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Photo: Leaping Lettuce Ladies

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 8, 2012

Photo of the Day:

Like Van Halen said, “Go ahead and jump.”

After learning that Detroit was the second-saddest city in America, the leaping “Lettuce Ladies” made Detroiters hoppy by telling them about the cure for the blues: going vegan. Studies show that vegetarians have lower rates of depression and anxiety than meat-eaters do. The receptive residents grabbed up our “Think Before You Eat” leaflets like they were vinyl copies of 1984

Ready to eat your way to happiness? “You say you don’t know—you won’t know … until you begin…”

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  • Zinderella says:

    Leaping Lettuce is great fun! I am vegan for many reasons; I went from long-term vegetarian to veganism and feel great. However, for future PETA campaigns, can we PLEASE stop using the ‘women-in-bikini’concept to attract attention? were there not any lettuce-jumping-men available? A group of youngsters (5 yr olds) dressed as lettuce and bouncing and laughing would be just as if not more effective…good health and habits starts when people are young…just sayin’ 🙂

  • ALLEN L. says:

    WOW…LOL….I LOVE the photos!!! I bet the “Meat Eaters” COULDN’T DO THAT!! Going Vegetarian/Vegan,shows people that “WE” can out run all those “MEAT EATERS” in our Daily BUSY LIFE !!! No wonder the Meat Eaters need things like Energy drinks and other stimulants to keep them going..LOL GO VEGETARTIAN..GO VEGAN PEOPLE!!!! STOP THAT MEAT from DRAGGING YOU DOWN!!! FEEL HEALTHY….BE HEALTHY For you and your Love Ones..

  • Devon Robert says:

    Awesome to see!