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Pig Producer Allegedly Ignored Abuse—of Women

Written by PETA | October 14, 2011

The meat industry thrives on the abuse of animals, so it comes as no surprise that former pig factory-farm workers are alleging that the management of Murphy-Brown—a subsidiary of the world’s largest pig producer, Smithfield Foods—turned a blind eye to sexual harassment of female employees.

In a case that went before a federal jury this week, one woman claims that female staff were groped by male coworkers, were spied on in the shower via peepholes, and had their underwear stolen from their lockers. The harassment allegedly went on for years despite complaints to supervisors. It is worth noting that the men accused of the harassment—said to include putting what is suspected to be semen on women’s underwear—worked at a breeding farm where sows were artificially inseminated, which is typically done by men armed with bags of boar semen and tubes that they shove into pigs’ reproductive tracts.

Unfortunately, PETA investigations show that failure to discipline workers for sexual abuse seems to be standard policy at many factory farms, particularly when the victims are animals.



Our investigators have recorded many incidents of sexual abuse of animals, including a Hormel Foods Corp. supplier’s farm supervisor who rammed a cane into a pig’s vagina; an Aviagen Turkeys, Inc., employee who pinned a female turkey to the ground and mimicked raping her; and a Butterball employee who repeatedly shoved a finger into a turkey’s cloaca. After the footage was released, six of the Hormel supplier’s workers admitted guilt to charges of livestock abuse and neglect, and three Aviagen employees were convicted after facing the first-ever felony indictments for cruelty to farmed birds by factory-farm workers in the U.S.

You can avoid supporting the sexual abuse of both animals and humans by choosing a vegan diet—and urging everyone you know to do the same.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • sunny dee says:

    Another reason not to eat pork. Another reason not to support companies that turn a blind eye on abuse. May karma catch up with them for the pain and agony they created.

  • ftbird says:

    It’s the nature of sooo many men. They thrive on this abuse of animals, women and children. It’s the only way they can feel superior. You won’t find discouragement from many men in response to these charges of cruelty.

  • Claudine Tucker says:

    I do not understand why this video footage, complete with the farmers words, cannot be used in court as proof! Why can’t this company be brought to court on charges of gross and unethical animal abuse? The women involved should be part of the whole court hearing! There should be a law restricting those people who hate the animals they work with, especially when dealing with livestock. It is bad enough that these animals are killed for deemed needed food and products, but to condemn them to such a tortuous, war-prison-like life during their short stay on earth is heartless, cruel, vicious, malicious, cheap, and uncivilized. Back in the Middle Ages,maybe, but now; it is a gross embarrassment to be a human being and a gross mockery of human needs as well cruelty acts towards animals. We have newer technology and knowledge making this unforgivable and hard to explain. We have not gone forward, we have all gone backward to let something like this exist and continue. It saddens me everyday, and I hope that it is an isolated case. If it is, it should be brought to justice.

  • mary guida says:

    This video was so heinous! These criminals ought to have the same treatment done to them! I am mortified!

  • tina tine' says:

    This behavior is BEYOND disgusting!!! What the hell are we humans that we not only condone these things, but even think they’re amusing?