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Photo: Park Your Carcass in Harvard Yard

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 24, 2012


In case you’ve ever wondered what meat looks like before it’s processed, here are some calf and goat remains spotted outside a restaurant in Queens, New York.

Lost your appetite? Try this instead.

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  • Darcy says:

    I used to eat meat and now when i see pics like this i wonder why it took me so long to quit??? This is also what i see when i see someone wearing fur… I’m so happy im vegan now 🙂

  • [email protected] says:

    Remains is totally the wrong term. I’ve never eaten calf or goat, but they don’t look that different from lamb. I’m surprised they aren’t wrapped up at all, seems a bit unsanitary in my opinion. I do agree with PETA’s stance in regard to being opposed to abuse or neglect of animals, and the importance of those who eat meat knowing where that meat comes from and what it looks like. This does not make me a vegetarian though, on the contrary, I hunt what I eat. I know where it is from and what it eats, I know that it has been processed in a sanitary way and harvested ethically because I am the one doing it. PETA could probably find a lot of support with the hunting community if they would respect the common ground that we do share. My 2 cents for whatever they are worth, I hope I’ve educated more than I’ve upset with this post.

  • Lynn says:

    If you can’t stop eating meat yet, try the many alternatives sold in most grocery stores. Tofurkey tastes the same as sausage, it looks the same as well. There are many companies selling ‘hamburger’ patties (made from tofu or similar vegetables) sold in the freezer section. Wildwood sells patties that look and taste like gourmet omelettes. Heating with quality olive oil can help the taste. Add your favorite spices and vegetables. Try to join the celebraties doing ‘Meatless Monday’s.’ Quality vegan salad dressings and ketchup can add spice to all the above.

  • jude says:

    @sydney:Why the hell would you come here and purposely goad people? Cuz yur a troll…duh. So go eat yur dead flesh and turn yur body into a graveyard. Many of us would not destroy another sentient creature just to eat a meal.

  • Harley says:

    I used to eat meat ALL the time…i went veggie like 2 weeks ago, and I cant believe i ever ate stuff like this… So glade i switched to veggies and fruits. i have sworn to never go back to eating animal carcasses. PS PETA: I love your ‘I am not a nugget’ stuff, every thought of making something like “I am not a pork chop”? I LOVE piggies and say this all the time, and some of my friends (who eat meat) have started saying it too. My one friend refuses to eat any pig now, because she always thinks of this saying when she’s about to eat ^.^

  • Cara says:

    @ sydney, Right, this picture must be so appetizing for you. Yum, dead carcasses! Trust me, the vast majority of people are completely and utterly disgusted with an image like this. The only reason you’re not is because you were raised in an environment (i.e., a farm) that seared your conscience towards slaughter. Troll elsewhere, please.

  • Emma says:

    If this makes you sick, go vegetarian AND never wear fur !! In case you haven’t seen PETA’s video of the fur farms, this is what those beautiful animals look like after their fur has been cruelly stolen from them ..

  • sydney says:

    trust me, I know what they look like. I raise meat animals myself on my farm. The only thing wrong i see in this picture is a waste of perfectly good meat.

  • ciao says:

    is that for real?!

  • madison says:

    makes me sick to my stomach just to see that in a picture. SO glad I’m vegetarian

  • eddy loomans says:

    how can you possibly eat something like that??

  • lisa says:

    Soo glad im a vegi