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Pope Should Give Peas a Chance

Written by PETA | December 22, 2009
henryjacksonsociety / CC
Pope Benedict


In preparation for the World Day of Peace on January 1, 2010, Pope Benedict released a statement calling for a more “sober lifestyle” and a move “beyond a purely consumerist mentality.” We’ve got two words for the pope to add to his call to save the environment: Go vegan.

Raising animals for food wastes resources and devastates our environment. Going vegan curbs climate change and promotes everything Jesus required of his followers: compassion and love toward all beings. We’ve written a letter to Pope Benedict asking that the Vatican become a global leader on the path to (green) peace by serving only vegan meals.

Even the pontiff himself has spoken out against the factory farming industry and its un-Biblical ways. “Certainly, a sort of industrial use of creatures, so that geese are fed in such a way as to produce as large a liver as possible, or hens live so packed together that they become just caricatures of birds, this degrading of living creatures to a commodity seems to me in fact to contradict the relationship of mutuality that comes across in the Bible,” he said in an interview in 2002.

The bovine pope has been cruelty-free his entire life—we think it’s time for his human counterpart to follow suit. So what do you say, Your Holiness? Won’t you give peas a chance?

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Kay says:

    To produce 1 kg meat you need to feed 20 kg ! Some people die on starvation while others can not decide which kind of meat they eat. We have to find a solution to share what we have more equally peas by peas.

  • Saucy says:

    God Bless the Pope! He could spin that Manger Scene to outer space if he wanted too. And that is what the Pope can do for you my friends. God Bless the Pope! Go Manger Scene. I believe in Love. And I know this Pope has the authority to change the world for animals. I pray his flock is listening. God Bless the Pope. Merry Christmas. Beloved Pope from a non Catholic. I hope you are not having lamb and if you are I pray that in this new Year God will awaken your spirit to the truth by God. Thank you for all of your Kindnesses.

  • LAEF says:

    I’m a good Catholic and I would LOVE to send a note to the pope about animal cruelty and factory farming. It would be great if someone could post his address.

  • Jade says:

    Brien Most of those people were either from more ancient times or are very infamous in today’s society. That’s a fact… unfortunately people do not understand their history and think these people were great or add things that may not have been real life such as we don’t know if St. Basil was truly vegan.

  • Rosa A. says:

    I might not have a religion but I do agree that someone as high as the pope should really encourage more and more people that follow his religion which ever that is I have no idea which one it is. That way more and more people will stong using animals and just leave them alone because at the end of the day we all want to live our lives out happy and peaceful.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Luminous Catholic animal loving vegetarians include St. Basil The Great Clement of Alexandria Tertullian St. Jerume Martin De Porres Malcolm Muggeridge and Cesar Chavez.

  • Jay from Ottawa says:

    I do believe PETA needs to find it’s place in the world. Granted too many people and institutions take animals for granted and excercise extreme cruelty but you have to advocate a balance between both worlds if you want public support as opposed to taking a fanatic stance by making a big deal about a dead fly or a bat. The people you are fighting are at one extremem but you my friends are at the other. Nothing will get accomplished with those attitudes and all you’re doing is harming your own cause. Keep doing what you’re doing but be smart about it pick you battles and try to not come off as fanatic. Also just because we should have a mostly fruit and vegetable diet is no reason to go fully vegan we’re omnivorus for a reason ya know. Balance and understanding in all we do that is the path to harmony and the way to a better future.

  • AAG says:

    Write a respectful note to the Pope via email or by postage mail. I have done it. Remind him of Catholic Concern For Animals a group that promotes the respect of God’s other creatures as well as veganism. I am the USA board member and I have written to him about both veganism and CCA.