No kidding he was kept by the kitchen window…not too close but close enough. And there was the neglect thing… Herbie was humanely euthanized. I think I had Herbie for about one year or a year in a half… I still feel so bad I treated that little guy horribly. I have tears in my eyes now. I can only hope and pray that Herbie forgives me. If it were now and I had him he would go to a vet regularly. I would clean him and play with him. If if if…Oh Herbie you were a cute gerbil…if I do meet you at the Rainbow Bridge please be kind. I know now and I do love you…

  • jane says:

    i killed an ant. i will now go to hell