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Pink Goes to the Circus

Written by PETA | April 13, 2010
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Pink and Carey Hart

PETA pal Pink recently tweeted that she had “… the BESTest day” with her “amazing sexy hubby,” Carey Hart, riding around on beach cruisers and watching the circus. Not to worry, though—our girl Pink would never attend the kind of circus that tears baby elephants away from their mothers and beats them with bullhooks. Pink’s tweet continued: “Not the real circus people. No animals, just people. That look and behave like animals. On acid. Tis’ a colorful world.” We should all take a cue from this compassionate couple and support one of the many circuses that leave animals in peace and feature only amazingly talented—and, most importantly, willing—human performers!

Via Vegetarian Star

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Wanda says:

    My granddaughters love PINK she is setting such a good example by being compassionate towards animals.

  • janna says:

    i love the real circus…the elephants are awesome!!!

  • Jack Forster says:

    Yeah Pink! Just showing people ther are a lot better type of circus out there! Bury the Ringling Bros!

  • darleneobier says:

    pink love ya for your music and compassion for animals everyday i wake the first thing I think about is what poor animals are still out there suffering or being abused and asking god to send something my way to help in a great way thanks to celebs like you we can start making a difference lets all do our part get educated teach the kids at early ages to respect our gifts fro god he gave them to us to enjoy natural endorphins how great!!!!!!

  • keri says:

    I think its great that Pink can be an example and bring forth the truth of the sickening torture and abuse that goes on with cirucs animals. We should all protest the circuses that partake in this cruelty and support the ones that do not” Spread the word!

  • Nikki says:

    Whoo great job pink!!!

  • karla says:

    great job Pink!!!! Thats awesome!!!!!

  • Lesley Bouren says:

    I am a Aussie who is an avid animinal lover i like your article about pink she is one in a million. My son recently bought home a 14mth old Americal Rotti he had been miss treated he is doing really well and loveing our family attention love your ttweets follow from Australia all of the time keep up the good work

  • Niamh says:

    She was one of our biggest voices now she is just a memory.

  • Lori says:

    I know!! Cirque de Soleil!!! Wait is that a real Circus? What is the definition of Circus? LOL Either way I love Pink’s integrity! When you get on the side of animals the choice is easy to make!!

  • Robb says:

    Way to go Pink! I will add you to my list of heroes.

  • Caitlin says:

    Alecia is one of the few celebrities that maintaned some brain cells and her individuality after the fame came. And the fact that she fights for animal rights makes her that much more respectable