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Pink Wants a Royal Flush of Animal Cruelty

Written by PETA | October 21, 2008
smh / CC

Hasn’t anyone ever told the Royal family that it’s highly impolite not to answer letters? Lucky for animals, the beautiful, talented, and outspoken Pink is not discouraged that the Royals have failed to respond to her—not once, but twice!

Attempt 1: Five years ago, the longtime PETA supporter turned down an invitation from Prince William to perform at his 21st birthday party. She declined because of his hunting habits, and then posed a question of her own to the future king, asking him why he hunted animals at all. And … she’s still waiting. Maybe he is too busy, or maybe he hasn’t figured out why. You choose.

Even with her brand-new album, Funhouse, scheduled for release October 28 and an insanely hectic schedule, the singer has not forgotten about Prince William’s lack of response, recently saying, “It’s a bit rude, isn’t it?”

Attempt 2: This time, Pink challenged The Queen. The star asked Queen Elizabeth II why the bear fur on The Queen’s Guards’ caps hasn’t been replaced with a synthetic, cruelty-free material, as PETA Europe has suggested repeatedly.

Perhaps the Royal family needs to pass more Royal edicts, like this one from Prince Charles, who kicked foie gras off all Royal menus this year.

And seriously, respond to Pink’s letter. She’s waiting, PETA’s waiting, and the bears are waiting. This rock star means business … have you seen that billboard in Times Square?!

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Kayla C says:

    The royal family dont care about anyone or anything but themselves its discusting and i dont hear anything about them or what they do that is good they do just stand there people like that are the main factors of animal cruelty!they do get the letters they think because they are royal they can do what they want and p!nk will never hear back its rude!

  • Isi says:

    do the royal family think that they are above every one else? that they can just ignore the desperate plea of defensless animals? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!!!

  • Lauren Dignan says:

    The royal are a bunch of stuck up PIGS!! who should be told straight that they are doing the most horrible thing you could think of upon this earth!! I hate people that hunt and i hate the royal even more cause they are English. I have nothing against the English because im Scotish but because none of them care about their animals! Well not all of them but most of them Pink you rock and dont you ever stop and everyone should be so happy that their is someone like you to speak for us people who care about animals!!! L xx

  • cassy says:

    hi my bf and me have just has a thought ….isint the duke of edinburgh invold with the wwf ?? surly if he is educated on all this with the qween still slaughtring bears for some silly hats can he not do something about it make a stand on it becuase hes high up and im sure hes invold with wwf and that must cover the protection of bears surly ?????

  • MissMelish says:

    Snaps to Pink for standing up for animals like that Not just on this subject but on the subject of the foul treatment of sheep check it out on Quite frankly the royal family actually don’t have any point to exist do they? They don’t actually make any positive changes do they? They just sort of sit around and get treated better than an everyday person. Maybe they actually think that they’re above treating animals with respect because they are royal? Eh just a theory. KUDOS AGAIN PINK!!

  • poolpo says:

    Amen Jane!!

  • JANE HANSON says:

    You know the royals popularity is at a all time low. Maybe its about time that we don’t have a monarch anymore. They have contempt for everyone and everything. They have media coverage showing charles william and kate on a shoot thinking that the world wants to see that. Maybe they should get a different PR company as its not doing them very good in the popularity stakes. You know what a better idea for a PR stunt would be is to announce that they were locking away the guns and leading their nations to a no hunt and cruelty policy. That would make their position in the world much stronger. STOP SHOOTING THE POOR DEFENSELESS PHEASANTS AND GEESE FOR THE PLEASURE OF THEIR OWN SICK GRATIFICATION.

  • Matt Dyer says:

    P!nk is amazing finally a celebrity that isn’t scared to speak what she thinks!!!!

  • WolfBlade says:

    Even if he didn’t see the letters I highly doubt that he hasn’t heard any of the questions or followings through the past 5 years about the topic. Also many “rock stars” used to wear fur coats and have animal rugs and what not and Pink isn’t. If Princey boy wants to take a stand and do something not just because mummy told him to he is a grown man that can make that choice.

  • bbr says:

    I agree with one comment. It is highly unlikely that someone of that stature regard and wealth will stop doing something based on PETA and at the very least a musician. Whether it be right or wrong according to whomever. And who is to know if he ever saw the letters anyway.

  • Crystal says:

    Maybe you should send Ingrid to give him a spanking he sounds like a brat that could use one.. Thanks Pink thanks Peta!

  • poolpo says:

    maybe we could go on a royal hunt…for the queen! but in all seriousness the royal family really needs to take a step back and consider their barbaric ways

  • ratking says:

    I love Pink because she has more courage than many men together and because she loves rats Yeaaaaaah!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    There’s no reason the Royals can’t adopt a more compassionate and progressive mindset. Most of my favourite people are of the compassionate bent Pink certainly being one.

  • Abbz says:

    I think pink is doing a wonderful job….i think whoever in the royal family who eat exotic meat hunt defenceless birds are cruel! There is no need to shoot birds for so called sport and i think pink did the right thing by turning down the invitation! No matter how royal they maybe…they are still cruel people and that’s all they are….people!

  • lynda downie says:

    How many people would turn down an invitation from a prince to take a stand for animals? Rock on Pink. I love your style.

  • PJ Irish says:

    I think the royal family only keeps things like that because they think that’s what rich people should do as a matter of tradition. We live in the 21st century. Guards shouldn’t have to wear real fur to prove who they’re protecting. It’s disgusting.

  • Jess says:

    Pink rocks in more ways then one. I don’t care too much for the British royal family all they have to do is stand around and look good and they can’t even do that right

  • Maria says:

    Pink ROCKS!

  • gemc says:

    many of the ‘royal household’ hunt.. the queen herself wears fur.. what were they to respond with? they are ‘royalty’ they possibly feel they have every right to do as and what they please.. ehr.. not so. many of hteir habits are antiquated.. and outdated.. as were women of old who walked around with a full fox’s skin and fur.. head tail and all draped around their shoulders.. they need a modern revamp.. and change their antiquated old and not very nice habits..and show a more humane side esp. towards the treatment of animals.. having said that thumbs up to Prince Charles for not permitting sales of foie gras in his ‘Dutchy’ store.. now.. if only his mum would banish her furry wearing habit esp on her socalled ‘state occasions’ ..and by the way.. those black bearskin hats the guards wear .. another issue here Peta has pursued as well..

  • David Kennedy Polanco says:

    PINK Kudos for taking the time out of your extremely busy schedule to help animals!

  • jono says:

    Makes me ashamed to be english.

  • Abby says:

    You know the royals get so many letters from so many sources that they have staff handle it all. I doubt William even personally asked for Pink to perform or ever saw her response. He likes to hunt and someone with that much money and privilege in unlikely to stop doing something he enjoys based on what Pink thinks about it.