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Photo: I’ll Have a Coffin With a Side of Chips

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 13, 2012

PETA U.K.’s dead-serious anti-obesity billboard is stirring up some weighty controversy:

PETA U.K. erected the billboard near a new mortuary in Gloucester built especially to accommodate obese corpses. Oddly, the U.K.’s National Obesity Forum labeled the ad as “irresponsible,” although the group didn’t say what exactly it objected to. We’re not sure why an obesity-awareness group would take issue with a billboard that aims to help people deal with obesity pre-coffin, but protesters ripped down part of the sign (unhelpfully revealing an ad for chips—or French fries to us in the U.S.).

Isn’t an obesity-awareness group’s protest of an obesity-awareness sign somewhat akin to Shopaholics Anonymous holding meetings at the mall?

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  • Sarah says:

    Who knows? Maybe they thought it was crass. They may have felt that the true aim of the billboard wasn’t to help people who are obese. You don’t need to be a vegan to be slim you just need to eat a healthy diet and exercise. The healthiest people in the world are considered to be Okinawans, and while they eat a lot of vegetables, don’t stuff themselves, and they exercise a lot, they also eat meat (mostly fish). How do you explain that?