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Police Officer Pepper Sprays Baby Squirrel

Written by PETA | April 13, 2011

As a group of students screamed in horror and begged him to stop, a police officer in Mesquite, Texas, pepper-sprayed a tiny baby squirrel outside Kimbrough Middle School. The officer claimed to be worried that the squirrel had rabies, but animal control officers who cleaned up the squirrel before her releasing her said it was unlikely she had the disease.


The Mesquite Police Department says it is looking into the incident. Please take a moment to e-mail Derek Rohde, Chief of Police, and ask him to take disciplinary action against the officer whose cruel actions traumatized and set a horrible example for the students.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Mary Kemp says:

    I am a wildlife rehabilitator near where this happened. This is common behavior for baby squirrels displaced from mom. They seek out humans when they are too small to survive on their own. This was mishandled on every level. The principle kicked her then the cop spays her.There is a wildlife coalition there that they could have called to be put in cotnat with a rehabber or Animal Control should have been called and they would have contacted a rehabber in the area. I have so many babies now that were just like this one- it sickens me to see this,.

  • Tony says:

    Ya, they get mad at him for spraying the squirrel, but when it does have rabies and bites one of the kids, that when the parents sue the police department for not protecting there kid. im sorry but its not a nice world out there, you cant have everything u want.

  • Jayless says:

    I read up on this and not only did the police partake in baby squirrel torture, but the principal did too! What was not caught on tape was the principal and the officer kicking it. For the love of everything that is good, Peta, go after the principal too! The poor defenseless baby didn’t even know to be scared of humans. :*(

  • Beth says:

    That’s awful! I sent an email to the Chief of Police.

  • Colleen says:

    This is a disgusting, macho display of animal cruelty. That little baby squirrel is defenseless! Rabies or no rabies! There are many ways this situation could have been dealt with that wouldn’t involve an innocent baby going through a ridiculous amount of pain. If this officer isn’t disciplined, I think his punishment should be to have some big man spray HIM with pepper spray. Or maybe he can be bitten by a rabid squirrel. 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    This guy should have his badge taken away.

  • wolfcat says:

    I’m glad she got this on video. I would have been too busy assaulting the cop and trying to protect the squirrel! This is disqusting, the badness of it makes me want to vomit.

  • pamela schaub says:


  • Madison3131 says:

    absolutely disgusting.

  • dingo says:

    He could have just as easily kicked it out of the way. It was reckless of him to risk contaminating the students with the pepper spray.

  • ellelle says:

    This is despicable, there is no other word. Not only for his horrendous act against the animal but traumatizing children in this way. What a PR nightmare, how could you trust a law officer after that? I hope an update is provided.

  • Penny UK says:

    I am so angry, not just with that evil lump of a policeman – who really should be sacked for this – but for the equally useless shrieking idioits around – don’t just stand there, do something, go right up to him, shout in his face, take the can off him, kick him up the rear – I would have done AND why are some of them laughing? Can I have a can for those ones please?

  • laurie2429 says:

    I called and spoke to a police officer. I was told that there is NO action being taken against the officer and the squirrel wasn’t harmed. That people are not seeing the whole situation, pandemonium, other officers were there while this took place, etc. I was also told the officer was right in the action that took place.

  • Sara says:

    This is so disgusting – it’s beyond words. Peper sprayng a baby squirrel? Give me a break! This cop should have been out looking for bad guys instead of wasting tax payers money! This was a cruel act of nonsense and totally uncalled for! Leave the squirrel alone and go arrest somebody!

  • Mark says:

    Sick cowardly piece of scum !!!

  • Nick says:

    @Lisa: “sorry to say but you americans….” is never a great way to start a conversation. Also, sweeping generalizations do nothing except incite arguement. Try and stay on topic rather than taking the opportunity to shame Americans with ‘holier than thou’ sentiments.

  • laura says:

    i watched the video. Lisa, indeed some kids were clearly enjoying it and yelling taze it, and some were distressed. what i cant understand is if this animal was outside, why the school did not remove the kids and wait for animal control. i think pepper spray was over kill. TBH im surprised he didn’t just stomp on it. most places consider these animals vermin and they have no protection. as far as grabbing and stopping a cop in this country….that’s not going to happen, unless your willing to risk being shot. Im really more appalled by the fact that so many kids seemed to be enjoying it. That should really make people stop and think about what our society as Americans is coming to.

  • Irene Leggett says:

    What a sorry excuse for a police-officer. Good job it wasn’t anything bigger as he’d probably have shot it!! Shame on him.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Lisa, I’m not sure why you think a single police officer assaulting a squirrel exemplifies Americans being “slap happy in using tasers…on animals” This is definitely not how most people would react to an “aggressive” squirrel. Also, this is a middle school–do you really think a 12 year old is going to even attempt to restrain a police officer discharging pepper spray? I wonder, what superior country are you from where no one ever displays poor judgment that has consequences and where children will physically intervene in police actions?

  • Michael Essi says:

    Appalling! Make note that this idiot also carries a loaded hand gun and is responsible for serving the public. Absolutely no excuse for this cowardly act!

  • Javajani says:

    I think the officer is a bastard.I think what he did was very cruel,to the animal and the children present. Should be written up by the department,with suspension or be fired.Charges should also be brought up for cruelty to animals

  • Javajani says:

    I think the officer is a bastard.I think what he did was very cruel,to the animal and the children present. Should be written up by the department,with suspension or be fired.Charges should also be brought up for cruelty to animals

  • lookeres says:

    I had a really hard time watching this video…it makes me sick. This was a gross overreaction on the officer’s part and a terrible example to young students! If he reacted in such a grotesque way to a BABY squirrel, I shudder to think how he treats people on the job (who are probably a lot scarier than a baby squirrel). It takes a very sad and disturbed type of person to watch a BABY ANIMAL suffer while CHILDREN are begging him to stop.

  • Bernadette Gilbride says:

    This is on call for. What is the matter with this person. This is what we have walking around with a gun

  • Thorn says:

    That is awful. I can’t believe a police officer would do that. I’m glad they caught it on tape though.

  • Lisa says:

    Sorry to say but you americans seem to be abit slap happy in using tasers and pepper sprays on animals and i think the comment made the sudents were screaming in horror and begging him to stop is a load of crap if you watch and listen to the video they are actually laughing when they beg him to stop, and if they were that horrified with what they were witnessing why did noone intervene??? Police officer or not i would of grabbed him to stop. They did nothig tohelp this baby

  • Pat Doe says:

    Oh he is a real tough cop. Give me a break with the pepper spray. It was a harmless baby and he is a poor excuse for a man, cop, whatever he claims to be. Please tell him he set a very poor example for himself and your department.