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PetSmart Responds to Our Investigation

Written by PETA | January 28, 2008

Here’s what PetSmart spokesman Bruce Richardson had to say when he was asked about the shocking video footage revealed by our recent investigation into a PetSmart supplier in Texas:

“I don’t know what those images say. … Just because you see a dead pet, does that mean there was abuse? No. Pets die, particularly when you are dealing with volume.”

When you’re dealing with volume,” Bruce? Does it not strike you as just a little bit callous to refer to the living, breathing beings that your company trades in as if they were lawn furniture? No, of course it doesn’t. Because that’s exactly the attitude that seems to be driving this business—despite being confronted by scenes of incredible suffering inflicted by a PetSmart supplier, Bruce and his colleagues appear to have seen nothing at all, beyond a few “acceptable losses” of their “product.”

Before I get too rhetorical here, let’s switch gears and watch something a bit more uplifting. It’s good to know, at least, that for every Bruce Richardson there’s also someone out there who’s taking time to make a positive difference for animals. Here’s a creative pro-spay and neuter spot by Alliance for Humane Action that I just came across. I like it because it has cats in it.

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  • a petsmart employee says:

    oh and I agree with Eden 100 PERCENT.

  • Anonymous says:

    I bought two hamsters from petsmart and both of them were really mean and bit a lot. I do not blame them for biting though because I’ve had hamsters my whole life and I was able to tame all of them. These were impossible to tame because they were never handled not to mention the poor conditions they were in. One of the hamsters I got from them already had wettail. Luckily we were able to treat it in time.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Ashes My point is that no hospital CEO would say to the family of a dead person or the public at large “people die especially when you’re dealing in volume.” Such a statement would not be acceptable. The comment indicates Petsmarts’ view of animals as commodities not beings. Soall their “pet adoption” efforts really are just for show not because of any true concern about the animals in their care.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    I will never shop at PetSmart until it stops selling live animals permanently. Everyone who breeds or contributes to animal breeding by buying or selling animals is responsible for millions of deaths every year for the “pet” industry. It is past time we stop treating animals as objects for human gain. Advocate spayandneuter to everyone you know and support adoption only. Together we can abolish this cruel and unjust industry!

  • Spay and neuter immediately, please says:

    I used to work at a PetSmart too. I knew about the back room though as a dog trainer I didn’t have access to it so I can’t speak about the suffering that went on there. I didn’t quit because the conditions for the animals that weren’t sick were bad quite the contrary. I quit because buying and selling living things is morally reprehensible. Make no mistake when PetSmart buys from suppliers like Rainbow they are complicit in that cruelty.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Eden I have all the respect in the world for what you do. I can’t speak for PETA at all but my main contention is that no animal belongs in a cage so tiny that it needs to be cleaned every day especially birds. “Exotic” animals belong in the wild period. Breeding them in captivity as items to be sold is dead wrong. I’m a certified vet tech and I saw hundreds of these pet store animals given up to the shelter I worked at. On top of that some of Petsmart’s animal care information is dead wrong and I’ve seen exotic animals get very sick from this misinformation. And if the store is not calling the “adopter’s” vets then they are not screening them correctly. People should not be bringing these animals to regular vets. I hope you understand that I’m not blaming you or any pet store employees. The ones who have written in are obviously lovely people. On top of that many many animal professionals like myself worked in pet stores as their first jobs and it’s easy to get protective of a place that employs you. I sure did. I hope the intelligent Petsmart employees move on to a career in caring for animals. Althought I despise Petsmart I beleive the animals there are very lucky indeed to have folks like you.

  • Eden says:

    First of all you people making all of these comments agaisnt PetSmart and it’s stores need to get your facts yet. I personally work at a PetSmart as a Pet Care Specialist the one who takes care of the animals and torture? Are you serious? We give all the animals new food and water everyday wipe the cahnges daily changed them weakly give them treats daily give them every thing they need. So what the CEO is a duche bag…he’s greedy and wants money yeah I’ll give you that. But you have no right to say that inside the PetSmart store itself that the employees tortue and mistreat animals. We provide animal shelter a place to advertise and get their pets adopted. The fourfive shelters that come to my store alone LOVE our program. The cats get litter changes fresh food water daily at least twice a day. Our supplier may be cruel and I don’t understand why we don’t get another one. The animals we get in are sometimes sick or dying but we take them to a local vet and medicate them via the vet’s instructions and nurse them back to health. We also make sure the owner buys the appropriate bedding food etc. We explain everything above diseases to them. It’s their choice whether or not they take care of them same as if they get them from a shelter. I would just like to say at least we’re getting them away from those horrible conditions in that video take care of them and give them a better life. The only bad thing I can say about PetSmart is we do have some high prices.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Ashes But these are supposed to be animals in the best of health at PetSmart. Of course many people die in hospitalsonly sick people are admitted there. Dying is common at one place it most definitely should not be at the other.

  • Yvette says:

    I think that it is important to note that ALL PetSmart locations are not like that. Our local PetSmart employees are mostly made up by teens that I know have volunteered in our community and work very hard to educate customers about their animals and habitats. I recently bought a hampster and I don’t know what I would have done if the employees at PetSmart werent so knowledgeable. I think that any animal cruelty needs to be stamped out by location because they are not ALL negligent.

  • Jory says:

    Everyone should contact the companies they purchase from at PetsMart and let them know they may not be able to purchase their products because they are sold next to animals who are being supplied from an abusive company under the same roof. I just contacted mine Blue Buffalo dog food. I think this would be a good idea in addition to contacting PetsMart directly. If their suppliers are telling PetsMart they are concerned then it may resonate. Thanks!

  • Kristy says:

    I won’t be shopping for my animals products at Petsmart any longer.

  • Mandy says:

    I cant believe how Petsmart responded to the investigation.I wont return to petsmart until they stop the cruelty and i encourage PETA to never stop doing what they do best Ending the suffering of animals one day at a time! Keep at it Peta!

  • Ashes says:

    Antigone your point about people dying in hospitals is exactly what I’m talking about. When a person dies in a hospital it doesn’t automatically mean the hospital did something wrong. The majority of the time it was the opposite. The mere fact that a death occurs doesn’t provide evidence of wrongdoing with animals or humans. Video of a dead animal only proves mistreatment is the death is one that only occurs where there is mistreatment or if abusers are caught on tape in the act. Otherwise it’s not necessarily evidence of any wrongdoing.

  • Ana says:

    Hello Judith! Your introductions to your dogs must be done carefully and slowly. Get a towel and rub the dogs with it and let the kitty sniff so she can acclimate herself to their presence. Keeping her away from them for awhile also lets her adjust to not only you but her new surroundings. How kind of you to help this kitty!

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve noticed others saying that they disagree with targeting PetSmart when it is doing what others are doing. In addition to my previous statement I want to add that while it’s easy to get animal rights activists vegetarians vegans and hardcore pet lovers I say “hardcore” because a lot of “pet lovers” love that their pets are bred and bought to boycott the whole system it’s hard to get society as a whole to move that way. As unfortunate as it is movements these days have to be done with marketing as PETA seems to understand. When you tell the whole nation that pet breeding and selling in stores is wrong and almost entirely if not 100 leads to or originates from abuse of the animal they are going to think that an accusation that widespread and that extreme must be untrue. HOWEVER if you point out “here is evidence of what PetSmart and it’s suppliers do” then they are able to see a small more believable example and do something about it. The result is that one place is made an example of perhaps inspiring change in them perhaps inspiring competitors to make changes to say how much better they are. Consumers meanwhile have made their opinion clear when they know and believe the case to be true and it’s likely that even if they walk into a competitor’s store they may start to think “I wonder if those animals came from a supplier like PetSmart’s. Maybe I shouldn’t buy it just in case… I heard there’s going to be an adoption day at the mall next weekend.” Yes it makes the movement slower and less extreme but using marketing methods and understanding the way people think does lead to greater success.

  • elphaba says:

    Hey Judith Putting vanilla extract on all the animals and humans in the house will help your kitty tremendouslycats are much more comfortable with newbies when everyone smells the same. You can also put the kitty in a separate room where she will feel safe from the pups while gradually getting used to the idea of them. Good luck!

  • Tamara says:

    Oh Judith Bless your soul for taking in that little ‘ol girl! If she walked up to your hubby she wanted to come in your house. Poor baby. Declawed and obviously a former pet. It’s stories like that that keep me going. I dont’ have a cat and have never had a cat bird person here but don’t they have something called Felaway or something? You plug it in it’s like those plug in air fresheners. It emits something that calms the kitty down. You should maybe keep her in a separate room also till she gets used to the pups. Ask your vet he would be the best to give advice…bless you so so much again…

  • Michele says:

    Jessica your statement that “As long as consumers continue to treat animals as a commodity we cannot expect merchants to act differently. Boycotting all pet stores and breeders is the only way to go” was brilliant. PetSmart and other such companies continue to buy animals from mills because public demand continues for purchasing these animals from pet stores.

  • Tamara says:

    “Hermit crabs can live to be 30 or so years old and they are not meant to live in captivity just like 99 percent of Petsmart’s “items”.” But bags of dog food…and kitty litter… are meant to live in captivity I’m sure of it… snicker trying to make everyone smile a little

  • kathleen wissenz says:

    “Volume” is a term used for lives?! This guy is heartless sick. I hate “pet” stores I will not buy anything from one for my five cats. “Selling” animals while others die in shelters because no one wants them is wrong. Pet stores should be outlawed!!

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Ashes A few dead humans out of a large number is also only evidence of nature. So make sure to tell anyone whose relative dies in a hospital to suck it up and move on.

  • Sue says:

    As far as Bruce Richardson’s comments go I think his company should consider firing him. If he is their spokes person I have no respect for their CEO’s that hired him or continue to pay this man a salary. Is that all he could say is animals die? Peta has taken down bigger companies and as the word spreads this company too will either change or close their doors due to lack of business. They will no longer get my business and I will spread the word to everyone.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hi Judith! You really are a good woman for taking in that poor kitty she would have been killed in no time with no claws! I don’t know your level of experience with cats so please forgive me if I tell you things you already know. Absolutely the most important thing you can do for her is to close her in her own room away from the dogs. It’s crucial. Put her in the bathroom if it’s safe IMMEDIATELY and find a room where she will be safe. Ideally it would be a spare room that is completely empty except for a litter box food water and a couch kitty bed or human bed. Give her something to hide in or under. When you go in the room do not go near her let her come to you first. Be warned that declawed cats sometimes bite or refuse to use the litterbox. Bring her to the vet tonight or tomorrow. Your dogs could get worms or fleas from her and if there are fleas you’ll never get rid of them if they infest your house. or at least it’s very hard Keep her away from the dogs as long as possible and slowly introduce them by having the dogs on a leash and if she wants to come out of the room and say hi to them that’s a good start. If they bother her or chase her even once you’re back to square one. Ask a dog behaviorist to help you introduce them. If she is always fearful of the dogs I recommend finding a different home so she’s not terrified and miserable if she can’t get used to the dogs. A vet can scan her for a microchip try to find a vet with a universal scanner. Send a photo of her to local shelters cats can travel for miles even over state lines. One cat from the American midwest wound up in France! she got on a boat lol Again give her her own room as clean as possible and I highly recommend cleaning the litterbox EVERY time she uses it especially with a declawed cat and keep her in there and visit her by sitting on the floor and encouraging her to come over. Keep a very quiet voice and go slow if she’s already really friendly then try to spend lots of time with her. I do professional cat behavior counseling so email me at if you need any more help. Well done Judith! I’ll be thinking of you please let me know how it goes!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Judith what a nice storyI’m sure the lubricant of love will make everything go smoothly I didn’t mean it to sound quite like thatlol. Sounds like you married a great guy too.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    MAYA and ANA HELP!!!!! As cold weather has hit pretty hard in San Diego my husband and I are leaving our garage door open about a foot. We have kitty food and water in there so that anyone that ventures in will have a warm place to stay and will leave with a full tummy. We have one very elderly girl that has shown up and is very friendly. My husband was in the garage 3 nights ago and she came up up to him and he picked her up and he noticed that she has no front claws. Our grandsons went around the neighborhood which only has about 10 homes and asked if they were missing this little lady. Nobody fessed up. So here is the question we invited “ANGEL” the name now given by our grandsons in the house but when she saw our 2 eldery pups she was not a happy camper. They on the other hand fell in love. We have not had a kitty for ages. What can we do to make her transition into our family a happy one? Any advice would be helpful. Thank You Judith We are also taking her to our vet to have a check up. Thank you Jack for letting me ramble on but this is so important.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Also I was sorry to see they had bogus pet care information on betta fish and hermit crabs. I’d be surprised if those animals lived more than a few months once they got home. Hermit crabs can live to be 30 or so years old and they are not meant to live in captivity just like 99 percent of Petsmart’s “items”. It drives me insane too Tamara that they use the animal shelter card. The shelter I used to work at had an adoption day at Petco and the shelter workers would come back upset because the customers there were always pissed off that they had to fill out forms and have their vets called. They wanted the Petsmart style drive thru treatment. Petsmart’s own “adoptions” involve salespeople pushing specific pets on customers. It’s completely bogus. Here’s a real shelter adoption the CUSTOMER chooses a pet the shelter worker spends 45 minutes counseling them to find out if they are ready to care for the animal followed by a call to the adopter’s vet to see how they care for animals and landlord to make sure pets are allowed in the building where they live. And we make sure they have an exotic pet veterinarian to use if they adopt one of our exotic shelter pets and we charge them SIX DOLLARS to take an exotic pet home as long as they are able to care for it.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    BullyDawg That’s a great point thank you so much! Plus from what I understand Home Depot has sustainable practices too. Great advice. I could easily drop $400 on pet food and litter for our cats plus our rescued strays. Tamara I’m exhausted too but if we keep saying it maybe someone will listen! LOL Ana great point about declawing. One of the worst things one can do to a cat absolutely.

  • Ana says:

    This video rocks!!!!! Please spayneuter your felinesno more homeless cats and kittens. As a rescuer I see my share of trajedy and sorrowful circumstances. Please keep cats indoors and do not declaw. Declawing is cruel and unethical and serves no purpose nor medical benefit for the cats.

  • Tamara says:

    Jenny sweetie I think we allthose involved in animals rights welfare or rescue know that the cats at PetsMart are from shelters or rescues and are housed there so the public has a chance to adopt them 7 days a week. That’s because there are about 3 times as many cats in sheltersrescues vs. dogs. Those cats are not SOLD…people pay an adoption fee that goes to the shelter or rescue. So don’t give PetsCrap special credit for that ok? It just irritates the bejeezus out of me that they use these rescued dogs and cats for the goodwill it promotes to customers. But they continue torture and sell every other kind of pet species. I’ve said it once. I’ve said it a million times. EVERY kind of pet PetsMart sells can be found in your local shelter andor there is a rescue for that type of animal. They need to stop torturing these animals breeding them and let people adopt a hamster gerbil bird iguana guinea pig snake. Instead of making profit off their little bitty souls. And I won’t even mention that I think sometimes the money these shelters and rescues get from ALL the chain pet stores is blood money. Nope won’t mention that at all.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Maya I would not waste money buying one of those overpriced cat condos. My husband built one using carpet remnants lumber plywood and sisal rope for a tiny fraction of the price they charge at these horrible pet stores. Bonus…we bought the materials at a local supply store instead of LowesHome Depot so the cash stays in the community! Google “build cat condos” and you’ll find a lot of great plansdirections!

  • Blaise says:

    PETA loves to single out one store of a huge chain and say ‘boycott’ that company. Come on PETA time to get back to reality! I know quite a few people that work at a few Petsmart stores and those stores are clean takes care of their animal with the most respect great employees etc. I know first hand that one Petsmart here where I live sends any injured or sick animal to a vet promptly when needed. Last week the Petsmart here spent almost $800 to save to hamsters. That is true animal love and care. Come to south jersey PETA and try and find something wrong with the Petsmarts here. I bet you all wont do a report on how GREAT the stores are will ya? Just look for one bad apple and the whole company should be shut down right? Maybe the bad store just needs better staff. I want to see PETA put out of their pockets to help all these needy animals.

  • Susan says:

    The video showed an accident where some water got into a cage and you made it seem as though this happened every day and that they enjoyed drowning little animals. The video showed a bird getting his nail cut for a blood sample. That’s the same way the vet does it. The little hamster that was sitting in the trash bin full of fresh shavings was probably extremely happy. That wasn’t about to be thrown in the trash. I believe you exaggerated. You showed a picture of a dead mouse and it’s not one I recognize as being a pet species. It looks more like a wild mouse. This whole video looks like you took a few tiny incidents and blew them out of proportion. I support you PETA but it seems this is just a bit overboard.

  • DaliyVeg Editor says:

    “Pets die particularly when you are dealing with volume.” I just love it when the industry does our work for us.

  • Jenny says:

    I respect the fact that PETA is only looking out for the well being of these animals but I don’t necessarily agree with the entire PetSmart controversy. From what I can tell PETA conducted an undercover investigation in just one store in Connecticut. I had a friend that worked at a PetSmart near Chicago. She is an avid animal lover vegetarian and respects animals just as much as the next PETA member. She said the staff cared for the animals immensely. Their environments were kept clean and safe. I was also able to adopt a small finch that was healing from an injured leg for free. Someone had returned the poor thing because it had injured its leg and they didn’t want to deal with it. So it stayed in PetSmart’s care despite the fact they were unable to sell it until it was adopted by myself and given a nice home. I also would like to note that the cats that are sold at the PetSmarts near me are all cats rescued from “kill shelters” or poor home environments in which they were abandoned or not properly cared for. Personally I think PETA has singled out this one location. And yes I completely disagree with its poor animal care however I don’t think we are looking at the big picture.

  • Jessica says:

    I think that remark does not exemplify PetSmart itself so much as the animal breeding industry as a whole. As long as consumers continue to treat animals as a commodity we cannot expect merchants to act differently. Boycotting all pet stores and breeders is the only way to go.

  • Jeff says:

    The response basically doesn’t make any sense He says it’s volume and that animals die regularly That may be a little true but in my opinion doesn’t make sense they force breed animals there and torture them when their to die if they die at all you shouldn’t torture them…You’re just going to increase the population of the animals and then what try to make money and if you don’t you’re going to kill them and do it over again?

  • Tamara says:

    I like the kitties As for the other…I am exhausted. Really. I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall. I’ll have something to say at some point. I have something to say now. I hate people. Ok dumb uncaring retarded stupid people. I’ll be back with a more intellegent comment soon. But I still like the kitties. Thank you for sharing them.

  • Jeff says:

    Well they shouldn’t get people to work for them who don’t take care of animals properly…If they ever really needed to kill them off they don’t step on them they do it in a respectful way and not torture them or scare the sh out of them…

  • Jenna M says:

    Peta is criticized because they are too progressive light years away from what is what should be. ZThere was also a time when black people were thought to be only part human were kept in slavery against their will. Just like it took forever to realize how horrific the treatment of African Americans were we’ll one day realize our daily atrocious abuse of animals. Whether it’s a piece of cowardly scum like Vick inflicting torture death on defenseless victims for sadistic entertainment value or being a neglegtful pet owner by failing to have your dog or cat spayed neutered adding to the homeless population to pet owners physical abusing the dog or cat in the home. Puppy mills slaughter house abuse pet shop horrors on on yet people still call Peta extremists for wanting to change these outdated cruel ideas practices that are accepted are going on right now to the detriment of countless innocent animals. Peta may not be perfect but I’ll join with them donate my money time because they are a hell of alot better than the people companies who know they are cruel sometimes criminal wrong. One day this world will change for the better about animal cruelty we’ll look back at this era in shane disbelief.

  • Joy says:

    While I agree with the statement that “animals die” in different situations…. random people neutering rabbits IS ABUSE!!!! Vets should be the only ones neutering animals. Wiping down the genitals of a rabbit with a Clorox wipe IS ABUSE. I worked at a vet hospital for almost 5 years and its a very detailed process when beginning to neuter any animal. Neutering like that can lead to infections and it was clear that the rabbit was not properly anesthetized. Animals should be squirming when receiving a painful operation. That rabbit was still partially awake.

  • Rebecca King says:

    I wonder did the jerks above watch the video? I was sick over it and I know I will never go to PetsMart again. I belong to groups who love rabbits and we want smething done about Rainbow . Shut the place down. Pets die yes but absusing them like that is sick. The video was the worst thing I have ever seen. Cruel sick dirty people.

  • Aurora says:

    You people think that petsmart is bad? I have had my fair share of working at pet stores and petsmart is nothing compared to some local places where I live. Take for example a place called Animart.. They keep two sometimes 3 puppies in a two foot by three foot box with nothing to lay on but the hard floor covered in paper to catch poop and pee which is cleaned out of the cages a few times a day. They have no water in these cages with them. When they get fed the water is dumped into their food and thats all they get. the puppies are IMPOSSIBLE to potty train one because they have never seen outside and two because they just go where they sleep. when you bring them home all they do is drink enough water to make them sick and go to the bathroom where they lay. and this is all to the public veiw. If PETA should be going after a pet store it should be them… they sell live animals too and they are in much worse condition than those at petsmart… the only reason they are going after petsmart is because its a large coporate company that PETA themselves will get lots of attention for “busting them out” The more national coverage Petsmart gets for this garbage the more coverage AND DONATIONS peta gets.. so what im saying is if you guys want to “complain” about animal care.. take a look animart.. or hundreds of other SMALL petstores around the country… and REALLY help an animal…

  • Gina M says:

    I believe this is typical of pet stores and disgusting greedy CEO’s who see nothing but the bottom line. To those who critize Peta they are not perfect but I agree with their basic philosophy and I know they are many years perhaps centuries ahead of their time. Many backwards thinking narrow minded people can’t accept changes even if those changes are for the better long past due. Just remember there was a time when the majority thought blacks were not 100 human and many saw nothing wrong with them being forced into a cruel life of slavery. I think one day we’ll look back on our callous way of treating animals like disposable trash and be horrified that these abuses were allowed. Whether it’s dogfighting our failure to do a minimum of having our pets spayed neutered to save millions from homelessness to just plain neglect abuse by those who should never own an animal. So overall I’ll stick with Peta continue to donate spread their word. I’m already hooked on Real men show kindness only cowardly scum abuse animals. I think one of the scummiest Michael Vick his 7 year torture killing of innocent victims for sadistic entertainment proves certain warped attitudes still have a very long way to go to change.

  • LuLu says:

    It makes me sad that some people just can’t understand or care about how people treat animals they don’t see the pain it causes. You people who leave mean or uncaring comments that’s unecessary. They’re just trying to help the animals if your not here for support or investigation but just for leaving stupid comments what are you doing here????

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hi Ashes I’m not trying to be argumentative but there’s a difference here. These pet stores are intentionally breeding these animals to sell them and then they turn around and just like you said cram hundreds of them into their stores. It’s cruel. When an animal shelter opens its doors it does not begin breeding animals in order to sell them. They simply wait for people to come in off the streets with sick stray cats rabbits bought for Easter that kids refuse to care for and reptiles whose novelty has worn off. I’ve worked at both a pet store and animal shelters and I give you my word at least half of those unwanted sick animals came from pet stores. And now the shelter workers like myself have to do the dirty work of killing them because they’re either too sick or there’s too many to find homes for. Wild animals belong in the wild shelter animals belong in good homes. Those are all the animals we need thank you and we should not breed any more living creatures until we can stop throwing millions of unwanted pets into garbage cans. Peace Ashes.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Hey Joe Quit using the royal we. Saying “as we all know” is just presumptuous BS. PETA has been very happy with some companies and their efforts to be more humane.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Hilarious but with a point. Love the letter from Norman the male cat to the female cat “Meet me behind the garden shed”.

  • Joe says:

    Hold the phone. As we all know PETA will never be happy with anything anyone does. That being said even if PetSmart does boycott Rainbow and up their unannounced visits of other distributors PETA will still claim some form of wrong doing. So why do you guys even care about this? According to you shouldn’t we hate PetSmart all together? If we live by your dogma shouldn’t this just be another nail in the coffin for this ‘flesh dealer’?

  • Ashes says:

    I know you’ll deny this but what he said although worded poorly isn’t any different than what any group that cares for animals would say if an animal in their care died. Animals die. When there are hundreds of animals and a few die and that’s not a big percentage. I’m sure you support animal shelters. Animals die there. I’m sure many of you own pets. Pets die sometimes at a young age even. And I know you like the idea of animals living in their natural habitats but animals in the wild die sometimes at higher rates than those in captivity. Your own organization doesn’t actually provide care for any animals and that’s the only reason why animals don’t die while in PETA care. What he said is truea few dead animals out of a large number isn’t evidence of abuse. It’s evidence of nature.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    When I worked for an animal shelter which had a law enforcement cruelty office I would wind up redirecting calls to law enforcement and I recieved many calls from the public complaining about pet stores. While I don’t know what resulted from the investigations I can tell you that people would call in very distraught by what they saw in the pet stores themselves NOT the suppliers. Petco was one of the stores people complained about. We don’t have a Petsmart in our area. All I can say is pet stores plainly display the fact that animals are mistreated there. Boycott all pet stores. I have $300 in my bank that I’m waiting to spend for a new cat condo for my beautiful kitty and I will spend it on a store where they don’t sell animals. Wait make that $400 after I buy pet food.