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Picture of the Month

Written by PETA | May 17, 2011

“So a policeman and a chicken walk into a bar …” In our favorite photo this month, taken during a protest outside a KFC in Montrose, Colorado, a police officer confers with a chicken about … what? Maybe the proper spelling of “potato”? Share your thoughts about what these two could be discussing below.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • ghostu says:

    Ok, i got that. you said it was a predator. not a coyote, not a hawk? A drone? with airforce markings? are you sure?

  • Simian Aqua says:

    Policeman: What are you clucking about? The only reason you exist is to become food for us. So be grateful! Although, along the way you’ll suffer in life, be tortured to death and then get your own back through clogging people’s arteries. KFC don’t make you healthy, so take refuge in that, you soon to be tasty Zinger Burger.

  • Nidhi says:

    Chicken is Complaining the Cop about the brutality done to him in KFC… 🙁

  • vegan-cupcake says:

    Cop:I have a an order to arrest you Chicken: Really? did you know that KFC is murdering thousands? boiling them alive?cutting there necks? they suffer in agnoy? cop: holly smokes [get walkie takie] back up i need back up mass murder report…excuse me chicken!

  • Tim Koch says:

    You are crazy people KFC is doing what is best for the company go after the company they buy for

  • LittleMissNarcissm says:

    Sorry i don’t take chicken-feed bribes.

  • Amy says:

    Just wanted to make sure you weren’t including donuts in your protest. Carry on!

  • Tim says:

    “Yeah, I’m responding to concerned reports of a man-eating chicken.” -Cop “Yeah, me too.” -Chicken

  • Apache Troll says:

    Cop: “Oh, I can’t wait until I submerge your still-conscious body into a bowl of boiling hot canola oil, and cook you nice all the way through

  • Tim says:

    “I know how you feel. When people look at me, they just see bacon.”

  • roxanne says:

    WE’ll issue an warrant for that colonel Sanders and he will pay for his crimes against humanity

  • katielou says:

    Cop: so this is what a chicken looks like.

  • Aneliese says:

    Cop – “Is the 3-piece wing set still a $1.99?” Chicken – *Sigh*

  • ezbuddy says:

    “Put your wings behind your back.”

  • Maria says:

    Cop: “Which way to the nearest vegetarian restaurant?”

  • MA Moo says:

    Cop to Chicken: “Please describe what the people look like who tortured and murdered your friends at KFC”

  • Livi says:

    “They do WHAT to the chickens??? Geez I’m never eating at KFC ever again.”

  • Mari says:

    After learning what happens to chickens for kfc, the cop tells the chicken “sorry you lost your friends, are you ok?”