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PetSmart May Be Selling Infected Birds

Written by PETA | January 3, 2008

According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, 20 different Petsmart stores in 11 Seattle counties may have sold birds with avian chlamydiosis, which can pose a serious health risk to people who are exposed to the animals.

The threat of a nasty disease is a pretty great reason not to buy a bird from Petsmart, but it’s not the main reason. People shouldn’t buy birds from Petsmart because birds don’t belong in cages. All caged birds were either captured or captive-bred. In the wild, they spend their entire lives with their flockmates, and many species mate for life and share parenting tasks. Considering that some parrots fly 30 miles a day in the wild, it’s no surprise that these animals often develop severe behavioral problems when they’re stuck in a cage for life.

Click here to tell PetSmart to just stop it already.

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  • Geni says:

    I bought a couple parakeets from PetCo. What’s worse than “sick birds”? Flight hndicapped birds. PetCo sells some birds with cliiped wings. Good for a bird in a small indoor cage but deadly for a bird housed in an outdoor aviary. I just lost a beautiful pure white parakeet I kept in an outdoor aviary. Wing trimming at “corporate” butchered the bird. I hate small cages for birds used to flying around until “corporate” clips primary flight feathers. I no longer buy birds from PetCo. I’ll travel to nearby towns where nonhandicapped flockoriented social birds are sold without flight feathers clipped until time of sale at the discretion of the buyer. 3 aviaries with the latest dedicated to budgies minus the beautiful PetCo white albino parakeet now.

  • Angry says:

    I support PETA compleatly. Infact I have recently changed my diet to no meat. I don’t wear fur or leather and I certainley do not abuse my pets. And yes I own pets. They have food toys shelter and vet care. Most of these things they would not have in the wild. Yall are making it sound like owning animals is a horrible thing. I think about it this way. I KNOW mine are happy. If I wasn’t the one who got them who know’s if they’d have this kind of life. As for Petsmart. They aren’t there to sell sick animals. THAT’s ILLEGAL! We and i do mean we Take great pride at finding new homes for these pets. We have also adopted out over a million homeless pets in the past couple of years. You don’t work here unless you have a tramindous love for animals. And we all do. If anyone is witnessed doing something inhumane they are immeadiatley realeased. I am Proud to say that I work for Petsmart. And I am ashamed you all think the way you do. Although you have the right to speech you can’t exploit things that aren’t true!

  • Cody says:

    Are you serious? The Breeder which supplies the birds sold the infected birds. Then PetsMart took the birds out of the store until they fixed the birds. PetsMart doesnt even make profit off the animals. In fact the lose money off it you dipshits.

  • Anonymous says:

    I bought a jenday conure for my son at Pestmart and then only after he got sick did I hear of the problem with the birds. After weeks of fighting with Petsmart and being offered a store credit for $100.00 they finally reimbursed my family for the vet bills. Our bird recently started exhibiting the same symptoms and my vet is helping me to continue to get Petsmart to cover the bills. I called customer service and basically told them that they could either pay the bills or I would see them in court at their expense. These people not only don’t care about the animals in their stores but they show the same lack of care for their customers. For those of you with vet bills I can only suggest that you go to your local manager and raise cane in front of the other customers until something is done.

  • Darryl says:

    Not to reopen this can of worms again but I doubt it will stay closed. I am unsure if the email address will be posted but here it is. flipboy04gmail I myself do work in the Petcare Department of Petsmart. People state that animals shouldn’t be in chain stores than what about those local fish stores. Why not destroy zoos and butcheries that supply people food. Might seem a bit obscene to state that but isn’t that all it is imprisionment? Do animals want to be in zoos and be gawked at all day and blinded by the photographic flash 247? Petsmart Petco Walmart in addition to all those self owned stores. They have livestock to sell to customers. Either for something for their children to play with as a hobby a pet. I will agree though to not allow Walmart to be able to have any type of livestock. I seen one Walmart so far in my area that it’s livestock did look like it was suffering. Tanks full of ICH algae and dead fish. As said already my Petsmart is very experinced. True we might have dead fish but that is maybe 12 out of every 20 tanks. Fish die not due to neglect or malnourishment. As for small animals and birds deaths might occur 12 every few months. There are pictures of supposedly “neglect” “malnourishment” of a Petsmart roaming around online. I think you could even google Petsmart kills animals or something along that lines. Pictures of animals ripped apart and internal organs showing blood etc etc the whole gruesome scene. All that is BS and overexageration. Animals will killfight and even mutilate each other. I seen a hamster die in one night the afternoon before all animals are alive. The closing of that night dead hamster and internal organs laid out in display. These things happen not often but this is not neglect. That is animal nature. Such as a female hamster feeding it’s young she will kill or eat a few if she just “THINKS” it is weak. Everyday opening and closing all animals are fed and given water. As for any diseases seen paperwork is filled out and that animal is brought to the backroom in it’s own seperate cage. As for fish usually if one has a disease such as ICH the whole system is treated. I can’t speak for all Petsmart but I am sure that if the workers see any illness. Medication is administered. As for the birds being screened for Psittacosis each Petsmart was given a solution to be added to the drinking supply as for a medicated food. So the birds are being treated. And yes every customer to purchase a small animal being a hamster bird or reptile has to sign a 18+ age agreement. It not only an agreement but also a way for Petsmart to contact if that animal has any diseases. I do agree though on that animals shouldn’t be cooped up in tanks and cages. But in this world we cannot really abolish every pet store on this earth we can only educate and hope we have good Pet Parents. I doubt anytime soon that any chainstore such as Petsmart or Petco will ever be closed down. And I hope it doesn’t even if I happen to not work at my current Petsmart. And happen to see illness I know to alert the Pet Care Manager. As for buying livestock be educated and not buy sick animals. I know PETA is an organization just for giving animals it’s rights. But still the people who posted in this one thread are mainly those who really don’t know anything and only speculate. I only posted to shed light on this discussion to give an insides view. But even if you post on this discussion will anything actually happen? Or are you just one extra whining voice added to the corner of unheard. No one has eyes to view everything in the world or else we would have a crimeless society free of violence. Close Petsmart and Petco for all we know there are underground stores and breeders not known. That’s another thing why bash Petsmart and Petco? If there are breeders countless of people who breed hundreds and thousands of fish and animals. Also culling to euthanize fish just cause they aren’t the right color. Isn’t that even inhumane? As to the lady whose son gave up his room for birds. No offense but lady your nuts. It’s your house your son’s love for his birds really makes a mom to transform his room into an aviary. Get a bigger cage or get rid of the birds. As to the person who bought a bird from Petsmart and died the next day. Odd that it died but why did you even buy the bird if you know about supposedly the bad Petsmart. Isn’t kind of odd a poster will say that on a dicussion? Bought a bird it died blame Petsmart. If you bought a bird I know animals do have lives but why not replace the one that died. If your so hardcore in loving your animals don’t buy anymore cause in the end they will die.And if it did die the next day post it’s living environments and post pictures of how it looked. Saying something died and not knowing the real cause of death is two diffrent statements. Blogs is there any truth in the world anymore? So many are just posters who wanna rattle the cage and start more uprising. Most are BS posts and actual discussion it is just to hard weed out the BS.

  • madison says:

    also many of you seem to be forgetting that in the wild the lifespan of many animals commonly kept as pets is drastically shorter. Barbarayou don’t think fish kill each other in their natural habitat?? most of those aggressive fish live on a diet of smaller ones. Ever wonder why hamsters mature so quickly and females go into heat every four days? Because they are naturally prey animals that do not live very long. And yea they are affected by diseases in the wild as well only far more. Everyone seems to think that without people animals would all be perfectly fine and nothing would suffer but thats not how the world works.

  • madison says:

    yea ive seen the videos and such from the little peta spy girl. and im sorry when you go into anything looking for something youre going to find it no matter what. it wasn’t an unbiased report. and for one most of those treatment logs that involved the loss of the animal showed that it was found sick while under quarantine after arriving. so go after the venders of the animals as that is the obvious problem. um also im just about positive the information regarding necessary vet treatment is on the customer contract…oh and maybe if your peta spy actually tried to make a difference while she was working there i would actually give her a little credit. instead of video taping it why didnt she actually do something about it. she exploited the animals for her cause just like everyone else so dont be so self righteous. also that had to be at one of the worst stores in the chain because yea ive worked there for almost two years and never seen such extreme illness and death. oh and the reason some animals are given over the counter medication is because prescription antibiotics are sometimes too strong to treat the illness and can just cause it to get even worse. hamsters for instance are often stressed from being moved around. the stress depeletes the beneficial bacteria that lives in their digestive tract. prescription antibiotics are generally not helpful in this case because they are so strong that they do not allow that good bacteria to grow thus exacerbating the problem. over the counter meds are much more mild and still effective. and i mentioned the amount of money petsmart has lost due to the suspension of bird sales only to say that they are concerned first and foremost with the health of the animals instead of the money. obviously you have trouble reading. The primary problem however is irresponsible pet owners! you people place blame on the easiest target and not the actual source of the problem. there are millions of people that spoil their pets rotten. you’re saying that those people shouldn’t be allowed to have their animals because of the few that abuse them? so while you go after petsmart with a ridiculous completely biased “investigation” there are people out there neglecting their pets. Why not try to get legislative bills passed increasing the punishment for animal cruelty? im sorry i really would give peta more credit if their “investigation” was more open and didn’t focus only on what you were looking for to begin with. the animals are treated they are taken to vets they are monitored several times a day but no where in that video do you see that girl making an effort to do any of those things.

  • Barbara says:

    I see a lot of comments about how PetSmart doesn’t take care of their birds and small animals. How about how disgusting their fish tanks are and how they keep very agressive fish together killing each other without any thoughts about it? I too have tried to reach corporate hq to report this problem and all I get is a loop or someone without a clue as to who I can talk to. Any ideas?

  • Susannah S says:

    Ariel For my 2 cents I think it’s great that you want to rescue animals and have a shelter when you’re older. However it’s of the utmost importance to make sure that the animals you bring in are cared for properly with an eye to THEIR particular needs and wellbeing always. Most animals including birds need MUCH more space that the typical shelter provides for example. There are excellent shelters though that provide rooms and “lounges” for the animals so that they can socialize and stretch out. The problem with most shelters is that they run out of money or just never have enough to provide well for the animals that live there. Do as much reading as you can visit web sites and visit shelters in your area so that you can get a good idea about the current state of care for animals and how you can do it better. Volunteer with your local vet’s visit animal rescue clinics. You sound like such a compassionate and caring person and with some practical knowledge under your belt you could help change the lives of shelter animals for the better. It’s an admirable goal and I wish you every success with it!

  • ThePetGuy says:

    In my opinion it seems as though Petsmart seems to downplay the severity of this illness. Here’s some interesting and disturbing psittacosis “parrot fever” facts. The Center for Disease Control states “Severe pneumonia requiring intensivecare support may also occur. Fatal cases have been reported.” as stated on the CDC website. Also note that is labeled as a Category B bioterrorism agent by the Center for Disease Control as well. Bartleby Encyclopedia states “The mortality rate may run as high as 30.” Times Magazine reported on Dec 5th 1969 that the army had stockpiled chemical and biological agents including Psittacosis aka Parrot Fever. “The investigation showed that the Army had developed stocks of deadly diseases such as psittacosis parrot fever which could be sprayed over large areas to infect food and water. People in the psittacosis target site would develop acute pulmonary infection chills fever some would become delirious and ten percent might die.” Not exactly nothing to worry about.

  • Tamara says:

    gsps4 That’s an interesting perspective. You know there are some people that don’t want dogs and cats spayed and neutered. They are afraid there won’t be anymore to care for as companions. I believe you and they are getting WAY ahead of yourselves.

  • Tamara says:

    Thank you diamond lizard for not supporting PetsMart by working there. And for becoming vegan. You are a better person than I in that department. But I do the best I can. I dont’ know if your post was directed at me but I was not complaining or giving any of the associates or customer service people I spoke to a hard time They did not know who I was where I was or what I wanted. I just asked questions. If it is stated on the form that the vet bills are paid for sounds like you have to bring the animal to that Banfield place…YUK they NEED to educate the people that answer the public’s questions on these matters. Like I stated before I was embarrassed sometimes for the customer service rep I spoke to because she was just stumbling all over the place and had no concrete answer. And yes I understand there are only 46 people caring for these animals Sounds like just another reason why they should not be selling living beings in the first place.

  • Liz says:

    humans are free to breed and have taken over…

  • Judy says:

    Although I would never purchase anything at Pet Smart or Petco my husband and I occasionally stop in to look. We happened to stop at Pet Smart last night and all of the bird cages had signs up saying that the birds were under observation. We live in Iowa. I thought that it was a pathetic sight. The birds did not look healthy at all.

  • gsps4 says:

    Just think if we all did what peta wants. You wouldn’t be able to drive or walk anywhere as all of our streets would be covered with free roaming animals rodentssnakes birds and anything else you can think of. These creatures would be free to breed as often as nature allows and be squished all over our roads. Wouldn’t that be a site to behold?

  • diamond lizard says:

    ok first petsmart does pay for vet bills it says so on a release form that is given to a person that purchases a new companion animal.when i worked at petsmart i told each person that “they may return the companion animal if it died just bring back the body and the receipt if the animal does get sick return it right away so it can get vet treatment at no cost to you “.the customer has a choice to eather wait for the animal to get better orthey can replace it or can be refunded. i left petsmart because i became a vegan and not only that because animals were being mistreated . its NOT the assosiates fault please do not go in and complain to them talk to a manager please. i hope you guys realize that there is only 46 people that care for those animals every day some times less and if they dont get there job done on time they will be written up or fired so they try to rush feeding and caring for those animals out of fear of loosing there jobs that probablly support there own companion animals . so instead of being mean to assosiates lets try to get corprate to get more people to take care of these animals or lets boycott them until they stop selling certain animals like reptile and birds

  • Tamara says:

    Quotes from Madison” do you guys have any idea how much money has been lost in that process?” My answer Boo hoo hoo…shouldn’t be selling animals in the first place. Quote from Madison ” why not go after people that think freeing a captive bred animal into the wild is fine even though it either has major ecological effects or just dies because it wasnt bred and raised to live in such a way? ” My answerUh I think alot of those animals came from pet stores ya think? LIke people who threaten to set their birds free if someone doesn’t take them?And I’m sure alot are just set free Snakes sold by pet stores that are set free? Rabbits sold by pet stores that are set free? I’m sure there are hamsters and gerbils etc that are set free also. Quote from Madison”why not help homeless animals get into good homes instead being euthanized?” Answer from me We are trying to stop homeless animals from even existing by going to the root of the problem. I have 3 adopted parakeets. I have had more. One was bought as a birthday gift for someone not wanted and was neglected and abused. After 5 years my little guy still has emotional baggage. Sometimes he breaks my heart. There are rescues for EVERY kind of animal that is sold by a pet store. Birds. Rabbits. MiceRats. Snakes. Iguanas. Guinea Pigs. HamstersGerbils. If you’d like I’d be glad to give you information how to contact every one of them.

  • Tamara says:

    …and if I may add I phoned my local PetsCrap. They are selling birds. According to them all the birds were given a “mass testing” and it was sent to Georgia and it passed. Yeah. That makes me feel better. I believe they have a Banfield connected to this store. If they are so wonderful why didn’t they do the test? Of course I would have believed that one about as much as I believe the “mass test”. How reliable can that be I also asked the store and people do sign an agreement. The agreement states they will take the animal to the vet when it gets sick give it adequate food water etc. and warns of possible salmonella with reptiles. There may be a couple other things I have forgotten. Still it sounds to me like it’s worth about as much as the paper it’s printed on.

  • Tamara says:

    Uh…Madison…sounds like you work for PetsCrap…I mean Mart… IF they do pay for the vet bills they better train their customer service Reps to know this because the one I talked to HAD NO CLUE. I was embarrassed for her and didn’t come down too hard on her because she was only a customer service rep. IF it is true that vet bills are paid by Pets Mart they better make it known. To their customers who may need to take their animals to the vets and to those who pass on information to customers about PetsMart. Also can you explain the telephone number fiasco?? I mean I immediately had no confidence in what was about to take place when they could not even give the correct phone number to call for information…you know DISEASED birds or any animal is pretty serious stuff… Also Madison read Michele’s answer to you about treating the animals. It is documented with photos by PETA that some of these animals were given NO meds. And the last time I checked my vet did not have to go running for the Merck Vet Handbook whenever he has dispensed medication to my birds. Jack looks like we have ourselves a little spy here… Madison PLEASE pass our suggestions on to PetsMart corporate will you??

  • Aleasha says:

    I purchased a bird from Petsmart a long time ago before I knew about their plight I will never again purchase a bird. The bird died the next day. I was heartbroken. I went to the store and told them what happened and they told me if I wanted to bring the body in they would give me a refund! I couldn’t care less about the miniscule $20 I spent on the bird I was just distressed about how little they cared. Looking at the rest of the birds they were sickly and had overgrown toenails. Their plumage was in disarray and they looked half dead. I hate places that sell pets!!!

  • Michele says:

    Madison check out PETA’s previous coverage of undercover PetSmart investigations where animals WERE suffering and WERE NOT being treated by vets or anyone.

  • madison says:

    and actually if even a few of you knew what you were talking about you would know that yes petsmart does cover any vet bills that may result from something like this. and also birds and small animals are treated with the drugs recommended in the merck vet handbook which are rarely over the counter. get your facts straight because you all sound like idiots.

  • madison says:

    For one Patchouli pet parents actually do have to fill out paperwork to purchase any animal. it is a contract in which the pet parent must consent to proper care of the animal and that he or she understands the possibility of diseases that any animal can carry. Second you people seem to want to point out the negative parts of all of this. The birds could possibly have been exposed before arrival in stores. so obviously it is of no fault of petsmarts and yet they shut down all sales of birds a week before christmas to insure that birds could be screened monitored and preventively treated before ever going home. do you guys have any idea how much money has been lost in that process? i’d say more than enough to claim that petsmart doesnt care about the animals first and foremost. And yes notices were sent to everyone who had recently purchased a bird from petsmart that explained the situation. im not saying that selling animals in stores is great but i mean give them some credit. it would have been alot easier to just ignore the problem and sell the birds anyway. the likelihood of many birds contracting the disease is pretty slim and the probability of any humans contracting it is even slimmer. why dont you people go after walmart for attempting to sell fish with employees that have absolutely no clue what theyre doing resulting in the death of probably 90 of their fish? why not try to make a difference when it comes to people training their dogs to fight and kill others for money? why not go after people that think freeing a captive bred animal into the wild is fine even though it either has major ecological effects or just dies because it wasnt bred and raised to live in such a way? why not help homeless animals get into good homes instead being euthanized? maybe even get involved with deforestation and the effects that has on animal life? but instead PETA wants to attack big corporations that actually do care about animals over profit that actually do spend alot of money and time on preventative health screenings and treatment that do notify people when there is a problem etc. i am just amazed at the ignorance of this organization. I mean it could seriously make a difference in the world and yet its means and resources and time is wasted on frivolous pursuits as such.

  • ariel says:

    I think it is horrable selling sick animals to people they should be shut down! I am only 15 but i love animals alot and i was wondering if it is ok to rescue animals and have a shelter when i am older or if that is bad like pets mart

  • Amal says:

    I hate hate HATE Petsmart for doing this to these birds!!! I have two birds myself and I got them from the animal shelter. The worst part is that a lot of Petsmarts have vets IN THE STORE! Yet these animals get seriously sick and sometimes die. They can make any human who doesn’t know about the signs of a sick bird and buys a bird very sick as well. Avian flu IS in America and we CAN get it from birds in pet stores that are not properly cared for. Never take any animal to a Petsmart veterinary hospital or any other big vet chain. Go to an independent private practice. They provide better care for the animals and don’t support horrible businesses like Petsmart.

  • Tamara says:

    Patchouli you mean the birds are still IN THE STORE?? With possible diseases?!?!? OMG now I’ve heard it all… As for those Banfield “Vet Hospitals”…I think all they do for birds and other small animals is take some if that overthecounter stuff and give them to the birds… if they even bother to do that. I think its been documented on Peta’s Petsmart Cruelty campaign page that sometimes they don’t even bother to give them overthecounter. Then again at least those suffering dying animals were in the back room ‘eh? Oh and an update…I called Petsmart about the vet bills…lol…pitiful and scary. I need to talk to Emily I think she is the Peta person working on the Petsmart campaign. First it was difficult to reach them. The number in the press release is corporate headquarters and no one is at that extension. At least no one I can reach without a password. Why am I not surprised? PetsCrap has NO policy on the vet bills thing…and for the other well the girl was not sure but she “thought” that people filled out a form when they bought an animal “just in case something happens yeah. I don’t buy my animals so I don’t know.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Sometimes “Pet Parents” don’t know what they are getting into. You took the words right out of my mouth Tamara! Bleeeeeech!!!! LOL Although I don’t get shocked easily while jogging in the woods two summers ago I found not one but TWO dead cockateils lying on the trail. Two seperate incidents. Just so everyone knows cockatiels are NOT native to Massachusetts! These birds were probably released dumped or escaped and obviously perished while trying to survive in the woods. The point is with this announcement who knows how many of these birds may wind up being dumped outdoors infecting wild birds!! Really well said Jack. Birds do not belong in a tiny cage. It’s revolting!! Wild animals belong in the wild and not bred in captivity like some awful novelty!!! Let’s shut all these places down please!!

  • Tamara says:

    Here is PetsMart’s Press Release httpphx.corporateir.netphoenix.zhtml?c196265pfactset11 You are here Home Press Room PetSmart The Facts PetSmart The Facts Small Number of Birds Test Positive for Bacterial Infection Updated Jan. 2 2008 We have suspended bird sales in approximately 775 stores in 46 states served by our primary bird vendor. We did this after conducting random tests of the pet birds in our U.S. stores and finding a small percentage of Cockatiels testing positive for being exposed or infected with psittacosis. Positive tests were returned in 23 stores. We believe these birds may have been exposed to the bacteria prior to arrival at our stores. Psittacosis is an infection caused by bacteria that can be carried by birds primarily Cockatiels. It is easily treatable and infected birds generally fully recover. In rare cases it can cause a respiratory infection in humans similar to a cold or flu and is treatable with antibiotics. We are not aware of any confirmed cases where associates or customers associated with PetSmart have contracted the illness. While we dont believe there is any cause for alarm we want our customers to be aware of this situation. We have developed a fact sheet about psittacosis that provides additional information. If you have questions or concerns about your health please contact your health care provider. Upon receiving test results we notified appropriate state health officials voluntarily suspended bird sales at stores supplied by this vendor and began preventatively medicating them. We also began contacting all Pet Parents who may have recently purchased a Cockatiel as well as Pet Parents who may have purchased any type bird from the 23 stores where birds tested positive for psittacosis. We continue to cooperate with state and local health officials to ensure the safety of our associates customers and pets. We expect bird sales at some stores to resume in February after the completion of preventive treatment and with approval from state health officials. Birds infected with psittacosis may appear drowsy eat poorly and have runny eyes or nose and diarrhea. If your bird is exhibiting these symptoms we encourage you to contact your veterinarian. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact our Customer Service team at 8007381385 ext. 2518. Jack can you forward to whoever is working on the PetsMart Campaign? You’re a doll I have a question here too..actually a couple. If your bird is exhibiting these symptoms and you take him to the vet is PetsMart paying the bill? How are they going to know which “Pet Parents” geez is that nauseating enough for you? bought a cockatiel? They don’t make you fill out paperwork. As far as I know they just take your money… I may give them a ring. I’ll let you know what they say.

  • Patchouli says:

    I noticed that in my city in central California that there have been a few sick birds and all the do is put them in a cage by themselves next to other birds. They aren’t treated or confined from the other birds. Right now they have a sign posted up saying that the birds are not for sale right now because they are undergoing veterinary treatment. Although PetSmart has Banfield Veterinary offices right in the same building I’ve seen NO changes in ANY of the animals’ health circumstances. It sickens me to the pits.

  • rose says:

    i didnt even know the sold birds i havent been since i heard about the whole bunny thing. still that is terrible

  • Tamara says:

    As regular posters here may or may not know…THIS is my cause. Technically get ALL animals out of pet stores. But the birds and I admit I am partial to the little guys are the closest to my heart. I have 3 rescued parakeets. I lost one last July. She had a crop hernia and only lived a week after the surgery. Yes I paid for very expensive surgery for a parakeet. It was surgery that was completely operable. The hernia was just larger than the doctor thought. We did the surgery not only because Peridot was my baby girl and I loved her but I was obligated to do everything that I possibly could for her. She deserved that. I have driven from Southern Illinois where I live to Chicago suburbs and from Southern Illinois to Independence MO practically Kansas City. All to adopt a parakeet. I’m tired of the chains or ANY pet store selling birds. And selling hamsters. And lizards. And guinea pigs. And gerbils. And snakes. You get the idea. Honestly I could write volumes. But I have been doing it so much lately on other forums that I am exhausted. Just one thing This Saturday January 5th is National Bird Day. Check out their site. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Susannah S says:

    PetSmart shouldn’t be able to sell ANY animals! No chain store should have leeway to sell animals of any kind. These stores should be pet supplies only and I hope PETA will keep the pressure on them to do just that.

  • V. Soto says:

    Post by Ana Jan. 3 2008 0346 PM. Ana how right you are!

  • Mystique Makepeace says:

    Oh crap not another petsmart disaster. When will the authorities DO something about those people? The madness and carnage has gone on for lone enough

  • Ana says:

    Awful!!! FYI birds have wings to fly incarcerating them in cages or clipping their wings is for the benefit of humans not for the birds. Just like humans who declaw their cats furniture is more important not the health of the cat!

  • Brandy says:

    I just had a comment about Petsmart and the birds. I recently was at a local petsmart and witnessed a bird that had got caught on some of the rope they use for the birds to hold onto. It was strangled and hanging there dead. As if that wasnt enough one of the workers was in the big cage trying to free it so he could “dispose” of it while another worker was on the outside of the cagelaughing about the whole ordeal!!!!!

  • Carla says:

    I have five birds. And no not from a pet “store” but from a guy who lives in my neighborhood who threatened to release them into the great outdoors! This was in the fall of 2004. And if you have ever lived out here in the winter which was fast approaching you’ld know that these tropical birds would have never survived! So without hesitation I took them under my “wing” and since then have made their lives a little bit better. My son gave up his bedroom yes his bedroom so these birds can be a little free’er. I bought them tropical plants everywhere and even bought a do it yourself pond the ones you should put outside to decorate your back yard well it’s in there too! And all the toys which I change monthly and all the treats and food dishes they can handle! I even keep the window slightly open so they can still have a sence of wellbeing. Remember these were rescues NOT pet “store” bought and I love them too pieces!! Please DON’T “buy” birds rescue the ones already out there that were bought on a whim! Those people are out there just looking for ways to get rid of them!

  • K says:

    Ugh I’m not surprised. I’ll be sending a letter.

  • V. Soto says:

    Thank you PETA for bringing Petsmart’s irresponsible sale of birds to the forefront. Selling birds with terrible illnesses? What level is Petsmart willing to stoop before they decide to change their policy. Just as Petsmart recently made the decision to scrap the sale of rabbits thanks to public pressure I wish they would do so for the birds and other small animals in their stores. It is obvious that Petsmart does not care about the wellbeing of these animals as is so apparent from the undercover footage of what actually goes on behind closed doors at their stores. I was grateful to take part in the demonstration opposing Petsmart’s sale of rabbits outside their headquarters when PETA came to Arizona. We received tremendous television radio and print coverage. Well… our demonstration line did include scantily dressed “bunnies” but heck if this helps get the media to highlight our cause well then so be it. Some of the local news stations opened with us as the Top Story of the Day. It feels great to know that all the emails letters demonstrations and boycotts aimed at Petsmart have made the difference with their sale of rabbits. Now when they decide to discontinue the sale of ALL animals what a tremendous victory that will be!