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Caught on Film: Pigeons’ Soaring Beauty

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | January 23, 2014

Sitting on a park bench and watching pigeons is one of life’s simple pleasures. Yet instead of seeing the grace and beauty that these lovely birds bring to our cities, people still trap and poison them or force them to race, sometimes to their deaths.

Photographer Andrew Garn has captured the character of these beautiful birds on film and will honor them in an exhibition at New York City’s OK Harris gallery.

Pigeons are intelligent, sensitive, and vulnerable, and they have complex social relationships and excellent hearing and vision. They mate for life, and both parents share in the care and nurturing of their young. They were brought to our cities by human settlers, and their lot in life now is to eke out an existence, despite the prejudice that some show toward them.

When you see a flock of pigeons, take a moment to enjoy their shimmering colors and melodic song. And if you’re in New York City, don’t miss this fabulous exhibit, which runs from January 25 to March 1.

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  • D. Miles says:

    I am happy to see that someone is celebrating the beauty and majesty of pigeons. I have been fascinated by them since childhood. These birds have lovely dispositions and have been so badly mistreated by New Yorkers for so long.

  • These beautiful animals are just a few of the thousands of New York City feral pigeons who have been rehabilitated at the Wild Bird Fund.