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The Pigs’ Small Revenge?

Written by PETA | April 27, 2009

Well, the new swine flu epidemic may already have killed more than 100 people in Mexico, and you don’t have to ask us twice to point out what’s responsible for all these outbreaks of animalborne diseases, one after another. Factory farming, of course.

We think that this billboard, which we’re erecting in San Antonio, Texas, sums it up:


Meat Kills


Cramming animals by the hundreds or thousands into gigantic, windowless sheds—in which the air is teeming with bacteria and the pigs’ or chickens’ throats are burned by the accumulated waste—is a recipe for spreading virulent diseases. Just last month, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote two articles about the spread of deadly methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus on pig farms.

No, Kristof isn’t psychic. He’s just paying attention—unlike the people at your local meat counter.

Bottom line: We can stop pigs from killing us if we simply stop killing them.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Vita Amorosa says:

    This influenza is caused by a virus… viruses are alive. And while they are not sentient beings as far as humanity can tell they are fully capable of wiping out all of humanity. The “Spanish Flu” of 1918 did not originate in factory farms but it did kill around 600000 Americans. The 1998 Avian flu didn’t come from factory farms. In September 2001 it was announced that the full genome of the 1918 flu had been decoded and the protein that caused its virulence had been discovered. It was an H1N1 flu. Sounds vaguely familiar! I can’t condone the inhumane treatment of any animal for any reason but I do believe it’s our inhumanity toward humanity that is allowing viruses to have the upperhand.

  • Fria says:

    WOW ! There are many opinions about this “swine flu”. I believe its all in the factories and not the pigs. Pigs should be treated like cows in japan. They are free to do what they want not under their will. Everyone should just be aware of the possibilities that may come to this.

  • Emilia {the cool one} says:

    you know what “little one” at the top ur soooo dumb because they never even said anyone wasn’t gonna get breast cancer for being vegetarian or not get sick they’re just saying its MUCH less likely that you will get it if you become vegetarian and i bet if you and ur silly friends would actually be vegetarian maybe you could make a difference instead of complaining to the wrong people the ones MORE ADVANCED IN ALL WAYS than you are.

  • christine myers says:


  • reality123 says:

    For once I agree with PETA

  • Veggiehunk says:

    I am concerned by the slaughter of pigs in Egypt. Egypt is supposed to be 99 Muslim and Muslims are not supposed to touch or eat pigs but why do they even have pigs there? I heard that the government ordered the slaughter of pigs not because of swine flu but to continue their persecution of the Christian minority and that the pig farmers are mostly Christians who earn their living selling pigs to Christians.

  • Ivan says:

    U know what…ppl have written so many comments but wtf r they doing about the SLAUGHTERING of ALL PIGS in EGYPT and another thing it’s not the pigs meat!!Its because either a Fkd up bastard decided to do a sick piggy one day and created a new virus which has both Pig and a human DNA for many ingonarant fools out there especially the President of EGYPT….makes me want 2 laugh of how stupid he can b and to think he is the president and yes i am an active PETA Member

  • Kyle says:

    people blame pigs just cause swine flu i really love animals

  • Katie says:

    I keep thinking if Egypt must slaughter an insane amount of pigs than could they not give them to those people in the world who are starving? I mean there are millions of people that would appreciate the food regardless if their was fear of the swine flu. It just does not make sense. I was wondering if PETA is doing anything to stop the slaughters… Usually you hear a great deal about slaughtering of animals from PETA but I haven’t heard anything. Not sure if they have already started this or not. It is just sad all around. I do eat meat but honestly I am pregnant and get light headed if I do not eat any meat substance and have always been this way. I even tried to give up meat a few times and felt so weak that I just could’t do it. I know that is a different topic but do hope that the meat could be offered to those countries that would need it the most. It would only be fair if the animals are just going to be killed without use for food. It is kind of like hunting deer and just hanging their head on the wall tossing the carcass. At least provide nourishment for someone needing the food source you know?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Colby you said “Plus meat eggs milk and cheese are the only 4 naturally occurring foods that contain all the amino acids that your body doesn’t make by itself.” Take a look at a copy of Bowes Church’s Food Values of Portions Commonly Used in the amino acid section of the book. Now please tell me what fruits and vegetables don’t contain all essential amino acids granted some are in small amounts in fruits and vegetables. They all contain at least some quantity of each essential amino acid. Now check out plants that provide significant amounts of complete protein like quinoa which also has more calcium than cow’s milk hemp seed amaranth or soybeans the human body is able to digest 92 percent of the protein found in meat and 91 percent of that found in soybeans. Humans need to eat protein but they certainly don’t need to get it from animal products. httpwww.mypyramid.govtipsresourcesvegetariandiets.html httpwww.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed12826028

  • Desert Tripper says:

    OK enough Bible verse spewing arguing about “survival of the fittest” and all that. The bottom line We as humans in modern society have a choice. We can choose to eat meat at every meal subsidizing an UNSUSTAINABLE industry that has been PROVEN largely by brave undercover PETA workers to cruelly treat animals or we can choose to eat lower on the food chain bypassing animals together and doing ourselves in the form of better health the environment more sustainable agriculture and the animals life on the factory farm SUCKS not to mention communicable diseases that mutate to infect humans a favor. Eating vegetarian doesn’t mean just eating carrots either. It can be as simple as choosing a bean burrito over a carne asada one or eating pineapple pizza instead of pepperoni. TVP burger patties like Boca Burgers taste so much like meat that they fool some people if put in a properly prepared burger. I personally would rather see humans who want meat be forced to go out and hunt it. There would be a lot less meat eating that’s for sure. People are used to seeing neatly filleted slabs of meat in bloody shrinkwrapped containers not a dead carcass that they have to skin gut and drain blood from. Meat is far too easy to obtain in modern society and the horrors and squalor involved in its production are carefully shielded from the average person. Hunting and gathering the traditionally sustainable diet for humans before our population got out of control consists of a largely vegetarian diet punctuated by a meat meal when the kill comes in not a big hunk of meat at every meal. If the hunters killed an animal for every meal the natural population would be decimated in months. Hence the need or factory farming and all the evils that go with it to maintain the modern American diet. Thankfully we can now easily participate in an herbivorous or lactoovo diet no gathering required and never miss the meat. If you love meat fine. Enjoy it once or twice a week. But running down to McD’s five days a week and KFC five nights a week then to Outback on the weekend for a humongous steak makes you fat gives you heart disease and taxes the planet way beyond what the artificially low price of the meat thanks in large part to government subsidies leads you to believe.

  • big steph says:

    Thank you PETA! I was waiting for your response to the “Swine Flu.” Farmed pigs are particularly susceptible to gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and are often “preventatively” and perpetually treated with antibiotics even in countries with strict farming standards and regulations. The antibiotics build resistances and voila! More super bugs and viruses are born. Treating animals with respect and love not rape cruelty and violence has a whole new meaning and value. PETA Keep up the good work and inspiration. Thank you.

  • Mihail Kolevski says:

    u people are pathetic thats is all i have to say i would love to take a piss on u fuks humans are much more important than some stupid animal

  • Nikoli says:

    H1N1 Influenza A cannot be contracted by eating pork. that is a scientific fact.

  • lynne says:

    To not eat animals at all and keep decreased numbers on city farms reserves or pets for those with land. If and whilst people feel a need to eat meat the very least should be for animals to be kept on free range farms and have a good quality life up to a reasonable age and killed humanely. l think the majority of meat eaters could not spend time at factory farms and slaughter places and still want to eat meat. Factory farms for pigs chickens any animal are so discusting vile an obscene cruel and barbaric way to treat any animalto delude oneself they have no feelings and only need food is a cop out they do suffer to be confined hardly able to move losing their young misery. We all know that you dont get disease from eating well cooked meat but from animals being kept in confined and unhealthy conditions fed on contaminated diets and meds anti bs steroids etc all going into your system whilst the viruss in the air we breathe. l also believe that mexico is one of the most polluted countries in the world as is the uk that itself leads to increased toxins we breathe in perhaps depressing our immune system making us more vunerable to disease l personally do not think people are as healthy or as energised as when l grew up in the 50s. Added to that global warming from our lifestyles also the vast amounts of methane gas. l remember well the bse outbreak in the uk night after night for months farm after farm contaminated the sight of millions of cows sheep slaughteredpiled up high buriedburnedhorrific. Although l believe in the teaching of jesus christmuch of the bible is ubelievablere adamevenoahimpossiblealso the brutal sentiments often of sacrifice and slaughter of all en masse. We blatantly dismiss and abuse all of the ten commandments without a second thoughtwhilst picking certain messages to justify our behaviour including the illtreatment and brutalising of animals in many ways. l think and hope future generations will look on our treatment of animals as savage. Be it bsetheir feed swine flu their conditions aidsbush meat polluted air damaging us a warming climate causing freak weather leading to death we just dont seem to learn talk about ostrichs nerojust carry ontill the next disaster. If you really must eat animals at least demand they are kept in health free range conditions with a good diet meds free with a normal growth rate and living well to a reasonable age. No l dont eat meatgave up lamb beef pork years ago chicken more recently. Love veg cerealsnuts and soya dishes clean.

  • Theresa says:

    hahah I have been ranting about this for the last few days. We as humans in general caused this. We made factory farms. We spread the disease. Now mother nature fights back. GO VEG!

  • Animal Chick says:

    This is a disappointing story from PETA they have just lost my support. The fact is that the swine flu is not passed in meat. Period! It is a fact. Also Egypt just slaughtered around 300000.00 pigs on 42909 because they to did not listen to the experts and believed it was passed this easily. Now PETA has just ruined any chance they have of protecting pigs in places like Egypt as this stories actually says their ignorant actions are justified! Good work PETA

  • Meat-eating-pigs-slaughting-man says:

    It’s just funny how you guys don’t respect the freedom of choice. People have the right to eat animals no matter how dangerous it is for their health. Vegetarian folks please let us enjoy our meals. oh it will kill me? everything kills nowadaysCell phones cause cancer and other bullit reasons.

  • Jim says:

    So god put animals here for us superior humans to eat? Where in the bible does it state this? Regardless religion is ridiculous. Some might say that we should respect other peoples beliefs….blah blah blah. What for? If I was to tell you that ” some guy down the street from me died and 3 days later was resurrected…..and oh yeah this guys mom she was a Virgin…..and oh yeah this guy well his dad was this invisible man that lves in the sky…..” you’d say I was was nuts right? Yet this is what you people believe? If anything is going to end the human race it’s stupidity like this. Oh and for the guy that says humans are higher up on the evolutionary scale don’t talk about evolution when your knowledge of it is so obviously bankrupt. Thanks

  • Cory says:

    I’d first like to say that I’m an animal rights activist and an active vegetarian. Peta please don’t publish inaccurate information! There is no proof that the Swine Flu was caused by pig farming. Because of false publications such as yours 300000 pigs are sent to be slaughtered in Egypt. You have disappointed me one too many times with your attempt to produce solid stories to do good for animal rights.

  • Aaron says:

    This billboard is incredibly misleading. To have a list of several foodborne illnesses and then toss in swine flu in bold is as close as you can get to an outright lie. Swine flu has nothing to do with eating meat.

  • Saucy says:

    Thanks Gina Christy and others you made my day. The gates of hell will not prevail against the true knowledge of the LOVE OF GOD. Tina sadly you have fallen victim to the LIES FROM HELL. When reading the Bible you have to understand that it is “MARRED WITH MISTAKES AND HAS GRAVE ERRORS” That is a quote from the foreward of the King James Version the old version they don’t put that in the newly printed versions. With respect to Paul author of Romans and Corithians you do need to consider the source. If it were today Paul would be writing those books from a prison cell on death row. Paul was mass murderer a serial killer of Christians. Paul was far from perfect. He even said so himself. “Was Paul crucified on your behalf? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?” That says to me that Paul was telling the church of Corinth Hey listen I am not perfect I am not the MESSIAH and guess what folks I get it wrong sometimes. Paul was clearly confused whenif he wrote those versus. Even if meateating were permitted eating an animal that was sacrificed to a pagan god would be blasphemous. I suppose after throwing all those Christians to the lions eating a beast did not affect his conscience. Paul did not have a conscience. God had to get directly in his path on that dusty Dimascus road on his way to kill more Christians. Paul was a very flawed individual chosen by God to write some of the most important passages in the new testament. But if you think Paul didn’t make mistakes with all that blood on his hands your’re mistaken. Why would Paul go on to write about the Table of Satan VS the Table of Christ The Gifts of the Spirit and all that stuff about the Body. I am quite certain that Paul didn’t even know the depth of meaning of what he was writing. It makes no sense this interjection about eating animals sacrificed to idols. That is just rediculous like Timothy saying he doesn’t allow women to teach.

  • emptyhell says:

    Can we stop talking about the “will of God”? I say this as a very spiritual person. Its a lazy flawed line of illogic that has allowed us to watch human beings kill humans and animals for centuries. Better treatment of Animals before you kill them? Its still murder! If I went to an Ivy league school instead of a community college and i’m still getting my throat slit wheres the benefit?

  • Teresa says:

    Great idea PETA. You know whats thats going to do? Cause the needless slaughter of pigs thats all. Great job!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Sean Chimps may be omnivorous but they eat very little meatthis from an expert in her field Jane Goodall. Goodall estimated that one chimpanzee eats the equivalent of approximately onehalf a prey animal in a oneyear period and during ten years of observation she observed chimpanzees killing other animals only twice. Meat is about 2 of their diet in a year according to Goodall.

  • Susan says:

    Come on people! As a licensed Veterinary Technician I know that diseases or even bacteria or viruses can jump from animal to human and sometimes the other way around! The first thing I thought of when I read about swine flu was factory farming. As a Lutheran Christian some of you I’m sorry to say have no clue. God told the first human that humans had dominion over all the earth and the creatures in it. The closest word in the english language is stewardship. Stewardship is certainly not what we are doing to animals OR the earth. I believe with absolute certainty that my love of animals and outrage at animal cruelty at all levels was put in my heart and soul by God. Omnivores beware if it’s not avian swine or whatever other flu outbreak comes along good luck with Diabeties stroke heart attack cancers etc. I’ll pray for you!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    It’s amazing so many people still believe in the myth that you need meat to get protein. The USDA believes you don’t need to eat meat to get protein httpwww.mypyramid.govtipsresourcesvegetariandiets.html The American Dietetic Association and the Dietitians of Canada believe you don’t need to eat meat to get protein httpwww.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed12826028 The person who coined the term vegan Donald Watson lived to the ripe old age of 95 years. Being a vegan for over 60 years didn’t seem to hurt him too much.

  • anonymous says:

    Wow…We simply need to stop putting them in poor conditionsit doesnt mean we need to stop eating them.

  • Lucaz says:

    Denise said “If God didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t have put them here” LOL! if GOD didn’t want us to think you are a wonderful example of the perfect hypocrite he wouldn’t have put us here.

  • Jenny says:

    STOP TALKING ABOUT RELIGION! Give it a break and let’s focus on the real problem here!!! I am sooo annoyed!

  • Frank says:

    Aniamal cruelty is all over the JudeoChristian bible like Jesus sending evil spirits into pigs then running the over a cliff. Jesus never existed google “16 Crucified Saviors” or “17 Crucified Saviors.” BUDDHISM is a better religion by far. Rent and watch “Little Buddha” starring Keanu Reeves. Any religion like the Christian and other Jewish religions that ignores the wellbeing of most universal sentient beings is obvious lacking.

  • Lowri Herbert says:

    So it doesn’t just effect the animals it effects us too! ANIMAL FARMING IS WRONG FOR EVERYONE.

  • Sean says: Got your wish no more pig farms in Egypt. Can’t have it both ways folks either keep the farms or slaughter the pigs…turning them loose isn’t an option. Fairly odd they are killing them all considering it isn’t spread by pigs….what a waste of food.

  • Laura says:

    I read an article that stated Egypt is going to slaughter all 300000 pigs in the country because of the swine flu. I am saddened to hear about this and i do not think that it is the answer. There has not even been a case of swine flu in Egypt.. Has anyone else heard this information ? Is there anything that anyone can do ?

  • inhuman slaughter says:

    Piglets in Egypt were put into plastic bags to suffocate to death because of this swine flu where 1 person has died in the U.S. Other pigs were killed…how? I don’t know. Every year 36000 people die from the flu other than swine flu. Yes this a concern and it should be addressed and precaution should be taken. However it is affecting the personal lives of everyone around the world and the health care system. Is it a ploy to stimulate the health care economy and weaken economic links in Mexico? Are we kneeling down before our media because of the fearmongering?

  • Marta Rozgoni says:

    If God put animals on this earth for us to eat they would not carry deadly viruses that kill humans. Also to say that animals are on this earth solely for food is being specisist. Animals have other functions on this planet than being our food.

  • Tahler says:

    They mentioned today on FOX News Channel that while you apparently can’t get swine flu from eating pork it IS linked to pig farms and the pigs living conditions. Thanks for the blog post PETA!

  • hell no says:

    meat is not good it is bad for your health

  • jim says:

    meat is not good for your body it can kill you

  • jim says:

    darel is gettin mad at denise

  • Andy says:

    Unfortunately factory farms have been confirmed to have played at least some part in the swine flu virus coming about. Yes it is a mix of all 3 but that doesn’t mean that factory farms aren’t partially to blame. I hate when people use the “god put them here for us to eat!” theory as it is so victorianesque in it’s connotations and implications. Humans aren’t animal’s superiors we are simply another species of animal. Once religion is gone maybe people like Canaduck can start taking responsibility for mankind’s unjustifiable evils against the earth and their fellow inhabitants.

  • heather busulovich says:

    I think about this if the animal is sick and they kill them and we end up buying meat how is that safe for us? I think this is why we have mad cow swine and the other problems…I am so glad that I don’t buy meat or eat meat products…Neither does my son….Animals are cute to look at not cute to eat!

  • Kimberly Warner says:

    I am disappointed in Peta for spreading such vile lies. I am opposed to factory farms and do not eat meat. But you are not getting your facts straight. The Swine flu is combined from bird and human. Do you realize they are going to slaughter 300000 pigs in Egypt???? Why? I cannot believe that PETA is agreeing with these lies for publicity sake. Get your facts straight and don’t use this to cause more animals to be killed.

  • Jenn says:

    The current strain of influenza going about that has been termed “swine flu” has actually yet to appear in swine. The influenza strain H1A1 is a hybrid of human avian and swine influenza strains. It is most homologous to swine influenza strain H3N3 which is why it has been termed “swine flu” even though it has not actually appeared in swine. Hog producers are actually worried about it spreading from human to hog. Right now you just have the poor sanitary conditions of Mexico City to blame on the outbreak of this influenza strain. Next time why don’t you get your facts straight before blaming the hog industry for something that isn’t even their fault?

  • Jaquie says:

    To PH34r Ok that is your opinion and yes i respect it however i have something to say to you. Animals do eat other animals it is called survival of the speciesit is ok for humans to eat meat but humans have turned the animal food chain into a cruel money making industry the animals are cruely treated electrically shocked crammed into steel sheds forced fed kicked beaten transported accross countries without food or water beaks cut off sows caged in a metal frame for 4 weeks she can’t move as in the photo. I can go on but we can get the picture? no living being deserves to be treated like this.

  • Maria says:

    Well I was just so distraught today when I heard that Egypt was slaughtering Three HUNDRED THOUSAND pigs because of the swine flu. Just heartbreaking. I have had just a heart for pigs since I found out how intelligent and sensitive they are. There was a story several years back in England of how a couple of pigs were on the run and hiding out from being taken off to slaughter. A lot of people were affected by it To think these pigs were so smart and ‘aware’ of their horrible fate that they had escaped and were ‘hiding out’ When they were finally found I remember hearing how they ware put in a petting zoo. Lucky them. What about all the other poor pigs.. I haven’t eaten any pork product since I heard that story.. Also Jane Valez Michell had a segnment on her show of hte same name tonight. Wednesday April 29. showing pics of factory farms and those poor pigs being boxed into those little spaces. Not being able to even turn around! I have tears in my eyes now just thinking about it. People are sooo CRUEL. Maria

  • sergio says:

    Reply to Canaduk where he says “If God didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t have put them here”. Ok so just go visit some lions …if God didn’t want them to eat you he wouldn’t have made them so strong. Fair enough isn’t it?

  • Sean says:

    Well since my first post didn’t make it on the blog probably because rational statements from a certified wildlife biologist are shunned in an extremist organization I will repost. This is exactly why people should hunt for their own food! I don’t eat commercially raised meat…I hunt and kill all my own food. Guess what I live in the midwest and would laugh myself to utopia if all farming was stopped. You would all starve…..or be forced to hunt like nature intended. Read a textbook humans are OMNIVOROUS in nature. Additionally swine flu has nothing to do with eating meat. It is an H1N1 strain of the flu…the same as influenza A and B…and is treated with the antiviral Tamiflu. But of course don’t take my word for it I only have a PhD and work at an R1 research university….what do I know? Sooner or later you will realize that living in suburbia hell and having everything provided to you by other humans at a grocery store is not how we evolved. Hopefully one day humans will be forced to act as they were intended to like an animal. We hunt we gather we kill we eat….just like other omnivorous animals bears chimps etc.. If you don’t grow it or kill it yourself you are a burden on the planet. Stop pointing fingers at hunters ranchers and farmers.

  • nichole says:

    it’s a different story eating meat now than in back in the day when life was less perverted than it is now when animals were more abundant in population and people weren’t as greedy and nasty as they have evolved to be. as a newbie to the vegetarian world i battled with the concept of why i should feel strong enough in my love for animals that it can no longer be okay to eat meat at all. i’d make a point to myself which i see a lot of you making “animals eat other animals for survival and hell! they’d even eat us if they ireallyi had to so why can’t we eat them too? we’re animals too! and most of them are raised JUST to be ate so what’s the big deal?” but it’s just not the same and if you really knew the story behind the meat you eat you wouldn’t want to eat it anymore. if you had a humane loving compassionate bone in your body you would know that there can’t be anything alright with eating meat anymore. first of all factory farms have taken ANYTHING that was ever ethical about meat consumption out of the picture now. animals are horrifically abused living in squalor and in astonishingly small cages and pens in way too close proximity to each other. they are brutally killed and often experience even a few conscious iminutesi of agony and pain before they actually die. they don’t frolick around nice green pastures and there is no nice old farmer petting them and showing them what it feels to be loved they live horrible pathetic lives treated as nothing more than products. another point as to why modern meat consumption is not okay is the evil factory farms! factory farms are pumping so many many drugs and toxins in these animals that you can’t even TRUST that the meat you eat is even isafei for you to be eating! and plus if you knew any shit you’d know that it’s been proven that meat isn’t even that good for us after all beef rots in your colon! our bodies have a hard time digesting meat! perhaps we weren’t meant to eat it after all? hmm… the world we live in today has became too corrupt evil and desensitized that we have allowed ourselves to be believe that these animals are on this earth for ino other reasoni but to serve to our needs. for any of it to be ethical we can’t overlook the fact that the meat we are eating is an ANIMAL. and the animal DID have feelings once.. had a family once.. had a personality… and most likely suffered a great deal to be on our plates. we must respect the animals and never treat them like they’re not beautiful intelligent creatures just like us. we can’t forget that even though the animal will eventually be ate for survival reasons we must love it and give it the best life while it has one. because animals DO deserve to be happy! if they can feel pain than they can feel happiness. JUST LIKE US. giving a farm animal a good life doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it actually benefits us more because in the end we wouldn’t be eating toxins and sick animals we’d be eating healthy animal. but like i said that is NOT the world we live in today. and sadly but most likely NEVER WILL BE at this rate so the best thing you can do as a lover of animals for your health and for the earth is to NOT EAT MEAT.

  • Ashley says:

    LOL this is one big joke. all viruses stem from birds. you if your worried about pork just cook it up nicely. no need to go vego