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Video Shows Pigs Mutilated, Beaten, Duct-Taped

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 1, 2012

A disturbing new undercover investigation inside two pig farms in Goodwell, Oklahoma, one owned by Seaboard Foods, shows injured piglets with their legs duct-taped to their bodies as well as pigs suffering from abscesses, torn body parts, and bacterial infections without being given veterinary care.

Workers are seen chopping off pigs’ tails and testicles with no painkillers and hitting pigs in the genitals in order to force them to move from one gestation crate to another. Many of the gestation crates—small metal enclosures in which sows spend most of their lives while they are impregnated again and again—were full of feces and urine. The video shows sows desperately chewing the metal bars of their cages and struggling to stand up. Some are bleeding, and some lie dead.

Seaboard is the country’s third-largest pork producer and a supplier to Wal-Mart. Prestage is the fifth-largest producer. Both were investigated.

Did Seaboard know that there was abuse on its farms? Well, 10 years ago, in 2001, a PETA investigation at a Seaboard facility outside Guymon, Oklahoma, led one of its managers to plead guilty to three counts of felony cruelty to animals. Video footage taken by our undercover investigator showed that employees beat pigs with metal gate rods and slammed pigs head-first into the floor in a crude attempt to kill them. Sick and injured pigs were left to die without access to food, water, or veterinary care. Different time, different people, same company, same sort of abuse.

Not an Isolated Incident

Abuse of animals is par for the course on pig farms and all other factory farms. Pigs have the same capacity for suffering as dogs and cats do yet are abused in ways that would be illegal if these animals were the victims.

How You Can Help

The only way to protect animals from this abuse is to stop eating them.

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  • Franny says:

    BOYCOTT WAL-MART! They sell meat products in produce section, leather accessories and hunting equipment. 🙁

  • Steph says:

    I CAN’T TAKE THIS! How on earth can people do something so cruel and how on earth is it still doing on when people are aware it’s happening?!?!?!  This is disgusting…animals deserve this earth more than humans!  It’s shameful and makes me so sick!

  • Marlenne says:

    I have to agree with Tricia. It is sort of like an oxymoron to stay we should fight to make these factory farms/slaughterhouses humane. Death is still death, that is what hurts me more than just the abuse itself. If we try to pass laws that for example take away gestation crates, I think it does not help at all. We are basically saying yes factory farms/slaughterhouses are okay, but please do this. I do not know, I just see it completely different.

  • Kimbo and Chloe says:

    yes, everyone NEEDS TO CALL OR SEND LETTERS…I just went on line to both Seaboard and Walmart and emailed them….numbers are… Seaboard- 800-262-7907 Walmart Corp-800-925-6278. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CALL OR WRITE TODAY…THESE ANIMALS DESPERATELY NEED OUR HELP…I AM OUTRAGED and SO SAD

  • Kimbo and Chloe says:

    PEOPLE SUCK! Please let us know how we can get involved as I didnt see this as an alert email to Walmart or this hell hole. Please let us know as soon as possible. I was up all night thinking about this and woke up still mad…..

  • xJoshTeex says:

    Don’t eat animals,you know better.

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Nothing has changed, still the same mind-set of brain-dead, heartless and soul-less morons abusing, torturing and tormenting all factory-farmed animals. Do those ‘in charge’ only employ people with a degree in cruelty and brutality as it seems as though every worker is the same. No worker protests until they are found out then all the excuses are ready. No wonder the government wants to make undercover filming illegal, now the whole world knows why, because this is the truth and ‘they’ don’t lkie it. Well, I’ve got news for them, neither does the majority of the decent, caring public. They truly are sickened and disgusted with the daily treatment of all factory-farmed animals.

  • andrea says:

    i just can’t believe that those who are called “Humans” aren’t humans at all!! animals deserve respect and care, just like us, man is the only one who attacks other and his own species… animals only attack when they feel in danger, not just because they want to, please stop eating meet, this cruelty has to stop!!! i believe that any person who is capable of doing this to any animal can do it to any human being… their minds are damaged, and so their hearts…i´d rather be poor than working in this kind of places. it makes me sick!!

  • Tricia says:

    The only way you can stop this kind of abuse is by people going vegan. There is no way you can make a factory farm “humane.”

  • [email protected] says:

    I could not all of it….why are we, PETA not doing a letter writing campaign to stop this horrific treatment????To legislators??? It makes me totally ill…..OMG, these poor animals.

  • Darcy says:

    Who does this?? It makes me so mad that people torture animals like this.WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM??? They are EVIL!!! Pure EVIL!!!

  • Jill says:

    This is totaly unaccexptable. what kind of human being can do this stuff. This is barbaric. This is why they want the AG GAG law passed. They have alot to hide. Id like to do what he does to these poor inoccent pigs to him. We all need to go vegatarian. If slaughter houses had glass walls we would all be vegatarians. Im proud to be a vegatarian.

  • Leslie says:

    This makes me sick! If nothing else we should write letters to Walmart to have them stop carrying pork from this company. It is completely disgusting to think that anyone can do this to an animal!