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PetSmart Cruelty: A Bird’s Eye View

Written by PETA | January 23, 2008

Update: You can watch the Today Show segment about this investigation here.

As you may have noticed from the front page of our site, PETA released the details today of a major investigation into a PetSmart supplier in Texas. You can learn more about that investigation on our brand-new PetSmart Campaign website. The whole thing is pretty disturbing, but the footage depicting the treatment of a baby Goffin’s cockatoo named Angel is utterly devastating. From the beginning of Angel’s “life,” which was spent in solitary confinement, until an agonizing death after four months wasting away from an untreated disease, Angel’s experience was characterized solely by suffering. It’s difficult to watch, but this video should be mandatory viewing for anyone who has ever considered buying a bird from a pet store.

You can contact PetSmart and ask them to immediately end all animal sales through the web form here.

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  • Alex says:

    Specifically, it negligence based on cost related suppliers. Rainbow World Exotics (RWE) is known to put extra animals into pressure sealed aluminum barrels… Live. But what I also see at petsmart cruelty is uneducated titles and analyzations– for instance photo gallery photo 6 our of 16 four leopard geckos are depicted against the glass. The subtitles stated one had a nose injury and they where overpopulated… The nose was leftover skin from a shedding, and I agree reptiles (territorial reptiles) that age should not be housed together, but back to the complaint… They where all vieing for attention, and leopard geckos’ (not technically geckos) Claws slip on solid glass causing them to fall… So as a professional’s analyzation the only issue was age of specimens.– specifically they WANT more pay dirt, so they may be more prone to rant and rave on [smaller] issues…

  • Norbert Winiarski says:

    i hate petsmart! how they dont care about animals! i thought petsmart’s animals were fine but now im not going to it until they stop selling animals!!! i do not care im only 11 but im not gonna let the poor animals suffer!!!

  • Linzee says:

    Our Petsmart is not that bad they do croud them a liite bit

  • Jay says:

    The viedo was sad and made me cry. When birds are taken away from there mothers so early the handler becomes the mother. The mother bird would be keeping it warm making sure it does not become hungrey and teaching it lifes lessons. It breaks my heart that just because of money and greed that Both Petsmart and Rainbow break the chain of nature just because it makes a friendely bird. How is that fair to the baby bird and to the mother. I sure she grives. The other real question is out of all the birds that are born their at Rainbow how many make it to live to go be Sold at Petsmart. I know that Petsmart also has to hand feed the birds when they get them in for a few weeks. Are there assioates feeding them right? …… Just sad

  • Chelsi says:

    To everyone who thinks that PetSmart is completely not to blame they are. They are supporting the industry along with any other pet store that sells live animals. To everyone who asks where are the pets supposed to come from if there are only supplies? ADOPTION! SHELTERS! and SANCTUARIES! There are many many animals without a home that don’t need to be bought not only cats and dogs but other animals that the owners couldn’t take proper care of. As for all of the exotic pets being sold you don’t need them! They are exotic for a reason. They don’t belong here. To everyone who says they work at PetSmart or know “Happy” employees I worked at PetSmart and was very unhappy. I tried my best to care for the animals but it’s nearly impossible when other employees don’t. Not all employees care and not all employees are properly trained! Many of the sick animals are put in the sick room to die because they don’t get the proper care. This isn’t the case everywhere but it shouldn’t be anywhere! Animals are not ours to be bought and sold especially in such terrible conditions. Adopt or don’t get an animal companion at all.

  • Sara says:

    I will never buy a pet from pet shops again… Except fish… where else should I get them?