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Photo: Meet Tommy Lee’s New Addition

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 4, 2012

It’s a boy for Tommy Lee and his girlfriend, singer and dancer Sofia Toufa. On National Puppy Day, the pair rescued their new pup, Bowie, from a shelter.

Mia anelli

Of course, Tommy rescued his new best friend rather than buying him. What else would we expect from a guy who chooses ink over mink, blasts SeaWorld, and famously gave a homeless man $100 with the caveat, “Just don’t buy KFC“? 

Congratulations to the proud puppy “parents”!

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  • AMG says:

    Please stop bashing Tommy Lee for choosing a puppy over an older or disabled dog. Not everyone has the time and resources to assist an animal that requires more care or training than a pup. Older dogs can be very set in their ways and difficult to train. Many have not learned to interact appropriately with children or other animals, which could cause a disaster. Disabled animals often do not fit into every household because of their special needs. There are many reasons people opt for a pup. I think Tommy Lee should be commended for rescuing an animal from a shelter, pup or not. It was a good step and it sure looks like that pup is going to grow to be a much-loved dog in a good home. I say…you go, Tommy Lee! Thanks for giving that little one a place to grow and thrive.

  • rickrudd says:

    If Tommy was not there to rescue this pup, would it be “executed” at the animal “shelter”

  • judy savard says:

    Great job. Thank you so much for the rescue.

  • Steve says:

    Bless you Tommy. You’re the best. Thank you for giving a rescue dog a forever home. You really do rock….

  • holland says:

    I’m with lesley turnbull, above, and hope Tommy will also adopt older, “imperfect” or less traditionally cute animals too. I’m especially keen on saving mommy dogs, who too often get dumped once they wean their pups. Mother dogs whose bodies tell the story of too many litters are rarely saved. Hey — Mother’s Day is coming up — why not save one more?

  • Mimi says:

    To Tommy and Sofia you are the picture of a beautiful family. That is one lucky puppy to have both of you loving and caring for him. I wish all animals could be so lucky…I saw on a car a paw like bumper sticker that read who rescued who? Since I can’t have dogs where I live I have rescued 6 cats from horrible situations. They are my family and when I come home from work every night they are always there to greet me. I can’t imagine a better feeling than the love my babies give me. As talented as you are as a musician, you should write an awesome song to inspire others to do what you have done for Bowie!

  • lisa says:

    Really good that Tommy adopted an animal from a shelter but have to agree with lesley turnbill’s comment all well and good he rehomed a puppy but i dont feel like others that comment he rocks cos he rehomed a puppy, everyone wants a puppy or kitten what about all the older animals left behind the ones who just want a loving home to spend their old age in?? they are the ones overlooked, i have more respect for celebs who give an older animal a home and a second chance anyone can home a puppy.

  • iara saboya says:

    Congrats Tommy Lee and Sofia!! Thank you too.

  • ROSEMARY says:


  • Shaynie Aero says:

    So many congrats 4 being so ultra kind 2 animals,and giving them such love, and sacrificing 4 them,like u r now doing 4 this adorable puppy!

  • hellie ellie says:

    You rock in more than one way! Congrats on the new addition. You could have paid a breeder but I’m so happy to hear you gave a shelter dog a happy forever home.

  • doggrrrrl says:

    That is one good lookin’ family. Always adopt, dont buy!

  • Tory says:

    Tommy Lee, you rock! A rocker wiht a heart of gold is the sexiset thing ever.

  • lesley turnbull says:

    I am glad Tommy adopted from a shelter, and I have no idea how many pets he has. I do notice than the pup looks “perfect”. Itis a shame that there are so many visually, or mobility challenged dogs and cats and others with all kinds of assorted health problems that will never get adopted because most people haven’t the financial means to pay for their on going vet bills and numerous meds. I would like to see people who are in the imelight and those who have means take some of these guys who are not going to get a forever home. Not because they aren’t loveable but because no one can afford to take them. Good luck with the new pup though Tommy–he looks like a charmer. Perhaps your next one…

  • Christine says:

    Tommy you really do rock — especially when it comes to animals and standing up for their rights! Hope your new baby boy brings lots of joy to your family 🙂 ROCK ON!

  • Jake85 says:

    Congrats to Tommy Lee and Sofia on their new boy. Adopting from a shelter is the cool thing to do. Best wishes to them.

  • RRamsey says:

    So adorable! Tommy Lee has been awesome speaking out for animals. Bowie has a great new family.