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PETCO Store Won’t Sell Animals After Deaths

Written by PETA | April 16, 2012

Good news out of New York: Following September’s flood in which nearly 100 animals died when they were left to drown, PETCO has announced that its Johnson City store will not sell any animals upon reopening this month. The announcement is music to the ears of Johnson City residents, dozens of whom joined a PETA-led demonstration last September aimed at keeping PETCO from reopening. 

This decision will save many animals from being bred and warehoused to supply the store, which seems appropriate considering all those terrified animals who perished in the dark, cold waters. But PETCO still doesn’t deserve our business until it does the right thing and stops selling animals in all its stores nationwide, given the neglect and cruelty that occur at those locations and that are rife within the chain’s animal suppliers, in addition to the fact that the animal-homelessness crisis—which PETCO itself cites at its dog and cat adoption events—affects the very species the chain sells, too.

Kudos to Johnson City for forging such progress for animals in the pet trade from the devastation that struck there. And remember, folks—there’s still a criminal investigation pending concerning the events leading up to those animals’ horrible deaths …

How You Can Help Animals in Pet Stores

Please buy supplies for your companions only from retailers that do not sell animals.

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  • kim says:

    I will not shop at Petco anymore.

  • Peternobetta says:

    Don’t even support breeding camps!

  • Dara says:

    I think the management should be fired. It is unbelievable that they would close their doors and leave with no thought to the animals at all. How sick is that. I do a lot of business with Petco and I will be rethinking about changing where I shop from now on. Shame on you PETCO.

  • MetalPrincess says:

    Petsmart has a disaster plan for their animals on what to do when a disaster hits. One time, there was a fire close by and we were going to have to evacuate, so we had to get many boxes ready (the ones we sell the animals in.) We were going to evacuate all of our animals. Petco should have had the same thing. Or at least attempted to save them rather than let them drown. But what do you expect? It’s Petco. They don’t even train them on having good customer service or organizational skills.

  • Icare says:

    I totally agree 110%. Last year, after reading a horrendous story about PetSmart on, I stopped shopping there cold turkey, and I always suspected Petco was the same. Besides, they are both big and corporate, and nothing good ever comes out of that! Shop at local, independently-owned pet stores that DO NOT SELL ANIMALS FOR PETE’S SAKE, PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP!!!

  • Kat says:

    I occasionally did business with Petco, mostly Petsmart, but for sure will no longer go to Petco after this. I can’t stand anyone who abuses or mistreats animals…period. Nor children….:(

  • Shirley says:

    If Petco is trying to make themselves look good by announcing this, that is so pathetic. A despicable company that has always considered the well-being of pets as its last priority DOES NOT get off the hook that easily by not selling animals in ONE of its stores. They’re just trying to do damage control from their cruel decision to let the animals drown and they do not feel the least bit sorry for all these animals that have suffered and are now at Rainbow Bridge.