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Officer Beats Cat

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 14, 2012

Update: After being placed on administrative leave, Officer J.N. Snoddy was convicted of one count of misdemeanor cruelty to animals and fined.

The original post ran on December 15, 2011:

deanwissing | cc by 2.0

When Harrisonburg, Virginia, police officer J.N. Snoddy was dispatched to render emergency aid to a cat who had been hit by a car and was partially paralyzed, he apparently decided that, instead of promptly and speedily driving the injured animal to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital (just 30 minutes away), he would instead beat the animal to death with his police-issued baton.

Good Samaritan and eyewitness Wayne Meadows, who originally called to get help for the injured cat, was so horrified by the officer’s alleged conduct that he vowed to publicize what had happened and make sure that no animal would ever be beaten and killed like that again.

Meadows called news outlets and contacted PETA to share what he witnessed. Thanks to his actions, which prompted a letter from PETA to officials and enormous public outcry, the Virginia State Police have launched a criminal investigation into Snoddy’s alleged conduct.

This case shows the power of one individual to bring about justice for animals. With an investigation now underway, PETA is hopeful that the Harrisonburg Police Department (HPD) will take us up on our offer to provide free training to all field staff in the humane and legal handling of animal emergencies. HPD is also being pressured to establish standard operating procedures for officers who evidently can’t always be trusted to use good judgment in animal-related cases.

If you ever witness cruelty to animals, and authorities don’t do their job, don’t hesitate to contact PETA for help.

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  • Jayne says:

    Toby…you’re an idiot. Mercy killing is done with a needle. It’s painless…that’s why they call it MERCY killing. WAKE THE F___ UP!! Snoddy is a pathetic SOCIOPATH…Karma will find him and I hope it’s as painful as the torture he inflicted on that poor kitty.

  • Jayne says:

    DESPICABLE SOCIOPATH!! Hope he believs in Karma and is looking over his filthy pathetic shoulder. He’ll get his.

  • Amy Spino says:

    With monsters like this representing the police force, it’s no wonder at all why there is such violence in our country…this so-called cop should be ashamed of himself…what a total loser and a very, very sad individual. Amy Spino

  • Cynthia says:

    That is one very sick person. A Police Officer? Heaven help us all. If the Chief of Police of the Harrisonburg Police Department had any brains himself (not to mention compassion)he would have fired this idiot right on the spot. This dark stain will always be associated with this so-called group of morons in blue.

  • Jackie says:

    Well, looks like he’s paying a fine. Fantastic, maybe he’ll get some actual jail time when he kills a human being. As you know, someone who can kill an animal, has a high likelihood of killing a person in the future. Maybe then people will see how serious this is.

  • Christopher says:

    I believe the officer was just trying to put the cat out of its misery But he could have done it better

  • Jackie Smith says:

    I saw one person on here justifying the cops actions to an extent. ok? I think this is pretty clear. A witness watched horrified while the cop beat the cat to death. The cop was not a Dr. and was not able to make any call on “putting the animal out of misery…”professionally and should have noticed the cat was alive and put it in the car and took it the the Vet. The can patch up cats who have been ran over and suprise you sometimes. Thats a sad lost opportunity for the poor animal. The cop was a sadist. He obviously enjoyed beating the cat with a stick. If he was a child and did that, and killed the cat-red flags would really have gone up for a very troubled, violent person. It still should, but hes adult. I wish they would have looked at his psychiatric state. Creepy.

  • Susan says:

    That cop is one sick, deranged monster to even be able to do such a brutal thing. It’s well known that those capable of harming or killing small animals often graduate to humans. He had better be monitored for other anti-social behaviors. Those who love cats had better start speaking up and calling out those who perpetrate, or approve of, cruel acts involving cats. Dog people would not stand for these atrocities, it’s time cat lovers made their voices heard.

  • Kim says:

    Can you imagine what that officer is capable of doing to a human? That poor animal! That is sick and disgusting and I hope someday, someone beats that cop or someone he loves.

  • msp says:

    Isn’t an POLICE OFFICER suppose to be a PEACE KEEPER? He needs to be taken off duty, given a trial, and jailed. This J.N. SNOODY must be restrained and held for psychological testing in the mean time. I am sure the (Medical Community) testing facilities would definitely find out what goes on his pervert mind. KEEP HIM AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN AND THE ELDERLY. He is a menace to the innocent.

  • eloise lanum says:

    Perhaps TOBY would like to tell us – in detail – how being beaten to death with a Trunchon (made of metal) – could EVER pass for a “mercy killing”.

  • William Sayler Carter says:

    I was shocked and horrified to hear about this low-life.a so called police officer has on right to engage in actions such as this,and has no place to even remain employed in his position.I would think anyone in the power to resolve this horrific event will take immediate action to remedy this torturous event,and will not hesitate to do so immediatly. With GREAT Disappointment, William S Carter

  • Bernadette says:

    Ohmigoodness. How horrible.

  • Mimi says:

    He didn’t make the right decision that’s for sure. Just an FYI I am a cat person, I love dogs to don’t get me wrong, I just don’t have a big enough place yet. To show you how wonderful the police can be, a dog ran out in front of us while driving down a hill and was knocked out. Of course we immediately stopped but as he awoke he was very mean, growling….I had left the passenger side door open and he crawled in there onto the seat. I thought this was good I could take him to the emergency clinic. Wrong! He was so mad we couldn’t get into our car to drive him there. 2 police officers came to help us, they had to use a certain pole thing that went around the neck of the dog to lead him. They got him out of my car and put him in the back of the police car. With the barrier in the car the dog couldn’t attack the officer. We followed the officer to the clinic and we stayed to make sure the dog would be ok, the dog had no collar so they would check the micro chip and contact the owners…..Thank you to that police officer and many others that know there is always a better and right way to to things…..

  • sara says:

    I live in Harrisonburg, Virginia and i am horrified to have heard about this. The worst part about all this is people said he should have shots the poor cat instead.I work on a rescue farm and we recently found a cat that someone dropped off in one of are fields playng with are rescue horses. We took her in neutered her and she now has a loving home even though she still likes to sneak outside to visit the horses. i wish things like this would not happen because if people did not abaden there animals or abuse them we would not have are farm but then also this poor kitten would not have had to die

  • deborah mcgowan says:

    this is so disgusting I am a true cat person (i have 5!) and knowing this happened to such a beautiful little baby, injured at that makes me cry. karma will be assigned accordingly.

  • Pam says:

    This is just so outrageous. I really hope that the officer is held accountable for his actions. Rest in peace, little one. I am also sick after watching the chinese fur trade (raccoon video). Something must be done.

  • Christine says:

    this is so sad. but its great to see that one person would take justice in his own hands. did the poor cat die though?

  • Hannah says:

    I do not hate or dislike cops (actually I have friends that are cops) but some people abuse their power and that makes me sick!

  • Sidewinder says:

    It’s SAD, but too many police officers share that mentality. NOTE: I DIDN’T SAY, ALL, and I’M NOT a “COP HATER”. Many law abiding people USED to believe that cops like J. N. Snoddy were the “exception” to the rule.. or, the “one bad apple in 100”. It seems people are starting to realize that there are far more “bad apples in that bunch of 100 than than just 1 or 2. Let’s face it. Their “track record” for abuse, misuse of authority, and corruption isn’t too good these days. They then wonder why there’s so much distrust among the general public, and why they don’t get more respect. Well, all I can say is, in order to regain the trust and respect of the general public, law enforcement in general, will need to re-establish their credibility in the eyes of the general public. That’s NOT GOING to be an easy task, with officers like Snoddy on the force. Some of these LEOs are the ones who TRULY belong behind bars, and are a menace to society. Yes,, it was HORRIBLE, what he did to that poor cat, and I thank GOD for Wayne Meadows, who made this tragic event public and for ALL made their feelings known. What frightens me even more is, to think that this person may be married, and that there might be young children in the house hold!

  • Suzanne Lenhart says:

    Lisa, I’m an American & quite frankly when our police officers (who are supposed to be protecting & serving)beat animals & humans I must add, I am ashamed to be.  Well said, and as for Alice Stone she obviously has no humanity.  That poor cat aready injured & scared half to death, then to be beaten on top of  it.  That officer should be jailed for what he did.  Wayne Meadows, we sorely need more humanitarians like you in this country.  God bless you.

  • Toby says:

    Mercy killing is ethical in some cases, obviously, but I haven’t seen enough evidence to know if Snoddy did the best thing in this case.

  • chrissy says:

    Um please don’t lump all us “American’s” in on this one….this is appalling. i will personally crash into a tree before harming any animal.

  • Lisa says:

    Seriously what are you americans on??? your a disgrace to the rest of world quite frankly, i know not all americans are animal beaters but come on you really need to take a good look at your Country when your police force beat animals to death, their is seriously something wrong there,but then the police force in America seem to be quite trigger happy and dont think twice about killing an animal all you need to do is go on youtube i have and its quite shocking. The comment made by Alice Stone are you for real? poor kitty bad officer but investigation? really? and for the person who do’nt live in America?? i dont, so you think its ok for police officers to beat an animal to death??

  • Melanie Ravet says:

    God bless Wayne Meadows. Rev. Schramm, your Mom did a wonderful thing!



  • Alice Stone says:

    For the person who doesn’t live in America this cat think sounds really strange. I mean poor kitty, bad offices – that’s for sure. But investigation? Really? Better use mp4 to mp3 converter.

  • Anna says:

    Wayne Meadows is my new hero. I would expect a man in uniform to be someone I could respect.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    When I was in middle school back in the 1970’s, my mother sometimes picked me up from school to deliver me to music lessons, sports activities or girl scout meetings. As we were walking out to the parking lot one day, my friend says, “Oh my gosh, your mom is standing out in the middle of the street!” It turned out she had seen someone run over a cat, and she was standing there guarding the body while another parent used the public phone booth outside the school to call animal control (life before cell phones could sometimes be difficult). Picture January Jones as Betty Draper from the series “Mad Men” standing in the middle of a busy street with a cigarette in one hand and her purse over her opposite shoulder whistling through her lips loud enough to be heard 8 blocks away when the animal control van showed up, and you’ve about got her…after we got in her car which was in the parent parking lot (a race ready 1970’s Impala complete with a Brody knob on the steering wheel and a scoop on the front hood, but that’s another story) the other parent said she and my mom had seen the cat get run over. My mom shut off the engine, bolted out of the car and ran to the cat. Well, it was beyond saving so my mom signalled to her friend to call animal control as she had nothing to wrap the body in. My mom said she stayed out there and directed the cars around the cats body because it was the decent thing to do.

  • Melissa Cook says:

    Oh my god!! That’s horrific!! He’s not a vet! How the hell did figure that cat wasn’t going to survive?? It may have even been temporary paralysis!! Even so the fear that poor cat must have felt. Well done Wayne Meadows you are a hero!!!! I’ll be reposting this on facebook so all my friends in Australia will know what a good man you are!!!