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Photo of the Week: Baring it All in the Big Easy

Written by PETA | July 12, 2011

When our beauties in the buff graced Bourbon Street to show that baring skin is better than wearing skin, one passerby was so inspired that he shed his shirt and joined in.

While it takes a lot to raise eyebrows in New Orleans, the ladies (and gent) managed to capture the attention of hundreds of passersby, who walked away with informative leaflets about the cruel fur and leather industries.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Matt says:

    Now are they really attracting people to their cause? Don’t be stupid! To hot, sexy naked women in the street will of course attract a bunch of guys who aren’t the least interested in animal rights.

  • i am a 14 -year-old flower child says:

    I do not wear fur and leather. I made up a solgan”Wear Faux not fur”. it is from. “make love not war”