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PETA’s Turkey Drive (Yup!) and More

Written by PETA | November 26, 2008

In honor of Thanksgiving, we want to share with you one of the things that we’re really, really thankful for: Awesome activists doing awesome demos!

Take this recent demo in Albuquerque, where a pair of PETA “turkeys” handed out succulent soy-based Tofurky roasts to lucky passersby. The demo was part of the traveling twosome’s multicity “Turkey Drive”: To avoid ending up as someone’s Thanksgiving dinner, the two feathered fugitives were breaking for the border “Thelma and Louise”–style in a red convertible with a sign reading, “Mexico or Bust!” Their goal? To persuade as many people as possible to give up the giblets today in favor of a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast. And by the enthusiastic response they got from the press and passing peeps in New Mexico (every single person interviewed by the Fox News reporter said that they were already vegetarian or didn’t eat turkey!), it’s a safe bet that there’s a lot of Tofurky being gobbled down in Albuquerque today. Which makes this plucky pair very, very happy.




While we’re on the subject of “Turkey Drives,” check out this banner that activists hung in Orlando to convince travelers to give birds a break.




Turkeys aren’t the only animals who need a helping hand this holiday season. Recently, a herd of “ele-friends” got together to protest the death of Mac, a 2-year-old elephant born at the Houston Zoo.




Animals in circuses have nothing to be thankful for either.




In the words of one cyclist who happened upon our Albuquerque Turkey Drive, “Tofurky? Hell Yeah!” Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • heather says:

    I am a 100000% animal lover and i do like PETA for somethings but a lot of times it can be too much and turkeys and other farm animals can get over bread so why save them and not eat them when theres thousands all over the world? but still i think PETA can get to much a some point!

  • kristian says:

    I’m new to PETA I always thought these type of people were nutso. Until recently I adopted a little dog someone I knew had purchased from a puppy mill. They bought 2 of them and weren’t able to care for them so I took both. They were about 6 months old little minpins. I have one and the other was for my room mate. It’s funny how things can change. I love this little dog more than my own life. It has opened my eyes and heart in a way nothing else has ever done. I have been a vegeterian for about 8 months now. It was hard at first but not now. There are so many non meat things out there and the tastes. Oh my goodness everything tastes soo much better. It’s like my taste buds have come to life. Now I spread the word on the dirty low down treatment of the murder for dinner industry. I’m feel so much healthier now. The only bad part is knowing now the full extent of what all of these beautiful animals go through breaks my heart. I’ve watched a few videos on here but could only watch parts of some. I couldn’t bear watching all of them. I could only cry and think why. I could understand people not necessarily wanting to give up meat or them seeing a problem with it but to know how the animals suffer things that are so horrible they wouldn’t show it on public television is something that I can’t understand how it could not grab hold of their hearts and make them want to change. When we freely murder our own children why is it any suprise people see nothing wrong with taking the life of an animal. We have lost our value of life for the sake at times of conveinence.

  • Curtis says:

    GREAT! And it’s cool that FOX News came out and covered the demo. Whoo hoo!

  • lynda says:

    Prayers going up for all the turkeys that have been murdered every year for this and other Holidays. I can’t stand it to hear people say “Happy Turkey Day” What the heck is that all about? What ever happened to being thankful for and respecting all living things.

  • Marie:) says:

    go peta !D

  • David says:

    PETA activistscould there be any finer people anywhere? I think not!

  • Mat Kearney says:

    Hi im a vegan new i used to like eating meat but i met some people at a christian youth thing and they showed me your site and yeah. one thing led to another and so now im here.

  • Shari says:

    Because pardoning turkeys this Thanksgiving ALONG WITH all the other living creatures SUBJECTED to the VILE meat industry 365 DAYS A YEAR is the ONLY moral and ethical thing to do even though we are NO longer a nation UNDER GOD ‘ CORPORATISM GREEDBARGAIN WITH THE DEVIL Thanksgiving is also a ‘pilgrim myth’ NO such thing as pilgrims just ANOTHER illusion you were ‘programmed’ to believe and accept what would this nation do WITHOUT its sheeple to BELIEVE in their fairy tales as Thanksgiving is nothing more than mere THEFT of this land from the Native Indians along WITH the genocide of its people! SOUND familiar? NOW tell me just WHERE HOW does the symbolized ‘Turkey’ come into play of these crimes corruption? Hmm answer me that? If you are apart of the MAJORITY of the ‘dummied down society’ that STILL senselessly celebrate the ‘traditional lies’ of Thanksgiving TRY celebrating this year by NOT eating the ‘so called’ mascot! aaahahahaaa I’d LOVE to see what would happen if ‘they’ created a holiday where jumping off a cliff was the theme for the making of tradition LOL! It would definitely SOLVE the problem of OVER population THAT’S for sure ‘ Peace Love TRUTH

  • Simran says:

    kool. go peta. nice costumes

  • Nina says:

    Way to go PETA!! and turkeys D