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Pope Benedict XVI: Save the Earth

Written by PETA | September 4, 2007

At a weekend religious youth rally in Italy, Pope Benedict XVI told the more than 500,000 attendees that young Catholics should take the lead in the fight to save the earth. Check out what he said, “Before it’s too late, we need to make courageous choices that will recreate a strong alliance between man and Earth … We need a decisive ‘yes’ to care for creation and a strong commitment to reverse those trends that risk making the situation of decay irreversible.” Amen to that.

Makes this ad even more apropos, eh?


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  • Nancy Hooker says:

    It’s SO SAD that the POPE is not Vegan…..can you just imagine how this would change the world because so many people need a great leader to follow. I don’t understand why people including the pope want to help save the planet and stop animal cruelty when the number one way is to STOP EATING MEAT. This solves so many problems…..cruelty world famine and the environment. The bottom line is that they only really care on the surface…..they want to look like they care with all of their good deeds and present a good image. People need to care from within to really make a difference.

  • John says:

    dear sir i love the picture of the pope you published concerning the animals. i would really be grateful if you would all me to print picture in the local newspaper. I TOO AM A VEGETARIAN AND I WILL FEEL HONOURED TO BE A PART OF YOUR ESTEEMED ORGANIZATION. PLEASE PRMIT ME IT WILL NOT BE FOR MONEY MAKING. STRICTLY SELF SATISFACTION. THANKS REGARDS. JOHN

  • Maggie S. says:

    If one of the Ten Commends says “thou shall not kill” then why do catholics and the pope eat meat which is the same as killing animals as one is supporting it.

  • Luna says:

    How wonderful! Is the pope a vegetarian? PSTo “Mark”If animals have no purpose to humans and we don’t even need them except for meat fur ect. then why doesn’t it matter what value humans are to animals? Jeez humans are the ones that KILL and TORTURE animals! Humans are one species. Animals are everyone else is a humans opinion worth a million compared to say a pigs? I don’t think a pig would love humans all that much when we’re murdering them.

  • keith says:

    Gerry Ardigliano .. wonderfully put ” I was about to post a comment upon the lines you have written..”

  • Ana says:

    Gerry A I agree with you regarding the Pope’s desire for tradition. The Catholic Catechism is an abomination in its directives regarding acceptable human behavior to the other animals. The late and present Popes are responsible for the creation of this horrible Catechism. Vivisection eating nonhuman animals even wearing animal skins is acceptable. What is NOT acceptable is loving them and certainly not loving them more than humans and giving money to animals causesorganizations shelters . Monetary donations should only be made for the benefit of humans. I totally disagree with the Catechism and it has been discussed by members of Catholic concern for Animals. I don’t put much credence into manmade religious objectives. I go along with Jesus’s words Love and Peace….Love and Peace for all sentient beings. Realistically most Catholics do not live by the words of the Pope or of the Catechism so there is hope. Perhaps Catholic animal advocates can make the necessary changes in the Faith regarding our behavior towards all animals the Pope will have to heed “his flock”.

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    Please do not get your hopes up with this pope. In an interview he showed actual concern with factoryfarming horrors and then proceeded to giggle when the subject of not eating animals at all was raised “of course were are permitted to eat them” but do it respectably was his tone. This pope is NOT about making any real changes but only preserving “tradition”.

  • Patricia Panitz says:

    To Barbara If you don’t like animals it’s probably because you don’t know much about them. To know them is to love them! Antone with a dog or cat knows this. They have many of the positive human attributes like love loyalty being amusing etc. without the negative ones like cruelty deceptiveness manipulation etc. They are always happy to see you and never complain. As to their purpose what is the purpose of humans?

  • superdave says:

    The POPE is not the best person to judge the Earths future. He considers homosexuality as terrorist.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I asked and recieved the pamplets that PETA has that is called “Why Christians should be vegetarians.” I have been a veggie person for many years. My daughter is a Christian and I asked her if she would please put the pamplets on the information table at her Church. When she asked the powers that be if she could do this they told her a flat out NO. Well they lost her that very day. She did go to a much smaller church and they told her that would be great. After all do they not remember St. Francis of Assisi the Patron Saint of all animals? That really caused my daughter to rethink her religion. She has now started to read and study my books on Buddhism which thrills me. But she still goes to the little church that said YES. Please ask PETA to send this most wonderful information to you it is truly a wonderful read. Judith

  • Jessica says:

    You know as a Christian I’ve always felt the need to care about the environment and care about animals. I thought it was disrespectful not to. But I was wondering is Pope Benedict XVI actually vegetarianvegan or just supporting it and other humane causes? Yay for him if he is I just didn’t know…

  • Ana says:

    Ravi As a devout Catholic I find your idea revolting. The best steps to take is to engage in dialogue with the Pope bishops and local parish priests. That is what Catholic Concern For Animals is doing. No one should be dressed as Jesus or the Apostles quoting Him is sufficient. Jesus also did not leave any directions on how to kill animals for food like the Jews and Muslims have kosher and halal. Jesus preachedlived and taught love and peace. Slaughtering animals does not fit in with His Teachings. Tamara I agree with you about the church’s prolife stance and the marches against abortion. I have never gone on one because I think they are hypocritical. The animals already alive deserve to go on living in peace to fight for the unborn and not recognize this makes no sense to me. I saw a woman’s style tshirt that I want to purchase that says “Prolife? Go Vegan!”.

  • kelly says:

    If the Catholic church extended Christian compassion to animals… they would be welcoming a LOT of new and returning members to the Church. And that would be a good thing!

  • kar_kar says:

    Is the Pope actually vegetarian? This looks more like a statement against factory farming than a statement for going vegetarian. Not the same thing.

  • Ravi Pandya says:

    The Pope as a relgious and Spiritual head of over one billion catholic souls ought to give a no holds barred edictthat it is a Sin for Christians to abuse animals.Indeedthe Dalai Lamasaid to the Buddhists in Tibet to shun and reject Fur clotheswhich the Chinese Communist governemnt is encouragingevery one to wearand all Monks and devout Buddhists followed the leadership directive and got rid of the sinfull garments.Hencethe Pope should speak out againstfactory farmingfur clothesfois gras and allwhich are prevalent in Catholic countries.IndeedPETA should hold activists dressed as Jesus Christ and the Apostles in St.Marks Square or in Romeholding placards” Benedict or Pope” turn and you will be healed and the catholic church will be purified and sanctfied”Turn meaning go Veggie.regards and best wishesravi

  • Tamara says:

    Another thought I get so aggravated at my church when they preach “pro life” and march against abortion… One of these days… I’m gonna ask them why they don’t include animals in their “prolife” stance. After all look what the Pope said… I have a tshirt that says “Extend the Circle of Compassion to include Animals they just want to live free from suffering” That’s all it comes down to…

  • Tamara says:

    I would LOVE to copy that and put it in our church bulletin…however I don’t think it would get approved… Still I am too proud to be a Catholic because of the Holy Father’s stand on animals.

  • barbara says:

    i dont understand why people like animals. im not trying to be an ass no pun intended towards donkeys but i really just dont see what the purpose of animals is if not to eat

  • Mark says:

    This pope really loves creation and creatures and thinks and speaks well on the issues. He is a force and his voice needs to be heard!

  • Ana says:

    Susannah S Please take a look at Catholic Concern For Animals thanks!! I would love to hear the Pope speak about treating animals with compassion and to give examples of how to do so. Let’s start with fur leather farmed factories and bullfighting. I detest seeing fur in churches I would like to witness a priest develop the moral fiber that would enable him to speak out against wearing fur most especially in church. Praying for mercy while showing none to animals is hypocrisy.

  • shadowfax says:

    pope benedict deserves a lot of sympathy! he truly loves the whole creation! when i heard him in an interview he said that people reproached him to be a watchdog and he answered with a smile ‘a watchdog is something so nice isn’t it!’ so we can just hope that the christian world shall finally start to include also the nonhuman creatures in their prayers this is what i’m praying for!!!

  • Susannah S says:

    In a time when it’s sometimes been difficult I am proud to be Catholic right now.