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Playmates and Veggie Dogs

Written by PETA | July 19, 2007

While the rest of us were working our fingers to the bone responding to the Michael Vick indictment yesterday, PETA Campaigner Mike Brazell got to traipse off to DC to live out my greatest fantasy—eating veggie dogs with a pair of Playboy Playmates (hey, I’m a man of simple desires.) I will keep you up to date throughout the week as the Vick case develops, but I think something a bit more lighthearted is in order for this morning’s entry. Besides, these pictures, from yesterday’s “Congressional Veggie Dog Lunch” are just too good to pass up.


Positively dreamy.

And now, with those pictures to bolster you up against the trials of the day, back to Michael Vick …

Vick News

Sign Russell Simmons and Al Sharpton’s pledge to stamp out dogfighting

Sun Times Columnist says Vick must go

Court date is set for next week

ESPN talks animal rights

And finally, despite leading The Girls of Norfolk High to the Fantasy Super Bowl last year (we lost), Michael Vick will definitely not be making my fantasy roster when the draft begins in August. I can only hope the Falcons management makes the same smart decision to suspend him from their team.

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  • halo snipe says:

    Debbie and Jeanne Michael Vick is definently NOT the lowest or worst person. Kim Jong Il? The Zimbawee “leader”. Poor misguided PETA. Too bad in a few years all that would remain will be a crumbled building. Arms explosives loads MG42 loads sniper and charges Spartan Laser. Ready for PWNAGE!!!1!1!! Then I will do it right instead of mudslinging.

  • Brookelynne says:

    Where can you get those bra and pantie sets those are adorable!

  • jeanne says:

    Michael Vick is a poor excuse for a human being. He should be put into a pen of hungy pit bulls and see who comes out on top then.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Duh I didn’t put that my 2 comments were referring to the Vick case. Sorry!

  • Debbie Williamson says:

    Michael Vick is a disgusting person he should be put in a pen on a daily basis and forced to fight to his death. He has some serious mental issues and animals are not luggage or trash. He should be more than suspended we won’t be supporting your team if you don’t do something about it. You won’t hear the end of this until justice is served.

  • rat king says:

    after the horror of the last two pages this is a real relax and a lovely view. thank you sizzling beauties for your wonderful ad!!!!

  • BullyDawg says:

    1. Great shots of the Lettuce Ladies! 2. Bill O’Reilly covered this as one of his top stories last night Nancy Grace nearly dedicated her whole show to this! I hope we can keep this in the headlines!