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The Pigs’ Small Revenge?

Written by PETA | April 27, 2009

Well, the new swine flu epidemic may already have killed more than 100 people in Mexico, and you don’t have to ask us twice to point out what’s responsible for all these outbreaks of animalborne diseases, one after another. Factory farming, of course.

We think that this billboard, which we’re erecting in San Antonio, Texas, sums it up:


Meat Kills


Cramming animals by the hundreds or thousands into gigantic, windowless sheds—in which the air is teeming with bacteria and the pigs’ or chickens’ throats are burned by the accumulated waste—is a recipe for spreading virulent diseases. Just last month, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote two articles about the spread of deadly methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus on pig farms.

No, Kristof isn’t psychic. He’s just paying attention—unlike the people at your local meat counter.

Bottom line: We can stop pigs from killing us if we simply stop killing them.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Sarah says:

    You’re missing the bigger picture Little One as most people do. It all ties together…takes a little common sense here.

  • Sarah Simmonds says:

    Thank you Ana Maria… my words exactly. Chalk up one more reason..people use religion as a crutch so they feel ok about eating meat…same with conservationists who are not vegetarian. I can’t believe people are surprised when this type of thing happens. Can you also say GM….

  • darla says:

    Its pretty simple we were not entended to eat meat! That goes back to the bible days too everyone. God intended us to eat fruit nuts and veggies not meat our bodies were not made to eat meat! Meat or Cancer anyone?

  • Cyndi says:

    Canaduk Its true that God created animals but in the start he didnt create them for food!! Read Genesis for more info! Man Animals lived in harmoney. they survived on plants! But when sin entered animals too began to pray on any living thing. and man began to kill. It is Man that began killinghurting animals. God would never approve of Animals been tortured like today! If u care abt Animals and love them enough to do somthing to save them at least in some small way then do it. its no use posting comments on PETA when u think eating meat is ok. it sounds like u dont care at all.

  • Nadine says:

    It’s called KARMA….when will the human race ever learn that what goes around comes around….

  • Amanda says:

    I think those quoting their religion are missing the point factory farms are a modern invention. Do you really think Jesus did or would eat at McDonald’s? Of course not. Factory farms are just another one of modern devices to increase the suffering of the creatures we share this earth with .. just so we can grab a fattening unhealthy lunch or dinner. We’re torturing and killing them and we’re killing ourselves by eating their flesh. I hate to say it.. but you reap what you sow. Hey isn’t that one of your god’s favorite things to say in the bible?

  • Little One says:

    You PETA people are the most naive people I have ever seen. You think you can never get sick by following vegetarian and vegan diets. Well I’ve got some news for you. You CAN get sick and you CAN get cancer. A good example is Christina Applegate a wellknown vegetarian actress. She got breast cancer despite eating no meat. She has recovered from it which is good news. This proves that cancer is caused by other factors. Plus those studies that say vegetarians live longer lives never take into account that many of them aren’t smokers and exercise regularly. By the way salmonella on the tomatoes didn’t come from factory farming. It came from manure being spread for fertilizer which comes from animals. In addition to that vegetable farming can be toxic to the environment as well. Fertilizer is used to make vegetables grow and rain can make it runoff into streams poisoning them. Last but not least the incidents of abused farm animals are very isolated but you make it sound like it happens all the time which it doesn’t. When it does occur it’s because the person is ignorant inexperienced or just doesn’t care. Abuse does nothing but ruin the end product. Most farmers bend their backs over to care for their animals. They care deeply for them and make sure they don’t get sick. The animals are given antibiotics ONLY if they are sick. I’ve seen pictures of pigs on socalled factory farms and they seemed content in their environment which consisted of loose housing. The only time they were put into farrowing crates was to have their piglets and even that lasted only a few weeks. Call me an animal killer for the comments I’ve made. I don’t care. That’s all I have to say.

  • Antoine says:

    Well Canaduck that is the point isn’t it? Animals are NOT being treated with respect. I believe that there is no excuse for killing an animal but even if you agree with killing factory farms and even most “organic” and “freerange” animal operations raise animal in too high numbers in cramped conditions and THAT is how disease spreads. There is another issue. Most epidemiologists will tell you that viruses get stronger over generations viruses are a natural way to keep populations under control and they only emerge when a species is overpopulated Because animals are raised in such huge numbers a CONTANT STATE OF OVERPOPULATION is created which leads to viruses. The next problem is that animals are killed much younger than their natural lifespan chickens naturally live 1020 years killed at 8 weeks pigs live 2030 years killed at 6 months cows live 3040 years killed at 3 years And since the ENTIRE generation is killed and then an entire other generation is bred. This is absolutely UNNATURAL and speeds up the evolutionary process of the animal viruses. In nature an ENTIRE generation of a species would never ALL die in childhood. If you imagine that a generation would be on average each 20 years and we are artificially creating and slaughtering entire generations on average every year that means that each year is like 20 years so over the last 40 years of factory farming viruses have leapt forward 800 years! There is no way that we can keep up. Which is why we have all these superbugs! As for your understanding of theology Canaduck sadly it is quite flawed. If you are a believer of the JudeoChristian faith a very important element that people like yourself ALWAYS forget when defending their RIGHT to the planet and the animals is that the planet the animals and even our very lives BELONG to God. It is his NOT YOURS. Faith and devotion to GOD does not make YOU God. God demands RESPECT. If you cannot respect our natural world and the species who live within it you should at least respect GOD. Anyone who sees what we are doing to HIS animals in factory farms what we are doing to HIS oceans by over fishing and how we are polluting HIS planet cannot claim that God gave us a right to do this. Christians need to be reminded that they have no Godgiven right they have a Godgiven RESPONSIBILITY. And that is the definition of Dominion. God gave us HIS planet and HIS animals to TAKE CARE OF THEM. Not genetically modify them over breed and selective breed them enslave them make them live in unnatural unGodly ways for our own selfish greed and pleasures. God gave us all fruits and vegetables to eat. This was the case in the Garden and what he told Noah. Eating meat was clearly AN EXCEPTION. Which counted as a forgivable sin. But only if there was NO OTHER FOOD!!! Greed and Gluttony are DEADLY unforgivable sins. And with our grocery stores filled with plenty of vegan foods fruits grains nuts seeds vegetables eating meat cannot be justified in any other way than GREED AND GLUTTONY. And god does not condone deadly sins. And it wasnt for companionship in the way that you understand it to use it was in the way that it was meant to be understood when the Bible was written to care for As for Jesus he preached compassion. They also had wars and murders and rape and various other atrocities in Jesus day just because those horrors happened when Jesus walked the Earth does not mean that he condoned them. In fact he clearly spoke out AGAINST animal sacrifices and encouraged his follower to see him as the innocent lamb the only sacrifice ever needed If you follow Jesus message of compassion and pacifism and still kill every day then sadly you are missing something very important in your faith and within your heart.

  • Raquel says:

    CANADUCK! Who are YOU to say that GOD put animals here for us to eat? NOT everyone believes in the Bible book that was written by MAN. Such ignorance. Use common sense! It is disgusting and immensely egotistical to assume you can eat animals. Are you still an animal who can’t survive without brutal killings like an unevloved cave person? Oh but didn’t GOD say Thou shall not Kill? Oh I forgot only when it convenient right? WRONG

  • Laura says:

    Not only does Meat KILL by means of viruses from the poor animals Meat KILLS by causing Cancer Heart Disease Diabetes Autoimmune Diseases etc etc etc the list goes on and on and ON. I strongly suggest book The China Study for more on educating yourself on this going veg could save your LIFE. 3

  • laura says:

    Denise you are a fking idiot. Dogs eat animals does that justify our eating them knowing they suffer immensely? You don’t even know they suffer that’s how ignorant you are it’s sad. Anyways on a brighter note Great Sign PETA. Way to educate remind.

  • keith says:

    ” Thank you AV” for posting. Enough said ” Smithfield.”

  • brooklyn says:

    Around at my friends house pigs always get packed for the slaughter house.

  • Jaquie says:

    I agree Monika when i read the news all i think about is the way the pigs are bred. There is a photo on the Sky news web page showing a man spraying the poor factory pigs. I hope more people will see the cruelity involved in factory farming.

  • Daryl says:

    Denise if God din’t want us to eat scyscrapers he wouldn’t have put them here. Makes about as much sense as your statement. If you insist on believing in God don’t then go and make a mockery of him you’re not helping anyone!

  • Andrew says:

    A respectful response to Denise Denise although I philosophically disagree with your position on eating meat I do agree about what you said about respect. Respect is important. I have a feeling though that if Christ were here today and he saw how the animals on factory farms are treated he would go vegan. Those animals are disrespected terribly and really that is an abuse of God’s creation. So even if you still believe in eating meat perhaps it would be a good idea to go vegetarian just to fight the factory farms.

  • Justin says:

    So I’m assuming God put the animals here for us just to look at and over populate the earth? I agree with the top comment. If they weren’t meant to be eaten we wouldn’t have been eating any animals for centuries on end. But the way they are treated is very sad and shouldn’t be allowed. A shark and a dog cannot even compare to a human being so that answer was a little on the air headed side. Maybe if these places were kept a little bit cleaner and the animals were taken better care of we wouldn’t have these problems. And I would like to add that in some countries dogs are eaten sharks are eaten almost all animals are eaten by every type of species on this earth if not there would be to many. And I don’t know very many people that will sit down and eat a steak while watching a cow get slaughtered. The people doing the slaughtering are evil pieces of crap and shouldn’t be allowed to touch an animal if they are going to abusetorture them. Most people know that when you kill an animal it wouldn’t be short of disgusting but not everyone knows the abuse that goes on.

  • victor says:

    How closed minded do you have to be to believe that god put animals on this earth for us to eat. This is a great example of how people use religion as a way to excuse their practices. I am a catholic and i dont believe that god put my beautiful australian shepherd on this earth for me to eat nor the animal in this topicthe pig who by the ways happens to be extremely smart and thank god!!! yes god!!! some people here in california are starting to adopt them as pets specially the dwarf pigs

  • helen says:

    It is another blow to all those non vegetarians out there! Of late animal meat has increased in variety and come festivals or celebrations animals are slaughtered mercilessly to satiate the gluttonous appetites. Earlier the chickens took revenge with avian flu reaching pandemic proportions and now the pigs are out to avenge their killing. Its high time we embrace vegetarianism and more respct environment!

  • Reshina says:

    Canaduck You’re an ignorant moron. Lets go along with your story if there is God he also put humans on earth….should we eat eachother? He put us here right? Mmm tasty human burger think thats gross….same thing as eating animal flesh. You have no clue what you’re talking about. Did you actually talk to Jesus did he personally tell you to eat a Big Mac? didn’t think so so stop saying things in the name of religon!

  • sara says:

    Here we go again. God created animals so that we humans eat them. The final testament from God the one that came after Bible aka Koran prohibits the eating of pig meat which is exactly where swine flu came from. Koran also dedicates a whole chapter to animals and advises Humans for respectful coexistence with animals. Factory farming is anything but respectful coexistence. May be the person who posted here and apparently takes herhis guidance from religious books should take a look at Koran the Final testament and should learn that factory farming and eating of pig meat is anything but Godly.

  • lynda downie says:

    “…as long as we treat them with respect such as not harming them in anyway…” You think killing them is not harming them?

  • Brad says:

    It is called swine flu because pigs can carry viruses of several species. This enables the viruses to combine into new forms unrecognized by our immune systems and current medicine. It is time to stop breeding so many pigs! We are just asking for another epidemic. Do your part by going veg

  • CAROLYN says:

    Thank you Michael Essi for your comment. I totally agree! Saying animals were put on earth for our “use” is a lame excuse. Each creature is here for its’ own purposes. BY RULING OVER OTHER SENTIENT BEINGS WITH TOTAL DISREGARD FOR THEIR NEEDS THEIR RIGHT TO LIVE PAINFREE THEIR FAMILIES THEIR SOCIETIES WE ARE FINALLY REAPING WHAT WE HAVE SOWED! We need to share the world with other species and stop harming and exploiting them for our taste and desires!

  • prem says:

    be a part and make a difference

  • Gina says:


  • heather says:

    Denise All I can say is wow. Do you justify everything with religion? Michael pretty much summed up my feelings. BTW there were a lot of things wrong with the world when Jesus was here so geez I guess we should just keep it that way forever. Sorry but you sound like one uneducated and narrow minded individual. How is killing animals “not harming them in any way”? And factory farmed animals live horrific lives obviously you didn’t research factory farming before you spoke.

  • Michael says:

    I don’t think Swine Flu or Mexico Flu really describes the problem and so I decided earlier tonight to call it “Factory Farm Flu.” I hope you’ll all join me and spread the word.

  • Katie says:

    Apparently this flu is a mixture of swine avian and human flu viruses. I am not sure if it was due to farming. I have relatives who have farms and I doubt if they are into the animal cruelty as this post suggests. I always grew up eating meet but do love animals I don’t want them to be mistreated. However I happened to go to this site to see commentary on the swine flu. I really am not sure that is anyone’s fault for this i.e. farm etc… it sounds like the flus we have encountered years ago pandemic not from farming. Some of the commentary is just insane no offense. I mean haven’t we all in our childhood consumed some meat? I don’t think there is anyone to blame… stuff happens and I hope we are safe from this issue.

  • Jody Bourgoin says:

    Funny. I was just talking to some people at work about this. My Fiancee and I gave up meat entirely last July and have not looked back once. Since that time have seen this swine flu and the bad meat breakout with Maple Leaf farms. I am so thankful each day that I finally made the switch. I talk to my friends every day about not eating meat and some have cut down drastically. Maybe some day an actual journalist will cover this story the right way and inform us as to the reasons all of this is happening. The same can be said for other diseases that spread in dense populations all over the world SARS anyone??? Dense population and illness go hand in had and with animals that are not kept healthy or clean its even worse. Try living in your bathroom for a week and never flush. Utopaline

  • Brien Comerford says:

    In Eden before the fall of man humans were vegan Genesis 129. Meat is literally destroying the planet as it causes massive environmental toxicity global warming air water and land pollution deforestation and human starvation.

  • Joann says:

    God did not put anything on earth just so humans could eat them…that is religious lies. All things on this earth are interconnected. Each living and nonliving thing changes and is changed by the others. Flu viruses are just proof that pigs can and do impact the lives of humans weather you eat them or not. We should respect all living creatures.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Brenda Don’t people in Asia eat dogs which completely makes the argument of god putting dogs on the earth to eat valid?

  • Amy L. says:

    I am a fairly new vegetarian and I am understanding more and more every day as to why I made this choice. This proves that we have no business confining these animals in close quarters and deny them veterinary care because this is what happens. I’m sure God is looking down on us today and is ashamed at what we do to these poor animals His creation and this is our punishment. There is no doubt in my mind that that is why these diseases are present in our world.

  • Korea says:

    First swine flu is contracted from contact with a LIVE onfected animal. Cooked meat is fine to eat. Mad Cow disease is so rare that the chances of contracting that if it is even possible are slim to none. Also E. Coli is a disease usually found on plants like the outbreak earlier this year. Cooking meat will kill 99.9 of all pathogens so a conection with cooked meat and those diseases is very rare.

  • UWgirl says:

    i actually did come from Pigs But you cant get it from eating them that is prolly what you heard

  • kelly says:

    SARS originated in exotic animal meat food markets in China

  • Hilary says:

    I am a true lover of pigs and i agree! I don’t eat pigs and maybe if everyone else did 2 they wouldn’t have to die.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Michael Essi Slavery would be a perfect comparison if it wasn’t for the fact that humans are slightly higher on the evolution chart than animals.

  • lizbeth says:

    chicken flu mad cows disease swine flu’.. when will poeple WAKE UP and see the CORRELATION????? intensive factory farming.. not only suffering for millionbillions of farm animals living in unnatural intense and dense proximity to each other but also hotbed breeding grounds for borned mutant hybrid viruses.. humans only have THEMSELVES to blame !!!

  • AV says:

    Oops just reread the AP article The farm is in Veracruz.

  • AV says:

    Outbreak may be tracable to pig farm in southern Oaxaca Mexico. The farm is owned by a company called Granjas Carroll de Mexico which is 50 owned by the Virginia USA based company Smithfield Foods. Source Associated Press

  • Monika says:

    This is all I could think about when I heard the media hysteria. And yet very few will connect how much meat really does kill…

  • Brenda says:

    I would like to see more marketing materials towards removing pigs from the food chain altogether. If PETA can make the case that swine flu ORIGINALLY CAME From Pigs regardless of which strain this is more power to them! And GOD did not put anything on this earth for the sole use of mankind. The same argument could be made that God put Man on this earth so sharks would have something to eat Did God put dogs on this earth to eat also?

  • Michael Essi says:

    For the person who is claiming that God put animals here for us to eat did he put women here to be bred and African Americans to be slaves in our fields? Under the cloak of religion not Christianity people become confined and limited. Thank goodness that I am aware that I am here to create and expand with ideas and actions that reach higher and broader than the limited concepts that have been taught in the past. Quite simply watch a slaughterhouse video while you eat and see how that makes you feel. If I were to watch a field being harvested while I eat I would not have any bad feelings whatsoever! Your feelings should guide you! Diseases jump from animals to humans and yes the swine flu was a virus that jumped from pigs to humans in a mutated form when humans interfere. It has been the case with every single virus that has made that leap! HIV anyone?

  • Ana Maria says:

    Thanks to Alisa for the comment. I heard some of the news today and I was puzzled why nobody mentioned pig’s farms. Someone even insisted that no pig has been found with the virus. Is this true?

  • Marina says:

    This is what I constantly keep telling people! It’s factory farming’s fault! It’s NOT the pigs fault! They suffer unbeleivably and people say it’s their fault?!? This epademic is mans fault entirely!!!

  • shannon says:

    There is some evidence that this new flu is a hybrid of swine and avian flu. To simply call it “swine flu” is a misnomer. Yes it could be prevented if we took the necessary steps to eliminate factory farming but now that it’s spreading around the world we need to just use commonsense prevention regularly washing our hands and not sharing food and drinks. The worst thing to happen with this pandemic will be the sheer number of pigs who will be killed under the excuse of “preventive measures.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the flesh of these sick pigs made it into the US food supply.

  • Denise says:

    Little victory for pigs? I read this didn’t even come from pigs. It is a combination of the avian swine and human virus. I don’t find anything wrong with eating meat as long as we treat them with respect such as not harming them in anyway and help them have a good life. If God didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t have put them here. He put them here for companionship and also for food. They ate animals when Jesus walked the earth.

  • Canaduck says:

    Don’t forget bird flu and the 1918 Influenza both connected to animals!