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Pig Wrestling?! Heck No! Give Me Tofu Wrestling Any Day!

Written by PETA | July 29, 2008

oldstersview / CC

Have you ever read a headline and then thought, “No, that can’t possibly be what this article is about”?

Well, that’s what I thought when I first saw this news story: “Hogs Gone Wild, 50 team [sic] compete in Eldorado Picnic hog wrestling contest.” Surely, I thought, the wrestlers wore pig costumes or something. They didn’t actually wrestle with pigs …

But no—there were, in fact, 50 teams of people, all clamoring to wrestle a pig. The goal? To grab a frightened pig and force him onto a padded barrel in less than a minute.

Eldorado’s fire chief, who is either PR-savvy or oblivious, says—in the words of the article—that the hogs “are kept cool and treated with utmost respect.” But the astute writer of the article observed, “Not buying that for a minute, the hogs huddled together drawing deep furrows in the muck with their snouts. They glared, squinted-eyed, each time a squealing comrade was herded away.” I certainly fail to see how terrorizing pigs qualifies as “respect”—just look at the first picture in the photo gallery. Look at the expression on the pig’s face—does he look respected or terrified?

This isn’t the first time that misguided people have used animal wrestling as a fundraiser. In fact, the Brooks Hill Community Fair in West Virginia—which was just this past weekend—had planned to hold a greased pig race until PETA told them how cruel it would be. The race was subsequently canceled—a victory for PETA and pigs and a show of decency from Brooks Hill! The Delta Fair and Music Fest in Tennessee is another event that decided not to hold their pig-wrestling competition. Good for them.

Of course, if anyone’s wondering what the Eldorado Lions and Fireman’s Community Picnic might do next year to raise money in a cruelty-free way … might I suggest tofu wrestling instead? We’ll even provide the tofu.

Posted by Amanda Schinke

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  • gdtaber says:

    How would the fun-loving people like it if someone much bigger than them did this to THEM! Turn about is fair play!

  • Prof. E. says:

    Cruelty to animals is rampant and PETA shines a light on this horrible problem!
    Do something positive and save an animal from human cruelty!
    Long live supporters of PETA and the animals that they protect from human cruelty!

  • tasha carpenter says:

    Please remind the members of the Sabinal Lions Club that cruelty to animals should never be tolerated and urge them to ditch wild hog catching contests permanently. Then please forward this e-mail far and wide!

  • maureen says:

    Just another sick way to abuse animals.It does not appear to me that the pigs are having fun.I am still amazed at what people will call fun. Who in the HELL thought of this CRUEL use of animals????? I am by far not ENTERTAINED!!!!!!!!!

  • lynda downie says:

    Allie Jay comes in here all the time with his hypothetical situations that are meant not to edify or debate but to try and show how silly AR people are. Whenever someone responds seriously to him he stops posting. Judith simply saw through his all too familiar game and gave him a direct answer. Long life and peace Judith freedom fighter for animals!

  • Allie says:

    Dear Judith in your dream many of the animals who stopped eating other animals would DIE. How is that letting them be free? Nature is oftentimes cruel. I agree that there is a lot of unnecessary human cruelty and taking advantage of animals but you trying to enforce some kind of unnatural fairytale disney utopia doesn’t help the case of animal rights activists it just makes you look like a bunch of crazies. Jay came in here with an honest question not insulting anyone not throwing about a lot of stereotypes just putting the facts out there and you jumped all over him. It’s this kind of behavior selfcentered not open to discussion or opinions other than your own that keeps me and probably many others from joining or supporting PETA.

  • Judith FFFA says:

    Saucy I know exactly how you are feeling. It’s a sense of complete hopelessness. But remember you must continue fighting the good fight for the greater good! Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • Mister Jingles says:

    Karen i think that Saucy’s comment is not so much ridiculous unless that everybody really would make a big effort to change things! Those who want the world to remain as it is don’t want that it remains! Rights Respect and Freedom for all the animals in the World and then let’s talk again!

  • Karen says:

    Saucy That has got to be the most ridiculous comment I have read. And I don’t say something like that often.

  • Jan Graveson says:

    This is sick. If anyone knows pigs at all they would know they are very peaceful animals and HATE any kind of physical stress. They hoolar and cry and shriek and I bet you that’s what’s turning these sick people on! This is totally unnatural and exploitative of these beautiful creatures. I imagine a real money spinner too for those holding these abominal matches. This MUST be stopped it is insanely cruel and giving the pigs no option and even more low…using animals once more for human pleasure. NO!!!!

  • Judith FFFA says:

    Hi Lynda I know you have beautiful dreams also. I pray that all of the dreams of the good people will come true for I feel that their prayers will always include the animals. I also have a wish that all people that have wronged animals of every kind shall be banished to a far away island and be used to experiment upon. I pray so hard for that one. And all I ask for is to be able to hear their screams for help such as the beloved animals do. Only then will I be able to say Game Ball and bring a little justice for Britches and all of the animals that have been so horrifically tortured. Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • Judith FFFA says:

    Jay As you are a monster that walks among us Gentleman is a saviour. Monsters be gone! Jay men such as yourself have ruined our world. Someday it shall be humans such as Gentleman that shall save it. Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • lynda downie says:

    Judith Martin Luther King and all the great visionaries HAD A DREAM! May your DREAM too become REALITY!

  • Saucy says:

    There is not much love left in the world. People grow meaner by the hour. It’s really frightening how people can be so mean. There is no hope really for this world. Small victories maybe. Yes. We can keep fighting and praying that the world will change that their hearts will soften but it’s unlikely. People are slowly becoming possesed by evil spirits.

  • jay says:

    Gentleman I made no refeence to this being or not being animal abuse. My question was unrelated to this article. Stop being so sensitive and be prepared to dialogue.

  • Judith FFFA says:

    Hi Keith on the PETA board I think we are joined at the hip! You are a glorious human being! Hi Gentleman bless you we are with the same team. And we will win! gentleman truly fits you. Hi Michele how have you been? As much as we would like to ignore breen thats like a nasty fly that won’t go away! Someday all of us are going to win for the animals! Our dreams shall become reality for the animals. And finally we pray there will finally be peace for them. We must never give up our hopes and dreams. Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • Michele says:

    Judith D Mike etc thank you so much for all of your comments. And I agree Taylor just to ignore “Dr.” Breen yeah right who’s kidding who?.

  • Gentleman says:

    dr. breen and jay this here is clear brutal animal abuse! shut up and leave you have no message! hi Judith i’m always with you! enjoy the masks!

  • TAYLOR says:


  • alyssaaa(: says:

    well it sounds to me that those people on the teams have nothing better to do then to slam and wrestle scared pigs into cages. whos supporting this?? how is that entertainment?!?!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Here’s a very good video on the myths of “humane” dairy httpyoutube.comwatch?vzMXl3SVF2vA Or you can download a PDF of the above presentation 4.6 MB httpwww.humanemyth.orgdownloadshappycows.pdf

  • Judith FFFA says:

    Hello Jay I think it is pretty simple. Call this a dream of mine or just how my mind works. I wish peace on earth for all animals and hope all killing shall stop. Jay do you have dreams of hope? I do. Do you have wishes? I do. Do you have dreams and hopes for peace for all human and animal kind? I do. Do you hope that animals will no longer be at the hands of cruel humans? I do. I have a dream that animals will no longer kill other animals. Do you? It might sound silly to people but I could care less. Do you ever dream that cats will no longer kill birds? I do. It may just be a dream but you can’t take my dreams my hopes and wishes away from me. If we don’t have our hopes and dreams what reason should we be of this earth? Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • keith says:

    Judith FFFA brilliant comments. Your ability to sock it where it hurts knows no bounds. Please keep em’ coming. Thank you..

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    The hogs “are kept cool and treated with utmost respect.” Total doublespeak PR bullshit. If the pigs were treated with “utmost respect” they would be left alone. By all means let consensual humans wrestle themselves but don’t pretend that pigs enjoy this cruel farce.

  • Judith FFFA says:

    Amen Nicole Amen D. Breen the hypothetical person that you call a criminal would be a beloved freedom fighter for animals to me! A beautiful hero! Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • jay says:

    Judith I notice that every post is followed by Peace to all animals. I was hoping you could explain what you means by “peace” and do you truly mean “all” animals? If you mean freedom to live life naturally for all animals I wonder how that relates to anopheles mosquitoes that carry malaria to the camels and billy goats that have invaded large parts of Australis to the cats that kill birds on Marion Island to tape worms pin worms and round worms to ticks that transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted fever to bilharzia parasites that invade the bladders of African children etc.. I do not think that this world can sustain “peace for all animals”.

  • D says:

    Dr. Breen is coming on to this website and leaving seriously stereotyped and nasty messages about people who live by showing compassion and concern for all creatures really the only way that you can get a smug sense of superiority? Honestly do you do this everyday and think “wow well now my life has a purpose”? That’s sad even more so completely pathetic that you feel you must snottily jump to conclusions without thinking about the issues which ALL of your comments do I’ve noticed. Whoever Judith chooses to idolize is none of your business and vice versa whoever you idolize is none of ours. If you don’t like this website then stay off of it and find something else to do with your miserable mind. Unlike you these people are dedicating their lives trying to change the world so that it is a little less violent a little safer and a little more compassionate instead of being one of many stuck up pointlessly existing wonders of the world who aren’t doing anything but putting others dedication and lives down. Please leave I am not a member of peta and even I am getting sick of reading your idiocy.

  • nicole says:

    dr breen what do you mean peta can do whatever they want? did they catch you doing something you shouldn’t? is this why they seem to be your arch enemy? bush is a fuck wit

  • EVA says:

    DR. BREEN Regarding an attempt to stop this ridiculous “sport” as long as NO ONE was injured possibly. The point being to save a “creature” from pain and subsequent death.

  • Soliel says:

    Hmmmmm….I agree it’s horrible. Glad it’s stopped. Terrorists are not good guys either…they commit atrocious acts throughout the world inflicting pain and suffering on innocent people of many nations. They are a horrific bunch wanting to kill anyone or anything that they want.

  • Carla says:

    Fricking sick!! These people have nothing better to do but to feel it’s their right to provoke an animal that does not feel the same way about this shit as they do!! But what bothers me the most is Courtney Snider is quoted saying “They are going to market in a couple of days anyway”. Like this is the last thing theypigswant to do is entertain you people!! At least with tufu wrestling the participants will kick your sorry asses!!!

  • Judith FFFA says:

    These are the true terrorists in our world today. Those that simply lack no compassion what so ever. They terrorize the innocent animals in the slaughterhouses and use these poor animals as amusement. The people that do this are usually the result of inbreeding. A real scary bunch they do not belong on this earth its much better to rid the world of them send them to war! They have no place here. This is just awful. No respect for an innocent life at all. Just like Bush and company the result of inbreeding. And look what they have done! I rest my case! Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!