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Play the Catstration Game!

Written by PETA | February 27, 2007

The geniuses over at, a website designed to raise awareness about the animal-overpopulation epidemic that this country is facing, have come up with what may very well be my favorite Flash-animated castration game of all time. I defy anyone to find a better game than this in the testicle-removal category. Check out the game, and don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets (though for God’s sake, do it by taking them to the vet—yes, the carny with the cleavers is a metaphor for your friendly local veterinarian).


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  • Jason says:

    This is the perfect kind of game that brings awareness to the issue specifically those that ARE NOT the sensitive type of people already involved in the battle. Huge problems need great ideas like this to spread the word instead of the typical methods like drab brochures that people quickly ignore 3 seconds after they read the info. Brilliant game!

  • uki says:

    I suggest to erase this kind of game because it gives a false idea about castration. This surgery is much more than just cut eggs and it’s very neccessary to keep population instead of letting them multiply and die because of that. I spam or neuter cats I take from the street and this is not a joke this is a very huge problem.

  • uki says:

    We need help for this in Madrid Spain. We try to neuter cats living in the street we try to avoid their sacrifice when they are caugth by the council of Madrid. We need more help to avoid new kittens this spring. You can help us by donations supporting buying calendars tshirts… We help other people sending dogs to other countries specially galgos.