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PETA Pounces on Parliament

Written by PETA | June 27, 2012

After Canada’s House of Commons passed a budget bill that strikes down several environmental protection laws, PETA’s blue-painted supporters hit Ottawa’s Parliament Hill to rock the government’s world—almost literally—and to urge eco-conscious Canadians not to despair because they can still help save the planet by eating plant-based foods.

According to the United Nations, the meat industry is in large part responsible for some of the most serious environmental problems that we face today, including climate change. So even if you aren’t daring enough to strip down to bodypaint (although if you are, let PETA know), don’t feel blue—you can still help protect the Earth by choosing healthy, humane vegan meals.

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  • MerSea says:

    The Conservative government is starting to actualize our greatest fears: they are ushering Canada into the dark ages with cuts and slashes to the very programs that make Canada Canada. Good on you, PETA, for creatively reminding people that the meat industry (which is another horror story, in itself is a major contributing factor to global warming. Be kind to all animals by not eating them. Go vegetarian; your body and mind will thank you for it!