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Pink Does It Again

Written by PETA | December 3, 2006

Seriously, she never ceases to amaze. Last week, she chatted with British talk show host Paul O’Grady about her desire to rescue pigs. Here’s hoping she succeeds. In Touch Weekly picked up the story:


Pink - InTouch.jpg

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  • Eileen says:

    More celebrities should speak out about issues that are important to them. PINK should be commended for bringing animal cruelty issues into the spotlight. Well Done PINK!

  • Ismerys says:

    Hi!!! Thanks for helping animals I also love them. They deserve love and respect. Great job!!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thuja says:

    Thanks Pink! All the animals need us to speak up and protect them from human ignorance and you are starting a great trend that is so overdue.

  • Maz says:

    Is Pink going to save flies and cockroaches next? Because they’re animals with feelings too believe it or not. Pfft! Pink is all about Publicity. Madonna adopts a child Pink adopts an animal from a distance because we can’t get pig poo on our expensive threads now can we?. She doesn’t know anything about animals that hasn’t been fed to her by her PR crew.

  • Brenda says:

    Way to go pink. I totally support what you are doing. You are following your heart and your heart can never be wrong. Keep it upthe sweet pigs need you.

  • foxy says:

    all my love and gratitude for pink! thank you so much you are a great personality!!!

  • Ani says:

    Its great what our stars are doing this!!! Im very happy because of this!!!

  • Tara Sumakis says:

    if only everyone could do that for one animal PINK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hanne says:

    ohh…p!nk is the best! Such a good hearted person it’s hard not to love her! PETA and P!nk 3

  • Lucy says:

    This is really cool Pink is an amazing person.

  • Elsa says:

    I’m happy to hear that! It’s amazing that a celebrities does those kind of stuff so their fan will do the same thing.

  • jessenia says:

    wowthats sweet