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Pope Condom for Dogs

Written by PETA | December 3, 2010

Pope Benedict’s recent comments regarding condom use have some folks and followers confused, but there can be no mistaking the very clear message in PETA’s new international campaign:


Visitors to the Vatican yesterday were the first to receive our new “Pope Condom” campaign leaflets, which we’ll also soon be taking to cathedrals and churches across the U.S.

Simply stated: It’s sinful that millions of dogs and cats are killed every year in animal shelters simply because there aren’t enough homes for all of them—and that millions more are abandoned on the streets, where they starve, die of untreated injuries or illnesses, or fall prey to animal abusers. The simple solution is to always spay and neuter animals instead of allowing them to produce countless offspring. Please help us bring salvation to dogs and cats by singing the praises of spaying and neutering to everyone you know.

Written by Karin Bennett

Update: People have been alerted to this blog and were asked to express their dislike of our campaign. We’ve posted some of the comments that weren’t inappropriate. However, PETA’s job is to draw attention to animal suffering, and we have found that provocative tactics yield more attention than the facts alone, which aren’t enough to attract interest in today’s tabloid media. We must push the envelope to get animals’ stories out there. By harnessing controversial issues like Pope Benedict’s comments about condom use, we have created a forum for discussion in the media and online, and even within the church. We welcome discussion about—and even criticism of—our ads and campaigns because we know that getting people talking is the first step in raising awareness.

We understand that some may consider our use of Pope Benedict’s image inflammatory, and we are sorry if these images have offended you. The pope is a compassionate man who has spoken out for animals in the past and is well known for his love of cats. We believe that he would support our lifesaving message and our efforts to prevent suffering and death.

Catholics—and all Christians—should be appalled by the degree of suffering that we inflict on animals. Jesus’ teachings say that we should show love and compassion for all of God’s creation—qualities that are notoriously absent in puppy mills and catteries. Bred to death, delivering litter after litter in conditions rife with filth and disease, these animals are doomed to their own hell. The solution is simple: Spay and neuter every animal and always adopt from an animal shelter—never buy from breeders or pet stores. More than 500 animals are euthanized every hour in the U.S. because there are too many of them and not enough good homes—that adds up to as many as 4 million animals every year. We won’t back down from our message that people who want to share their lives with an animal must always adopt a sterilized animal, never buy or breed.

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  • some people like people here are really stupid says:

    why on Earth are people offended by this there is nothing offensive about this ad! to everyone who is offended get a life because obviously you don’t have one. this is not saying anything against Catholic beliefs or against the Pope i am disguisted by your completely niave statements that make no sense at all, their is no reason to be offended at all you monsters!

  • Jenelle Sanders says:

    I wish people would quit being so serious about the fact that it is the pope…Big deal, lighten up and look at the true message behind the image people which is spay and neutering pets. You were given a sense of humor for a reason… USE IT! Plus, I can almost 100% bet the offended catholics use some type of birth control anyway.

  • Nope_to_the_pope says:

    I find your comment that “The pope is a compassionate man who has spoken out for animals in the past and is well known for his love of cats” most appalling. This is a man who has stated that gay men and women are spiritually and intellectually less capable than men. He has kept millions of people in poverty by condemning contraception (and not just condoms) and is contributing to the AIDS epidemic in Africa where 18% of the continent is Catholic. I won’t even go into his protection of pedophile priests. But that’s all OK because he likes cats.

  • hkgjgkh says:

    Just because the pope said something about condoms doesn’t mean you can just copy and paste him on your leaflets to promote your own ideas. Atleast ASK HIM first.

  • Chloe says:

    I think that the ad should not be seen as offensive, but rather remind everyone that the Christian faith demands respect for all living creatures. Everyone who is saying that they outraged because of their belief in the faith should perhaps take a deeper look at what exactly their faith preaches, which is COMPASSION… which is exactly this ad’s message.

  • Kim says:

    PETA doesn’t owe anyone an apology!!!! Dogs and cats can’t use condoms as well as I’m sure those boys he molested didn’t have that choice either! And Vincent: WHY ARE YOU ON PETA IF YOU WOULD EAT VEAL TO PROTEST? Dumb shit!

  • Ethical Rights says:

    Before to spay or neuter, don’t buy a animal if you can’t controle him.

  • Alf says:

    PETA.. u guys need jesus in ur lives…i pray that u see the light of the road so as to return to Jesus,, u are wrong …its nevr to late to change..God loves you guys.. thats the Holy father whom God has choosen.. have respect

  • Alf says:

    PETA.. u guys need jesus in ur lives…i pray that u see the light of the road so as to return to Jesus,, u are wrong …its nevr to late to change..God loves you guys.. thats the Holy father whom God has choosen.. have respect

  • Sam says:

    GET OVER IT. it’s not a big deal. seriously. you won’t support peta anymore because of this?

  • Lil Ledger says:

    I don’t see how this ad can spark discussion about the need to spay/neuter our animals. Using a altered photo of the Pope without his consent is bad pubicity for you PETA… disrespectfull of millions of believers in America: what a way to loose credibility.

  • sreenivas says:

    Would you have the guts to show Mohammed holding a condom ? Just because catholics do not create chaos does not mean you should spoof the most respected figure among catholics. shame on you peta

  • Segornae says:

    Kudos to you for jumping on the bandwagon in perversing the words of the Holy Father and taking it just one step further by producing this advertisement which is offensive and has succeeded in turning many away from you, and therefore what you support. I am sincerely saddened by your actions and know that I will not support your organization and will encourage others to do the same. This kind of farce and manipulation is as upsetting to me as a Catholic as the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals is to you. Next time you might want to think about who you are hurting when deciding upon advertising gimmicks.

  • Sherrie R. says:

    Jesus Christ gave the keys of the kingdom to Peter and for over two thousand years there has been a successor to Peter – the Pope – he deserves the utmost respect as the representative of Our Holy Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  While animals still have my support – PETA does not.  Remove the ad.  

  • Willow says:

    If this was the Buddha nobody would think twice. Stop being so offended and take in the message!

  • Linux girl says:

    Fantastic campaign anything that helps raises awareness for people to spay and neuter animals is a good thing i am not offended by the pope holding a condom.

  • Carla* says:

    dhinds…Wow!! Your comment affected me more then this ad!! I’m sure you do not know this BUT just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only 6 years. And in 7 years (get this)one female cat and her offspring can produce a wooping 420,000 kittens!! Shame on you for contributing to this overpopulation crisis!! Really think about what you’re doing!!

  • hetal says:

    I commend PETA for this one. Religion should not be taken too seriously but the welfare of animals should be. I really like this one even though others don’t. Peta you step out of the box and give attention to your messages and thats what turn heads for the support of animals

  • Rita says:

    I’m a Catholic and I’m not offended by this ad. Keep up the good work, PETA! And don’t feel bullied into pulling the ad. Keep in mind that all Catholics aren’t offended, just a few vocal ones.

  • I love the Pope AND animals says:

    This ad is not saying anything negative about the Pope or the Catholic beliefs. It’s about the animal overpopulation crisis! It’s making a statement about a tragic reality that needs to be taken seriously immediately. There are not enough people in the world trying to help the 3-4 homeless million animals that are euthanized every year and this ad merely brings this issue to the spotlight. And at the end of the day, wouldn’t Catholics want to reduce suffering for all beings?

  • Rennek says:

    I really don’t see how this is offensive. It’s using something that’s in the news to bring attention to the animal overpopulation crisis, and it’s not saying that the Pope endorses it. In fact, they indicate as much at the end of the ad! I think this is a great way to bring attention to an important issue.

  • Sandie says:

    Seriously. this is so obviously one congregation freaking out. Calm down; true Catholics know that God wants to protect all animals, and that there are more important problems in the world besides freaking out about an ad!

  • Tim says:

    I am not catholic but I wouldn’t care if PETA had an image of a pastor or minister in their ad campaign. It is not defaming or bashing a religion, it is making a valid point that there is a huge animal overpopulation problem and people need to spay and neuter their cats and dogs, period.

  • Tobias Nathe says:

    I find your advertisement untrue and offensive. Please remove this ad campaign.

  • Saints Girl says:

    As a PETA member who comes from an Irish Catholic family, I have to disagree that this ad is offensive. PETA is using a topic in the news to draw more attention to the animal overpopulation crisis, which I fully support. MILLIONS of animals die every year because people don’t spay and neuter. If this ad can prevent some of those deaths, then it has my support.

  • Animal Loving Catholic says:

    Well clearly someone alerted their membership to come to PETA’s site to complain. But that doesn’t mean that’s how everyone feels. Keep up the creative work PETA!

  • amanda says:

    I agree that we should neuter and spay pets. It is sad that soo many get killed or abandoned because of the lack of control. But I find this poster very offensive. Yes I know we are all free to say what we want and all but I think this might be a bit too far. Sorry dont mean to be one of those touchy offensive ppl.

  • sparkling snowflake says:

    Your pamphlet re the Pope and condoms is in very poor taste as more likely to alienate than win supporters for your cause.

  • Laura says:

    As a catholic who loves animals it sickens me to see this campaign. The end does not justify the means and disrespecting people’s beliefs won’t help animals. You shouldn’t feel proud abouth this add, you should be ashamed to taint the animal cause with disrespect towards your fellow human brothers and sisters

  • James Locke says:

    I am disappointed by your lack of respect.

  • Really? says:

    I find it EXTREMELY offensive and derogatory to advertise a photoshopped image of the Pope waving around a condom. Remove it immediately.

  • jeromeleo says:

    This ad is seriously offensive to Catholics and should be pulled. The Pope, quoted out of context, did NOT approve of condom use as carte blanche. You owe Pope Benedict an apology for this one.

  • M. Burns says:

    I have had pets most of my life. My son, to his credit, has saved animals from unkind owners. However, this ad is *highly* offensive, and is just more evidence of why so many don’t take you seriously and couldn’t possible support you. (It is further interesting that no negative comment–thus far–has been allowed to be posted. Not assuming: people are complaining.)

  • ron says:

    once again PETA proves that it is only in it for the attention. This is creative how? this is another cheap shot at the Pope and the Catholic Church. How about something about Islam? crickets.

  • Justin Van Kleeck says:

    Wow, PETA, you guys have some serious guts. But I love the irreverence!

  • Steve P. in Madison, Wis. says:

    This is really offensive. Whatever your personal opinions about Catholicism or the pope, using them in this way is repellent. You should pull this ad.

  • Joe W says:

    This is shameful. You can’t denigrate another to further your cause, no matter how laudable it is. If you want to be thought credible as an organization, act like adults, please

  • Kirk Rich says:

    I’m a vegan and usually support the work of PETA, but as a Roman Catholic I find this appalling. I actually thought this was a joke until further study. Shame on whoever endorses this.

  • dhinds says:

    Sorry Karin, but my cat Titanium has a very active social life, which would be profoundly affected by the abrupt removal of any of his hormone producing vital organs. I certainly don’t eat animal organs and want my cat’s organs left intact and in place. (He shows up every morning to eat and hang out with us for a while, before asking to be let out again so he can spend the night doing whatever he does with his male and female feline companions). I am not going to negatively affect the quality of his life and seriously doubt that he would be as effective at maintaining the local rodent population at bay as he is at present, once neutered. (This cat is good friend of mine and aside from the practical aspects of the relationship, he is a very loving and respectful cat and I must respect the integrity of his present physiological state). Obviously, Titanium can count on the support he requires to live a full and complete life has no need to be neutered in order to satisfy someone else’s idea of the greater social interest.

  • David Andrew says:

    As a serious-minded Catholic, I’m offended by not only your misrepresentation of what the Holy Father said regarding condoms, although I’m not surprised as most folk seize any opportunity to attack the Catholic Church or the Holy Father, but also by your use of the Holy Father’s image to advance your liberal, radical left-wing views. It is my sincere hope that any Catholics who may be members and see this add withdraw their financial support immediately. Shame on PETA!

  • Vincent Gardiner says:

    This advert is deliberately perpetuates the media myth of the Pope endorsing condoms (he said no such thing). To take this ad to the Vatican and people’s churches is going way beyond normal behavior and marks you out as ignorant bigots. I will protest by eating veal at every opportunity from now on, until you apologise for this offensive ad.

  • Damian Hardman says:

    Sorry but you just lost my support with this. I will be making no further financial contributions to you or any organisation affiliated with you. I take animal welfare very seriously – my Catholic faith demands it. What the hell were you thinking? I will be discouraging any of my other friends who support PETA to find another animal welfare organisation to support.

  • Ron says:

    This marketing campaign is entirely offensive to me as a Catholic. It doesn’t surprise me, however, in a world where the last acceptable prejudice and persecution is preserved for Catholics. The Pope holds a very special place in my heart and to see him used in this way is very sad to me. Please reconsider what you’re doing as it is very offensive to faithful Catholics.

  • Outraged says:

    As a Catholic I am outraged and disgusted by this image. PETA has no right to manipulate an image of the Pope, and in such a disrespectful, offensive, and tasteless way. PETA owes all Catholics an apology.

  • Adam Nichols says:

    Your ad crosses a line here. Would you ever choose to feature a Jewish rabbi or Muslim imam in your ad if that man had taken a position with which you disagree? Your organization is taking an anti-Catholic position. Is that what you want to do?

  • Anonymous says:

    Your misuse of the Pope’s image is contemptible and illegal. Stop it.

  • Gabriela says:

    Yes, do spay or neuter, because if condoms were used, we’d probably see a similar sharp birth increase as in U.S. or “risk compensation”..and animals already have it pretty bad from what I know.

  • Veg Forever says:

    I love how you guys jump on all the latest news. Nothing gets by PETA!! Keep it up!

  • jeffrey mills says:

    im sorry i believe in the 1st amendment and all but this is going 2 far imposing a condom on the pope’s hand his message was clear w/o the insult yes u should spay and neuter not mock and blasphemy peta you guys lost some respect from a long time fan for this 1