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POM Wonderful Makes Rabbits Impotent

Written by PETA | November 27, 2006

Up until a couple of months ago, I had never heard of POM Wonderful, but apparently they’re this big company that sells pomegranate juice for like three times what any sane person should pay for a beverage that has no known alcoholic effects. If I’m going to pay five bucks for a drink, I want some kind of assurance that I’ll be blathering incoherently or trying to breakdance by the time I’m finished with it, but all POM does is turn your mouth red.

Anyway, the reason POM is on my radar all of a sudden (despite the fact that I’m clearly not part of its target market) is that—in a twisted attempt to hide the fact that their juice is just some kind of glorified Grape Drink in a fancy bottle, the fine folks at POM have been asphyxiating mice and torturing rabbits so they can make claims about the juice’s health properties.

Pam vs. Pom

Cue Pamela Anderson, who is really pissed off about the whole thing: Pam just put up a statement on her website, encouraging people to boycott POM until the company “enters the 21st century and stops killing animals in these cruel experiments.” If you agree with Pam that the world can probably do without giving rabbits erectile dysfunction and then feeding them pomegranate juice to see what happens, click here to let the company know how you feel. Then, next time you feel the urge to blow a paycheck on a bottle of juice, spring for something like Naked Juice, so you can know that your money will simply be used to make more expensive juice, not to kill rabbits.

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  • Shana Jackson says:

    Here Here guys. Down with Pom GO NAKED!!!!

  • Hana says:

    How stupid was I? I drank POM like water. HOW STUPID I WAS. I had no idea Naked was cruelty free. I never tried it I thought POM was the best because of all those ads and crap. How stupid I was. Forget POM. It’s like drinking BLOOD of those poor and helpless animals they MURDERED for their SICK AMBITIONS. I’m going Naked from now on!

  • Colleen says:

    I hate POM now and LOVEEE Naked because it tastes SOO GOOD since I know it’s cruelty free.

  • sarah says:

    POM is the grossest stuff ever. id rather chug a bottle of maple syrup. screw them for testing on animals and making gross juice. is pam not the most amazing person? i love her so much! she’s so awesome in borat lol by the way naked juice is the yummiest thing in the world!!