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The Pony Express Rides Again!

Written by PETA | August 18, 2010
TuesdayHorse / CC

Philanthropist and activist Madeleine Pickens needs your help to save a whole bunch of wild horses who are now in peril.

Our pal Madeleine’s “Pony Express Campaign” is working to stop Bureau of Land Management (BLM) round-ups in which wild horses and burros suffer great anguish when they are captured, housed in barren pens, and separated from their families. The BLM rounds up thousands of horses and burros every year, claiming that they are “saving” them from crowding and starvation. But in reality, the BLM is working to keep them off millions of acres of public lands that are leased to agribusiness companies for cattle grazing.

Madeleine’s first goal is for President Obama to issue an executive order stopping the round-ups. She then plans to set up a sanctuary of more than 1 million acres—she already has them!—for the tens of thousand of horses who have already been captured, and she ultimately plans to adopt, sterilize, and release them to live freely on protected land. Madeleine’s vision is to preserve the legacy of American history and encourage people to visit, appreciate, and respect wild horses.

Jump aboard Madeleine’s Pony Express by signing this letter, which Madeleine will personally deliver to the president from the back of her adopted mustang. The deadline to collect 20,000 signatures is September 1.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Chris says:

    I support Madeleine Pickens’ work regarding most everything she is doing for the Mustangs. But she is planning to neuter them when they get onto her ranch. If she gets 30000 mustangs the other 15000 to 30000 still on the range will not be able to support a viable mustang population in the wild. They will be doomed to extinction. A better plan needs to be in place regarding taking away the mustang’s ability to reproduce.

  • barbara mcalister says:

    horses have incredibly strong feelings and are family oriented. when will the mass of human beings learn this fact??? well most animals seem more sensitive to their own kind than we humans do. poor mustangs… and poor horses of the camargue. tying them to poles?? cruel also. one day animals will take over and we will be in cages.

  • Katie says:

    Please allow these horses the freedom that God gave them and I support Madeline Pickens plan for a sanctuary for these beautiful creatures.

  • Suzanne Berglind says:

    Dear Mr. President Please stop the roundups of our American Mustangs immediately and endorse Madeline Pickens plan for an eco santuary for our American Mustangs! We the American People are counting on you.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    For those who love classic movies I recommend “The Misfits.” It deals with this very subject. It is also the last movie made by all three of it’s stars Clark Gable Marilyn Monroe who is at her most beautiful and Montgomery Clift. The message about how special these horses are stands the test of time.

  • Stacie Daigle says:

    Hi Everyone For the people are are outside of the US you can email your letters to or mail them to 2683 Via De La Valle G 313 Del Mar CA 92014 Thanks!

  • Andrea says:

    to my fellow canadians… when a site requests a zip code I always use 90210 lol… it works!

  • gemma says:


  • Nicole says:

    Hi I would like to help but the site is not friendly to Canadians. It only wants a zip code not a postal code.

  • Sylvie Naude says:

    Excellent!!!! Thank you!!!! I was saddened to visit the wild horses in La Camargue in France when I saw so many captured and tied tightly to posts further down the road. At least 200. It haunts me to this day that they are not free like they used to be waiting for tourists to ride them like slaves. Thank you for helping these horses. Maybe there is a way you can help the ones in La Camargue. I’m French American and would do anything to help or collaborate if you have an idea or way to free them.

  • Aneliese says:

    Can I sign this I’m Canadian? Have problems with zip code part.

  • Lily Jaye says:

    Dear President Obama Please allow the wild horses and burros a chance to live their lives in a safe sanctuary that will recreate the environment that they are accustomed to living within. Thank you!