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Pimps on the Hustle at Wal-Mart?!

Written by PETA | June 27, 2008

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Have you heard about that classy lady over in Brownsville, Texas, who was selling six Bengal tiger cubs in a Wal-Mart parking lot? Makes you wanna spit, doesn’t it? Even if you have no idea what can become of one of these regal creatures in the hands of nefarious wildlife pimps, a simple guess should lead you to an unhappy conclusion.

“They buy them as babies,” said the officer on the scene. “They don’t realize it’s going to get to be hundreds of pounds, eat an awful lot of food and become dangerous.” I can picture Joe Schmo at home with his 6-month-old tiger now … wow! Who knew a hyper-carnivorous alpha predator with 1,000 lbs. bite strength could eat so much? And wow, she’s already way too big for a doghouse!

Sadly, it’s actually become quite a trend to have a tiger, as 15,000 are kept as “pets” in the States. Since most of the shortsighted people looking to acquire an exotic animal on the black market don’t happen to live in a 400-square-mile forest, when adopted into civilian homes, tigers face futures filled with malnutrition, loneliness, and captivity-induced mental illness. Now, while pondering to make the wonderfully progressive decision to write a letter or support a tiger sanctuary, if you want, you can still go ahead and spit.

Posted by Missy Lane

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  • brandie says:

    All I can say is when these tigers get bigger and instincts kick in they will attack someone. And if it is the owner who gets attcked they certainly will have gotten what they asked for. You don’t keep such animals as pets and anyone dumb enough to try deserves what they get.

  • kelly says:

    The point here is REPORT REPORT REPORT when any animals are being sold in parking lots Take down license plate take photos and all info and call the cops ASAP try not to tip the dealers off Call store management call a humane society call Walmart headquarters anything!

  • Melinda Rawls says:

    Let’s start with the so called elite of our society I did not say smart. You have an ignorant person like paris Hilton with wildlife as pets. There is no hope for anyone!! When someone like Paris Hilton is a role model for young girls then you know we are going backwards in society! She does not even spayand neuter her dogs until they have had several litters… Imagine if she lost her memory and woke up and decided to be an advocate for animals and what a difference she could actually make she has the resources. She is on the watch list for the local Animal Control thank goodness for that bit of info.

  • Tabitha says:

    So. Just saw the WHOLE STORY. Again with getting the facts straight. Let’s just get everybody RILED UP first. Read the story. McAllen police are investigating the alleged sale of six Bengal tiger cubs outside a local WalMart on Sunday. Police said the incident took place in the parking lot of a WalMart near the the intersection of East Expressway 83 and South McColl Road. An officer spotted a group of people in three cars making a suspicious transaction in the parking lot. The group moved to the parking lot of a Mervyn’s department store across the street where police caught up to them and questioned them. Authorities said they found four white tigers cubs and two orange tigers cubs inside pet carriers. The Bengal tigers cubs were turned over to federal wildlife officials while authorities questioned three people. The case remains under investigation but authorities believe the were going to be illegally smuggled into Mexico. Federal officials told Action 4 News that a white tiger cub can fetch $5000 in Mexico while orange tigers can be sold for $900. Police said one woman is facing criminal charges while the other two were only questioned on Sunday. Identities of the three were not released Monday but police said two cars were registered to owners in Bryan Texas while other car had Mexican license plates. END STORY After reading this this tells me WalMart knew nothing of it because the group was making a “suspicious transaction” which don’t know about you doesn’t sound like people where shouting “TIGERS FOR SALE”. Ever been to a WalMark parking lot? It’s huge. Lots of not so nice stuff can happen with nobody knowing it. I’m not saying this is all fine and dandy but you’re gonna ban a place for something they didn’t know was going on?

  • R says:

    And so it goes on and on and where is Walmart the great company that claims to be honorable why would they allow this on their property and not notify authorities or animal organizations and when these sacred animals grow and maul a human what then. will it once again be the fault of the animal for the irresponsibility of another ignorant human… It’s become clear we have put the human race in a category that refuses to take responsibility for their actions no matter the cost…This just makes me sick to my stomache the human race is wiping out all creatures that walk on four legs…maybe its time we reevaluate the human race once and for all

  • paul says:

    I don’t believe you can domesticate wild animals like bengal tigers. Tigers are bought by shortsighted and callous people because tigers are majestic and charismatic. The surge of selling exotic and wild animals and illegal smuggling is unfortunately becoming all too common even here in the UK. More should be done to portect these animals since they are recognised in England as the No1 threatened species to be extinct in the wild.

  • Tabitha says:

    AWWWWWWWWWW! Now what what I gonna say? Oh yeah. Around here it’s illegal to sell ANYTHING in a store parking lot. I work for a newspaper and even newspaper racks have been pulled. Then again we’ve never had anybody stupid enough to try to sell a TIGER.

  • MeL says:

    Any thinking person with half a brain can tell you even though they are so adorable as babies they grow up and can become vicious! I don’t understand why people even want basically a big cat when there are millions of cats in shelters waiting to be adopted. Animals belong in the wild…not the zoo animal prison or chained up in someone’s backyard!

  • AUTUMN 4E says:


  • pam says:

    Tigers are not pets. They are a wild animal that belongs in the jungle. The cubs were reportedly headed to Mexico but one party or another did not have the proper documentation required to transport them across the border. Some of the cubs were in fact too young to be without their mother. Hopefully these people are arrested and charged.

  • Lisa says:

    I’m researching animal testing for a paper and I’m collecting information from this site and others when I read the blogs on this site I was shocked. I can’t believe what I wittnessed at a Walmart parking lot this weekend. A grey van with a “childs style lemonade stand” sign reading “pupies for sale.” To my horror I witnessed 45 puppies jammed into a small animal cage with large dirty “people” sitting around the van. I couldn’t even see the breed they were so packed together. Needless to say I called the police who didn’t know what to do then Animal control and a WalMart manager. In twenty minutes they were gone.

  • kelly says:

    There have been really bad problems with puppy mill people selling abused sick puppies in Walmart parking lots including that one. I thought Walmart ended all this? Walmart had a puppy mill breeder selling puppies with rabies out of one of their parking lots httpwww.dshs.state.tx.usnewsreleases20060601.shtm Is Walmart insane for letting this go on? Walmart management needs to get contacted and info about these dealers needs to be collected to track them down and get them reported.

  • Annalena says:

    How is this legaL?These people make me so angry. Sadly in zoo’s or people’s grimy backyards life is bleak for tigers taken from or orphaned inthe wild.Our tiny local zoo has two captive tigers in a small bare pen. They deal with parents banging on the glass and throwing stones at them to make them act like kitties for their kids.Plenty of injuries have occured when people incompetently attempt to care for lionstigersbears wolves and more. The tigers at my local zoo pace endlessly for hours against the enclosure wall and spin in manic circles.All of these animals are in dire need of a sanctuary that is well versed in their care.

  • Ken says:

    It’s not surprising to hear that Wal Mart allows this on their property. Look how they treat their own human employees. My wife also named Holly and I stopped going to Wal Mart over 10 years ago when we learned what a cruel souless corporation it is. It’s companys like this that drove populations to communism in the early 20th century. Instead of 10 year olds working in factorys here like we did in the 1910’s we have 10 year olds in China and India working in their factorys. All we can do is vote with our pocketbooks. They wont miss us as individuals but their competitors would be wise to welcome us all.

  • liz says:

    they can’t even cope with the average pet dog! let alone a bengal tiger!! what is it with these people going around wiht their eyes fully and completely SHUT and picking up random animals so called pets to pamper to their transient whimsical whims?.. now this is getting ridiculous.. a WILDLIFE animal.. is this for real? and pray where are they going to keep or house htese bengal tigers in their lil’ backyard ‘zoo’ allotment ?.. human beings are as fickle and as transient and as irresponsible as this whole very notion of tigers for sale.. and are these people buying these exotic wildlife animals to pamer to their own pathetic deflated egos.. ie.. look what IIIII’ve got for a pet.. the whole notion is preposterous!!! not to mention these animals are social creatures and it wont’ do to just buy one.. you’d need several.. and huge huge acres of land.. and what about their natural instinct to hunt for their own foodprey?.. go and find yourself a little kitty if you’re that desperate for some kind of feline animal companion or pet.. and spare these beautiful wild life animals to be where they shoudl be.. ie in the open and free wild!!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Your timing is impeccible Holly! LOL I was just about to comment. Wish it was not such a grim subject! Any type of animal abuse angers me but my personal feeling is that this is absolutely one of the most vile twisted sick and perverse things that human beings do. Every human including all of us including PETA including myself and including the entire world we need to take a HUGE step back and take a good look at our attitudes towards nature and especially towards wildlife. The side of us that would ever take a wild bengal tiger as a pet is sinister arrogant ignorant absolutely disgusting and evil. We all need to take a good look at ourselves in the mirror!!!!

  • Holly says:

    Hey Maya this is a good one for you to to talk about… Get them PETA! When you eat meat your bodies act as graveyards for animals. Go Vegan save up to 100 farm animals per person per year save your health and our earth!

  • Jenna says:

    Is selling exotic animals in a WalMart parking lot legal? Why are people who live in residential areas with no jungle nearby allowed to own tigers at all? It just keep getting betterironywith people finding new more repulsive ways to exploit animals. Anyone with the nerve to sell beautiful Bengal cubs in a WalMart parking lot isn’t playing with a full deck. The callous act tells me the cubs are in bad care whoever happens to buy the cubs from her will not be much better as a responsible care taker to an animal that will soon be too large unpredictable to control. I don’t know if selling Bengals is illegal but it should be she belongs in jail for sheer arrogance. I always cringe when I see the scum of society sitting in lawn chairs in WalMart parking lots trying to sell or give away a cage full of puppies. I wonder if they are from a puppy mill excess animals they couldn’t sell outright or just idiots who refuse to spay. I know the pups will not have a happy ending it ruins my day.

  • Carla says:

    That very “unclassy” spit person should have been jailed!! But she’s not the first and unfortunatly sad to say won’t be the last. What is it with people I mean I’ve spoken with grade school children who are smarter!! BIG CATS BELONG IN THE JUNGLESAFARI… Really I mean do they people thinking these animals could pass for pets want a early grave cause what eles does the cats have to play with? You assholes!!!