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Photo: If You Wouldn’t Crate Your Child …

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan | January 23, 2012

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Dog © Goodwin

With Ashly Clark, a Nebraska mother whose two young boys were found locked in a wire kennel during a police welfare check, set to go on trial on January 31, PETA is planning to erect a billboard in her area that reminds people that crating is wrong—for children and dogs

Since dogs are highly social pack animals, they find crating or chaining a terrible punishment and it can actually make behavioral problems like barking and hyperactivity worse.

Dogs need to be allowed outside to relieve themselves at least four times a day, whether that means coming home from work at lunchtime, hiring a reputable dog walker, or taking them to a doggie daycare. After all, would you leave a toddler in a cage all day? 


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  • tots says:

    my dog sleeps in a crate at night… she seems to like it and it is spacious enough for her to spread out with a plastic bottom as well as a towel. is that ok?

  • Tracy says:

    Thank you for taking a stand against this. So many in the animal rescue community condone crating and pass this belief onto people. I have been called an “extremest” for speaking out against crating because people find it so normal to do this. The 2 humane societies where I live support crating and advocate it! 🙁 I wish more was done on this issue and to bring to light how cruel this is. I have a lot of rescue dogs (all who I have found off the street) and everyone has to learn to get along and not go to the bathroom in the house; of course there are mistakes, but that’s what training is about. In fact, I find that every time I bring a new dog into the house, the other dogs help to teach him or her how things go. I can’t imagine having my dogs locked up like prisoners. Locking a dog away to avoid training is cruel and shallow on the owners part.

  • Casey Rae Kay Galambas says:

    I highly agree, crating animals is abusive and those that do so should be locked away forever, just like they try to do to those sweet little puppies. I could never dream of doing such a disgraceful action to any living thing, other than the poeple who torture animals. Who says being human makes you better than a K-9?

  • CDavis says:

    Couldn’t agree with this more. People obviously don’t enjoy being in jail/prison, so why would you even begin to think your animal would be okay with this treatment? Animals have feelings, just as strong as humans…after all, we are animals, too.

  • Blanaru Adelina says:

    I really wish that the dogs could live a normal live, not chained, locked, punished because nobody would want to be in their place . They need to feel loved just like we do, they have feelings and they feel the pain . They can’t do anything to change their lives but you can do little things like take them to a walk or fead them and that will mean a lot for them . Thank you for your time and patience .