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Is PETCO Misleading Customers About Its Abusive Suppliers?

Written by PETA | April 27, 2010

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Hamsters were put into a plastic bag and bashed against a table. Animals were cruelly killed, abusively handled, and forced to live in severely crowded, filthy conditions. The findings of PETA’s undercover investigation of Sun Pet Ltd.—a supplier of animals to stores nationwide, including PETCO and PetSmart—are so shocking that it’s no wonder that so many of you have been calling and writing to these companies concerning their ties to Sun Pet (and thanks for doing so).

Now PETCO is responding, using form letters and automated phone responses that stretch the truth like an old-fashioned taffy pull. Let’s have a look at the form letter:

Please know that at PETCO, the health and wellbeing of ALL animals is always our top priority, and we take animal care issues and concerns VERY seriously.

PETCO is quite aware that this is the fourth PETA undercover investigation of its animal sources—after North American Pet Distributors (NAPD), Rainbow World Exotics, and U.S. Global Exotics—and that every investigation found factory farm conditions, filth, crowding, deprivation, neglect, cruelty, and slow, painful death. Yet PETCO continues to do business with these mills and hasn’t put a stop to its suppliers’ abuses.

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  • T S says:

    I am an ex petsmart employee. I started working there because I love animals and I left for the same reason. The animal transport situation is sickening. I don’t understand how rainbow exotics is still a business. aren’t there laws? I am probably just naive to think that there are. And why is it ok for pet stores to sell the lives of others? i don’t understand the world’s logic on this.

  • TF says:

    I agree with PC. Petco Petsmart are appalling. They just don’t care. They have had several chances to make things right but they don’t care. Astounding. That this could 1. go on 2. be allowed to go on when it is exposed I am otherwise speechless.

  • PC says:

    First of all Georgia law is corrupt. It is the good ole boy system to date. The government needs to clean house on the whole bunch. There alot of compassionate professional people that are looking for jobs and should replace the complacent lazy ass officals that overlook these type of conditions and situations or give there buddies a heads up they are coming for a bottle of whisky or case of beer. I believe in capital punishment these people should be treated the same way they treat the animals. All of the scum needs to go in a cage together full capicity where they have to crap on each other walk in it gp without food and sleep and are beat just for the hell of it. Petco and Petsmart should not be allowed to sell animals. There is no profit as most of them are sick or injured by the time they arrive to the stores and go to a vet which costs more than what these places sell the animals. Trust me I know first hand. Just sell food and accessories then you can say “where pets come first”.

  • Kat Thompson says:

    I am amshamed that I have purchased supplies not pets from Petco and Petsmart. I will never do so again and I am telling all my pet owning friends to ban these stores. How awful that things like this continue to go on

  • Maureen says:

    People are dumb as dirt angel lots of people buy their lies. Petsmart says the same thing almost word for word when they are caught in the middle of one of these. Everyone with a heart or head works in the actual stores and can’t influence where the animals come from. When I worked at Petsmart the store employees screamed their heads off for months about 100 of the teddy bear hamsters dying horribly of wettail I mean 100 and corporate insisted it was our fault for months before they stopped ordering teddybear hamsters. Still stuck with the same supplier though! They don’t care even a little bit about animals and most people are too lazy or too dumb to take their business elsewhere and hurt them in the only place they have nervendings. Its going to take a long long time to change those stores look how many puppymill outlets are still in business and doing fine.

  • Julie H says:

    I believe that if the members of society with a heart keep up with bringing this into the light we can start to change that hells hole.

  • angelpet says:

    PETCO must think the public is dumb as dirt. People are wising up they need to realize that and not try to gloss over their faults. Where are their VETS?!! Where’s anyone with a heart of head in that outfit? I’m sending this to everyone as all my friends my fam all have animals.